Workshop for the preparation and pumping of oil (TsPPN).

Central Engineering and Technical Service (CITS).

The main task of CITS is to ensure the implementation of production plans for oil and gas production in accordance with the specified technology.

The CITS has the following functions:

1. ensuring the rhythmic work of the main production and operational control over production tasks for oil production, preparation and sale of oil and gas, injection of working agents into productive strata;

2. implementation of regular operational control over the course of the main production, taking measures to prevent disruption of the course of production processes in oil and gas production;

3. management of the work of district engineering and technical services; implementation, together with the functional departments and services of NG’DU, of prompt correction of the established technological modes of operation of production facilities, as well as production tasks and plans;

4. monitoring the condition and use of oil and gas wells, organizing the development and implementation of measures for the joint commissioning of wells from idle time;

5. operational planning, organization of the execution of work related to the implementation of plans for organizational and technical measures, operation and repair of main production facilities;

6. organization of works on commissioning of wells completed by drilling and development, and control over their implementation;

7. round-the-clock operational control and coordination of the activities of all divisions of the NGDU when performing work at the main production facilities;

8. control over the provision of the main production facilities with the necessary material products, equipment, as well as transport and overalls;

9. participation in the development and implementation of measures for the scientific organization of production, labor and management, the improvement of production planning and the introduction of labor mechanization tools for engineering and technical service workers;

10. development and submission to the relevant departments and services of the OGPD of proposals to improve the efficiency of the main production for their inclusion in the plan of organizational and technical measures;

11. collection and analysis of information received by production facilities, necessary for operational control and regulation of the main production, timely provision of daily information to the management of the oil and gas production department on the results of fulfillment of production targets for the production, treatment and sale of oil and gas, injection of working agents into productive strata;

12. monitoring and taking the necessary measures to ensure the safe conduct of work at the main production facilities;

13. organization of work to eliminate accidents and fires, information from the management of the NGDU on the measures taken in the investigation of accidents and complications that occurred at the main production facilities.

Oil and gas production shop (CDNG).

The structure and states for oil and gas production are approved by the general rector. The workshop is subdivided into teams created on the basis of the homogeneity of the technological process.

Responsibilities between the workshop teams and employees of engineering and technical services are distributed on the basis of relevant investments, job descriptions and a unified tariff and qualification guide. All orders in the workshop are given according to subordination, respectively, to the foreman – the senior foreman, the worker – the foreman and foreman, etc.

The functions of the CDNG are:

NNK N 123 – 08.143.10-12

1. Participation in the development and coordination of calculations of production capacities, technological layouts and processes, jure and assembly of workshop equipment, organizational and technical measures and equipment modernization;

2. ensuring the efficient operation and safety of equipment, tools, technological equipment, power equipment, buildings and structures of the workshop;

3. performance of all works in strict accordance with the technical conditions, technological processes;

4. introduction of progressive production technology and progressive forms of material and spiritual costs, control over the supervision of technological discipline;

5. ensuring the safety and efficient use of working capital allocated to the shop.

Oil preparation and pumping shop (CPF).

The main task and main functions of the CPF are the collection and preparation of oil to a marketable condition, followed by its pumping to the consumer in the amount of daily, monthly and annual plans and additional tasks; preparation of wastewater for injection into injection or absorption wells, as well as for further treatment in accordance with established requirements.

The shop has the following functions:

1. round-the-clock and uninterrupted reception of oil and oil emulsion from oil wells;

2. organization and implementation of dehydration and desalting of oil to the established parameters;

3. ensuring the rhythmic operation of tanks and installations for the preparation of oil and its pumping in oil gathering parks;

4. organization and development of measures to reduce oil and gas losses, improve the quality of oil preparation and delivery; rational use of wastewater;

5. determination of ways to improve the efficiency of oil treatment and pumping facilities, reduce the consumption rates of reagents, inhibitors, materials, fuel,

NNK N 123 – 08.143.10-12

electricity and other for the preparation

6. implementation of measures to improve the technical and theoretical level of workers in the PPN shop;

7. control over the implementation of ten-day, monthly pumping plans

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