Which direction is the front door facing?

Unfavorable feng shui front door

First , there should be no “secret arrows” aimed at your front door. It can be the corners of buildings, lampposts, power lines, satellite dishes and any other sharp and straight objects. Even a tree standing alone opposite is considered a “secret arrow”, especially bad if it is dry or rotting. You can cut down a tree, if not possible, paint it red. However, it should be noted that several trees in front of the outer door are allowed in Feng Shui.

Secondly, there should be no obstacles in front of the main door, otherwise the energy will have nowhere to accumulate. You can fix this by making good lighting in front of the front door and changing the color of the door to the color of its direction.

Thirdly, if the door is at the foot of the stairs or leads to the elevator, this is also unfavorable feng shui. You can improve the situation by raising the threshold one or two centimeters higher so that you have to step over this barrier when entering the house.

Fourthly, if the front door is at the top of the stairs, then it is also bad feng shui. Due to this location of the stairs and doors, the money of the owners of the house will “fly away” from them without stopping.

To cope with such an unfavorable feng shui of the front door , correction tools, in particular mirrors, will help you. Either a regular octagonal or Bagua mirror.

Feng Shui front door, what it should be

In Feng Shui, it is believed that the outer door of the house should be solid, massive and strong enough. It should not be made of glass, there should not be glass inserts in the door and all kinds of windows on the sides of the door. Otherwise, good energy will not linger in the house. In order to prevent it, hang curtains on such windows or place potted flowers on the windowsill.

Good Feng Shui is considered when the front door opens inside the house into a well-lit hall or spacious hallway. If this happens and your door opens outward, then try to outweigh the hinges so that it opens into the inside of the house. It is not very good when the main door of the house opens towards the toilet, the stairs (especially if the stairs are double), a solid wall or into a small dark hallway.

As for the dimensions of the outer door, it should not be too large or small. The best option is the middle door, but larger than the rest of the doors in the house and have such a height that the tallest member of the family can easily pass through the doorway. So all the conditions for the unhindered penetration of good energy into the room will be met.

Which direction is the front door facing?

The location of the front door according to the compass directions plays an important role in the life of the inhabitants of the house. For example:

The northwest direction is well suited for the father of the family or the eldest man in the family. Such an arrangement of the front door will bring him honor and respect in the family.

The north direction of the door will bring peace and a measured lifestyle. You just need to pay attention to the fact that this does not turn into apathy and indifference to each other. If you suddenly began to notice this, then you can hang a crystal in the hallway or paint the door brown or its shades.

The northeast direction of the front door, according to feng shui , exposes the inhabitants of the house to external forces. This arrangement is more suitable for young people who are educated and striving for self-improvement.

The eastern direction is very successful for young people who are engaged in career advancement and the realization of their desires. Good for business people too.

If the front door is facing southeast, it will promote peace and harmony in the family, as well as financial well-being. Not immediately, but gradually. Stock up on patience.

The “southern” door will help people who seek recognition or fame. Only here you need to be careful, as this can lead to turmoil in the family. You can “dim out” the energy of this fiery direction by adding the symbols of Water.

The most favorable direction of the front door for the mother in Feng Shui is the southwest. This direction will bring harmony to the relations of the residents of the house. However, care must be taken to ensure that the mother does not become the head of the family. To neutralize this situation, you can add symbols or colors of the Wood element.

The western direction is great for a family with small children. They will be creative. Also, this direction for the front door is associated with romance and pleasure. In order not to overdo it here, you can bring a little stability using the elements of the Earth.

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