What gives traditional Thai massage?

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What gives traditional Thai massage?

THAI (yoga) massage (1.5-2 hours) is:
deep relaxation;
even heart rate and breathing;
stress relief, chronic fatigue;
strengthening immunity;
increased muscle elasticity, reduced joint pain;
improvement of lymph flow, as well as blood circulation;
reduction of areas affected by cellulite;
lowering the content of toxins, toxins in tissues; partial or complete restoration of the muscular corset;
restoration of elasticity and natural skin tone.

What is the difference between Thai massage and classical massage?
The feeling of Thai massage is completely different. If during the classical massage the work is mainly with the muscles, then the Thai massage also affects the joints, biologically active points and energy channels. Thanks to this, a person relaxes, deep clamps are removed, tension disappears. In Thai massage, attention is paid to the whole body – from the tips of the toes to the top of the head. The main methods used are pressure, stretching and twisting, which have been perfected over many centuries. Due to the correct pressure on certain muscles and their stretching, the stagnation of vital energy is prevented and the disturbed energy flow is restored. Therefore, the regular use of such a massage gives a person health and optimism. Thai massage technique is always individual. Thai massage is performed on the floor on a special mat or rug.
Why is Thai massage done in clothes?
Traditional Thai massage is done in clothes just by virtue of tradition. It has long been considered the privilege of emperors and was performed by masseurs – men. Naturally, there was no talk of any undressing of the ruler.

There is also a purely physiological moment here – with pressure through matter, the tissues of the body can withstand a much greater load without the appearance of pain.

In addition, clothing symbolizes the preservation of boundaries, therefore it is much more psychologically comfortable for a person to remain in clothing during a massage.

It is very important that the client be warm during the massage, because the person relaxes and even at a sufficiently high air temperature, he may have a slight chill. And this is another argument in favor of doing a massage in clothes.

What are the contraindications for Thai massage?
There are common contraindications for Thai massage, common to many other forms of massage therapy:
– with serious cardiovascular diseases and high blood pressure;
– in oncological diseases;
– osteoporosis (a disease in which the bone is not strong);
– with rheumatoid arthritis (inflammation of the joints);
– with skin diseases (the affected surface is not massaged);
– during pregnancy;
– with advanced thrombophlebitis (surrounding tissues are massaged to improve local blood circulation);
– postoperative period and after fractures.
And yet, the statement of the famous massage specialist Enrique Castelli Garcia, who calls traditional Thai massage an art, is appropriate here: “Is the warmth of human hands contraindicated for someone? If the door is closed in the house, we open it with the key, if the key is broken, we can open the window. It is the same with massage: if you can’t work on your feet, then you can work on your head, you can’t work on your head, you can work on your foot. Helping your neighbor, picking up the key to the body, finding the root cause of the disease – this is the main task of the massage therapist.

I’m not flexible at all, is Thai massage right for me?
On the contrary, Thai massage is simply necessary for you. You must have noticed that there are no inflexible children. But with age, clamps appear in the human body that interfere with flexibility. Thai massage allows you to relieve tension and clamps, which means that after the first session you will notice changes.
How long is the session?
The session lasts from 1.5 to 2 hours. The fact is that our body is very inert, and a person is simply unable to quickly relax. So 1-1.5 hours is the minimum period for which you can work out the joints and muscles with high quality. When the massage lasts more than 2 hours, it gives a very strong effect. Usually, with each session, the load gradually increases. Many clients note that the time spent on Thai massage is compensated: you get enough sleep and become much more active during the day.

How long before a Thai massage can I eat and drink?
You can eat and drink, but it is better not to eat too much and it is better no later than 30 minutes before the session. Alcohol is not recommended on massage days, as Thai massage stimulates the cleansing of the body. Practice shows that alcohol is not compatible with these processes. After the massage, it is good to drink herbal tea.

How quickly does the effect appear and how often do you need to massage?
You will notice the effect after the first session. For someone, a surge of strength comes within a few minutes after the massage, for someone – the next day. Be that as it may, you should not immediately after the massage get behind the wheel or engage in vigorous activity. You need at least a half hour break.

It is best to first complete a course consisting of 10 sessions. The ideal breaks between sessions are 1-2 days.
On the day of the massage, you can not go to the gym or other classes, since yoga massage is already a full-fledged workout and stress for the body. Then it is enough to do a massage once a week to maintain the effect and shape.

How does medicine relate to Thai massage?

Thai massage has long been recognized not only as an excellent means of restoring psychological balance. It is also an excellent method that helps to cope with various ailments.

– This type of massage is advised to people leading a sedentary lifestyle. Thanks to its technology and the principle of influencing a different muscle group, it helps to replace a visit to the gym.

– Thai massage, boosts the immune system. With it, you can quickly improve the body. Therefore, most often it is advised to those who live in large cities and metropolitan areas.

– Improves metabolism. This promotes weight loss and weight control for a long time. Many also claim that this type of relaxation suppresses appetite.

Why can muscles hurt after Thai massage? If you are not seriously ill with anything and turned to a massage therapist with no acute pathology (otherwise, the appearance of any pain would be interpreted as an exacerbation and the actions of the massage therapist were not entirely correct, but in this case, as a rule, deterioration occurs immediately after the session or after a short time after it (1-2 hours).

It often happens that after the first visits to a massage therapist (this is a good half), many patients experience pain the next day or every other day.

Nothing wrong with that. Even more, a third after the first procedures bruises appear on the body (some believe that this is due to the excessively strong influence of the massage therapist during the session, but this is not always the case, but more often associated with the formation of a violation of the venous outflow in the affected areas, and as a result, more fragility of venous vessels).

Why does muscle pain appear? Massage can conditionally be equated with physical training of muscles (such as in the gym).

As a rule, before the massage, the problem muscles are clogged, they are full of metabolic products. They are essentially weak. Therefore, they quickly get tired and give chronic pain syndrome. The venous flow in them is disturbed and the blood stagnates, metabolic processes are disturbed, thereby disrupting the blood flow throughout the region.

After the first session, the situation changes dramatically. Blood flow increases dramatically, muscles that have not worked normally for a long time receive a sufficiently powerful load, as a result, after a banal workout, lactic acid accumulates in the muscles during metabolism, which gives this pain. But it is recruited just after the night (because at night the metabolic processes are most active), so you wake up, and the muscles all hurt.

If there are no other reasons (exacerbation, radicular syndrome or other complex conditions), the pain decreases within 2-3 days, and then completely disappears. But not always you will get sick after the first procedures. This largely depends on the state of your muscular system and the body as a whole, as well as on the literacy and attentiveness of the massage therapist.

The first procedures are recommended to be carried out in a gentle mode so that the body gradually gets used to the effects, gradually the intensity and time interval can be increased. Some people prefer to immediately act powerfully, although this is not always justified, one must proceed from individual characteristics.

Clients whose muscles ache after the procedure usually recover much faster. In order to somewhat reduce muscle soreness after a massage, it is recommended that you refrain from eating dairy and meat products after the procedure on that day.

What do you need before the session and during the traditional Thai (yoga) massage? (this is important to read!)

1. Join a group at vk.com/massage_voskresenskoe (optional)

2. Read this memo carefully to get an idea of what a traditional Thai massage is.

3. Call or write to VK, and agree on a time and place

4. Need a sports uniform, preferably made from natural fabrics, and not too tight

5. Clean thin socks (not synthetic)

6. Face towel

7. Be sure to say if somewhere it hurts or is unpleasant, if you want to drink or go to the toilet

8. Relax and close your eyes (session can last up to 2 hours)

9. Sometimes you can ask questions (not often)

10. It must be remembered that a session of Thai massage has a healing effect due to the fact that it relieves internal tension in the muscles and in the body, eliminates congestion and triggers the body’s hidden reserves for self-healing. And to get the effect, sometimes several sessions are required, although often after one session one feels an improvement in the condition and lightness in the body.

More about Thai massage
According to Eastern ideas, a person is healthy when his life energy moves freely and without hindrance through energy channels. The slightest violation of movement can lead to illness.

To restore this flow, Thai massage was developed, which is a slender and effective system of influencing muscles and joints, as well as energy points and lines.

Thai massage is a powerful means of healing the body, relieving excessive nervous tension and harmonizing energy.

At the same time, in order for it to be more effective and safer for Europeans, it needs some adaptation. The fact is that Thais, having strong ligaments and joints, are used to doing massage “for themselves”: sometimes it is too hard, with a large amplitude of twists, which can lead to discomfort during the procedure and injuries.

You can get an adapted version of a traditional Thai massage that has been stripped of potentially dangerous techniques. After the session, you will increase the mobility of your joints, improve your well-being, harmonize the flow of energy in the body, and all body systems will come into a state of balance. Muscles will become soft and elastic.

During this massage session, you lie on a special mat in comfortable and spacious clothes. During the procedure, the whole body is worked out: from the toes to the top of the head. This massage is especially recommended for people leading a sedentary lifestyle.

Usually people come for a massage when they already have a whole bunch of injuries, tensions, pains.
A very small number of people are interested in massage as a means of prevention, and very much in vain. Massage in combination with physiotherapy (correct physical activity) can cure almost any disease.

Massage as a help to start an active, healthy lifestyle

It often happens that a person, having become ill, wants to start leading a healthy lifestyle. What do people usually do in such a situation? They start going to doctors, doctors prescribe pills, and they begin to drown out their pains with artificial drugs. If a person just got out of shape, lost his tone, then he goes to the gym and works out to exhaustion, he lasts for several weeks and his aspirations come to an end.

First of all, if you have a disease or ailment, go to the doctor, find out more about your disease, but do not rush to swallow the pills. Perhaps your ailment can be cured with traditional methods, such as Thai (yoga) massage.

They say that taking a Thai massage course is like being born again, how to open a completely new page in your life, in love and joy, in harmony of soul and body!

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