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karmic task.

The karmic task of the incarnation is directly related to the mistakes made in the past incarnation.

Ascending Node in Aries

You are required to be a trailblazer in every area of life, whether you bring something new to society or your breakthrough is spiritual, personal and personal. Cosmos requires you to tirelessly search in the field of professions, and in the field of hobbies, and in the field of religion, morality. And as long as you have not lost interest in life, the desire to seek answers and ask questions, God will help you, even in difficult situations.

social task.

The social task of a person is connected with his life in society. Each of us learns lessons in life not only through our own trials, but also through interaction with other people. The fulfillment of this task is largely connected with the need for a person to bring something new, harmonious and useful into his life and into the life of society. Therefore, the description of these tasks is often similar to global goals, which are much more difficult to overcome than the Planetary tasks. However, most of the talents and abilities that are given to a person at birth are associated with facilitating the performance of this particular task by a person. This task is directly related to the Destiny of a person, which means that not fulfilling the Social task affects a person’s life.

Your task involves the need not only to become a parent, but also to pass on knowledge, experience, skills, talents and abilities to your children. It is necessary to personally engage in the upbringing and education of their children. You can also become a teacher, or have followers of your ideas and talents. Your task is to create something radically new in your family (traditions, crafts, business, and so on).

There are no tasks in front of you, except that you need to seek help from your parents when you are in a difficult life situation, otherwise the situation will only get worse, it is important to be close to your parents.

Matrix code (matrix photo in the attached file)

The soul on Earth goes through 52 incarnations, each of which gives us a new lesson and a new test. At the same time, you get talents, abilities, experience, skills and knowledge, in addition, your closest teacher is an Angel who is always there and protects you from many negative suggestions and temptations.

Incarnations are divided into 4 turns of development – Love; Intelligence; Finance; Talent, Creativity.

At what stage of development your soul is, and what difficulties and tasks you face, is determined by your Matrix code, your Birth Code. This code symbolizes your program for this incarnation.

Your code in the matrix – 20 – Spiritual guide and sage

The name of the code speaks for itself, however, in order to become a true teacher for your environment, it is not enough to have a good sensory connection with the Angel. As in the previous incarnation, it is necessary to independently, consciously use the experience of your mental body in order to direct its energy to spiritual and intellectual interaction with people.

Often people of your code become clergymen, scientists, psychics, advisers, diplomats, as well as members of the secret services. They know how to win over people, gain confidence and talk on any topic, so the main temptation of the code is the tendency to fraud and hypnosis. During your life, you can move from the highest potential of the code to the lowest and vice versa several times. You may be pushed to such changes by the fact that on the way there may be many people who will ignore your help, even betray, deceive, distort the meaning of your relationship. As you understand, it is important for demons to switch the attention of the sage in their direction and use innate talents to serve the dark forces. You will have to overcome the fact that not everyone needs the depth of your understanding of the world. From here it is worth using wisdom and waiting for the hour when the environment wants to sort out their lives. But, unfortunately, most of the representatives of your code are impatient, impulsive and can literally impose their will on other people, which often leads to loneliness.

In general, the code itself endows you with bright qualities of character. Sincerity and honesty, the ability to control one’s emotions, thoughtfulness, prudence, a tendency to understand issues deeply, becoming a professional in their field. You can be dependent on a marriage partner, because you are too frank and trusting in a relationship, even if you succumb to the temptation of infidelity, nevertheless you are not inclined to destroy the marriage.

You always have your own point of view. In the spiritual realm, you can be very successful, but recognition comes in later years, when you yourself cope with all the temptations and realize your destiny. Success in the financial sector is also possible only if you develop spiritually and intellectually, as well as help your environment with advice and wisdom.

Code lessons: It is important to be able to overcome public opinion, not to rush to draw conclusions and insist on your point of view. You are the bearer of a deep awareness of the world and the psychology of people, but even you still have a lot to learn. It is important to understand that any knowledge, scientific discovery, information, worldview, idea needs to wait for its time and hour, therefore, never give up and start realizing your goal in time.

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