When you want overcooked

What is missing in the body if you want specific products?

What is missing in the body if you want specific products? Knowing what is missing in our body, we can replenish the supply of vitamins and minerals through other more useful products. Agree, eating some buns and chocolate, even if you really want to, is not normal.

What is missing in the body, if you want: sweet, sour, salty, fried, bread, etc.? What other healthy foods contain the vitamins and minerals our bodies require? We will talk about this in this article.

When you want chocolate

If you crave chocolate unbearably, then the body thus warns of a lack of magnesium. In order to replenish its reserves, it is not necessary to rush to a chocolate bar, you can limit yourself to a small portion of nuts or seeds. Together with magnesium, the necessary dose of healthy fats, proteins and carbohydrates will also enter the body.

Alternatively, you can also snack on your favorite fruit or have a serving of bean or legume-based salad. Fruits will add extra energy and saturate the body with all the necessary vitamins, while legumes and legumes will enrich it with zinc, iron and potassium.

When you want bread

When there is a desire to eat bread in large quantities, this may mean that you are not getting enough nitrogen. In order to replenish its reserves, it is enough to choose a portion of any product with a high protein content – for example, steak or steam fish. For the same purpose, nuts and beans are suitable. Nitric oxide deficiency leads to unpleasant consequences – obesity, diabetes and hypertension, therefore, replacing bread with healthy proteins, you saturate the body with this important component and other useful trace elements.

When you want something sweet

With a constant desire for sweets, there is not enough carbon in the body. To change the situation will help the constant use of portions of any fruit. True, you should not get involved in them either. On average, a serving of fruit is 1 large fruit or 2 medium-sized ones.

When you want salty ( herring )

If you want salty foods, then the body suffers from a lack of chlorides. In order to make up for their lack, you need to drink unboiled goat’s milk, eat a serving of fish, or start seasoning salads with unrefined sea salt on an ongoing basis. With goat’s milk, the body will also receive the portion of calcium and vitamins A, B1, B2, B12, C, D that it needs.

Chloride deficiency occurs in rare cases and in order to understand whether you have developed a deficiency of this substance or not, you need to look at the list of symptoms and possible causes of this condition. You can get information about this here – Chlorides: properties, symptoms of their deficiency, products.

What is missing in the body if you want specific products?

When you want sour

You want acidic foods in case of a lack of magnesium. Nuts, seeds, fruits, legumes and legumes, as in the case of chocolate, will solve this problem if consumed regularly.

If you want lemons. The benefits of lemon cannot be overestimated, and if the body requires it, then it lacks vitamin C and potassium salts. It’s also possible that your immune system is already weakened and you’re getting a cold, hence the lemon cravings. Vitamin C deficiency is characterized by the appearance of a number of symptoms, and if you want to understand whether your body is suffering from a lack of this important vitamin, this article will help you – 8 symptoms of vitamin C (ascorbic acid) deficiency.

When you want fat

When you regularly want fatty and high-calorie foods, it means that the body feels a lack of calcium. A large amount of it is found in broccoli, cheese, sesame seeds, legumes and legumes. In addition to calcium, broccoli contains omega-3 fatty acids, fiber, vitamin C. And cheese and sesame seeds nourish the body with calcium, protein, polyunsaturated acids, iron, phosphorus, and zinc.

Calcium supplements can also be taken, but their effectiveness can vary greatly, and some forms of calcium can even be harmful when taken. If you are considering taking calcium supplements and want to understand which ones are best, this overview of calcium forms will help you – Which calcium is best – an overview of calcium forms.

When you want overcooked

When a person constantly feels the desire to eat overcooked foods, then he does not have enough carbohydrates, which are found in fresh fruits. Their constant use will reduce the need for heavily fried foods and enrich the body with all important vitamins and minerals.

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