Dictation 11. Control dictionary dictation

Vocabulary dictations

Dictation 1. Topic “Vocabulary and phraseology”

To amaze the imagination, disappears in the distance, unknown soldier, invention of typography, artist’s palette and easel, caress a child, work carelessly, antonyms and synonyms, disservice, save money, burgundy beets, dine on the terrace, dialect words, slang expression, beat the buckets, features of the profession, archaisms and historicisms, rocket technology, atmosphere of Venus, trishkin caftan, calendar reform.

Dictation 2. Theme “Word formation”

Rubs parquet, track and field competitions, flora, request for help, ship commander, interior luxury, heroic power, masterpiece of architecture, aimless existence, imitate other people’s voices, burn with shame, apartment number, stun the enemy, rub paint, it concerns you, morning dawn, lieutenant general, the art of painting, neatly laying out napkins, courtesy, booster, bone carver, magnificent sight.

Dictation 3. Theme “Vowels in prefixes”

Math teacher, super interesting film, insurmountable obstacle, open the door, try on a coat, despise the scoundrel, previous chapter, take note, seek funds, station buffet, reconcile disputants.

Dictation 4. Theme “Noun”

Trolleybus depot, in the flame of a candle, asked about the name and surname, the leader of the tribe, the painter-plasterer, the malicious smoker, the foot in the stirrup, the lineman, the insurance agent, the statement of Anastasia Nikitichna, the instigators of the riots, the facts of history, with a full udder, an agreement to continue , Mrs. Hudson’s glasses, dashing cabman, village writer.

Dictation 5. Topic “Spelling of vowels in noun suffixes”

A piece, a hare, a brick, polka dots, a pouch, a girl, a finger, a stall, a sock, a net, a galchonok, a small chest, a fool, a night, a heel, a hedgehog, a circle, a mouse, a gully, a root, a cracker, a boat, a fontanel, a face, a sand, barrel, cottage cheese, threshold, old man, flashlight.

Dictation 6. Theme “Adjective name”

Bon voyage, about early growing up, not at all needed, giant leap, gray-green tint, fresh air, skillful craftsman; not far, but close; hare hut, ominous omen, sloppy clothes, looks like a father, far east direction, southwest wind, unhealthy blush, horticultural crops, lighter than light, huge iceberg, talented pianist; not bitter, but sweet; far from stupid.

Dictation 7. Topic “Spelling of adjective suffixes”

Windy evening, bone leg, spring water, cranberry juice, ring road, true friendship, French films, kitchen utensils, donkey stubbornness, tight-fisted, eagle eyes, brocade robes, blue-black hair, glassware, domestic products, January concerts , young girl, loom, windless day, modern equipment, leather jacket, lard, cast iron pan, Hindu customs.

Dictation 8. Theme “Number”

Centennial Oak, sixty kilometers, five-story building, twelve minutes, eighteenth apartment, up to ninety degrees, one and a half millimeters, two hundred and sixty-eight million, seven-ninths of the volume, one and a half hundred boxes, to both sides, thirty-six steps, a billion people, arrive at eleven o’clock , seventeen thousand four hundred copies, with seven puppies, fifty-four years, sixteen centimeters, one and a half hundred tons, to two hundred and forty-six add eighty, eight hundred and thirteen centners, ten schoolchildren, in two thousand and nine.

Dictation 9. Theme “Pronoun”

I miss you, none, draw someone, with nothing, go to him, nothing, with someone, asked him, took from her, heard anything, the best, anything, someone in black, a few pages , someone will come, something is missing, there is no one to blame, I will not tell anyone, there is nothing to compare with, their opinion, another textbook.

Dictation 10. Theme “Verb”

Write a line, can’t get through, get out of the car as soon as possible, burn papers, better prepare, flutter in the wind, would sow, start over, don’t eat on the go, slip on ice, use binoculars, calculate the time, record on a voice recorder, visit occasionally, rumbles on the pavement, cook scrambled eggs, he is unwell, calls the apartment, try the salad, warn against danger, drive away sad thoughts, stick an announcement, pedals a bicycle.

Dictation 11. Control vocabulary dictation

Penknife, melted in April, far away, launch vehicle, rosy cheeks, January cold, dog life, in July 1498, some people, in an adventure story, softly spread, eighteen soldiers, illegible handwriting, catch up trolleybus, country terrace, unfamiliar fifth-grader, cook three hundred grams of beans, contestants, sand cakes, atmosphere of trust, maroon blouse, wrist watch dial, turquoise collection, skillful storyteller, rubs the parquet, set marks, not at all sharp, at thirty sixth apartment, imitates a famous artist, fresh cottage cheese, turns into a carriage, a pig’s snout, wade through a windbreak, become indignant, exquisite ornament, call Maria Yuryevna, falconry, Odessa humor, about an old manuscript, the flowering of art.

Control dictations

Dictation 1.

In May.

Give me your hand, dear reader, and come along with me. The weather is fine. The May sky meekly turns blue, the smooth young leaves of the willow glisten, the wide, level road is all covered with that fine grass that sheep so eagerly nibble. The larks are understood by the hundreds, they sing in the sky.

A foal with a short tail and a tousled mane runs, runs on unsteady legs after its mother; his thin whinny is heard. We drive into a birch grove. The strong smell pleasantly restricts the breath.

Because of the round tops of apple and lilac trees, a plank roof is visible. The coachman turns, drives through the open gate, and we stop in front of the porch of a dark house.

(93 words) (According to I. Turgenev)

Grammar tasks

I option

1. Make a morphemic and derivational analysis of the word “ turns blue ” (1st paragraph).

2. Emphasize the grammatical basis (grammatical foundations) of the fourth sentence of the text: “A foal with a short tail and a tousled mane runs, runs on wrong legs after its mother; his subtle neighing is heard .

II option

1. Make a morphemic and derivational analysis of the word ” infidels ” (2nd paragraph).

2. Underline the grammatical basis (grammatical v bases) of the last sentence of the text: “The coachman turns, drives through the open gate, and we stop in front of the porch of the dark house ”.

Appendix. Repetition of the studied in the 5th grade.

Vocabulary dictations

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