Scenario for the anniversary of 50 years “the most beautiful.”

The guests are gathering. Nice background music is playing. While the birthday girl was hidden, the presenter lines up the guests in a small “corridor”

Moderator: We are glad to welcome you, dear guests, to such a significant event – the 50th Anniversary (JOB of the hero of the day)! I suggest you meet our dear birthday girl with the most thunderous applause!

(music plays or fanfares sound, the birthday girl enters. The guests greet her with applause and launch confetti.)

Host: Let’s start the feast, friends,
Please take all the places at the table!

(Guests sit at tables)

Leading : Dear guests, I hope everyone has their glasses filled, because now, according to the good old tradition, Our Birthday Girl will make the first toast of tonight!

(Toast of the hero of the day. Guests fill their glasses. Song (“Happy Birthday” orig. Irina Allegrova)

Vedas :
– The amazing age of fifty, this is not much, but not enough. As this beautiful music sounds, so the past time was beautiful. But we all know that (name) has the most wonderful time ahead.

In honor of you today, toasts, speeches,

Gifts and flowers for you.

Let this evening pass pleasantly

Let cherished dreams come true.

Fill up your glasses
Let the wine flow like a stream
Gifts, flowers, wishes
And the fiery thrill of speeches
The right of the first congratulations and the first presentation of a gift, we transfer to a very close and dear person.

(It can be a husband or one of the children, a toast is made and a gift is given. Guests raise their glasses. _____________________)

(The names of the guests are entered below.)

Vedas: I propose a comic acquaintance of the assembled guests:

Today, most of all will sing ______________.

Everyone will dance more ________________

Everyone will shout “Congratulations” ______________ louder.

Everyone will drink more ______________.

___________ will give __________ his TV with joy.

And __________ will give __________ itself.

After the Jubilee, he (a) will leave on foot ____________.

_____________ will leave by car.

And _________ and _________ will hardly take _________ away.

In an hour, ___________ will say that he (a) is cool (th).

After an hour and a half, _________ will say that he (a) sneezed (a) at everyone.

Two hours later, __________ will say nothing.

Improve your health tomorrow, he invites everyone to his place,

Tomorrow he will come with a box of beer and __________ is going to bring dried fish.

Who is the prettiest today? ____________ (anniversary)

Now let’s greet each other

Everyone raised their hands together

They waved their right hand.

Well, the left hand goes down while

On the knee. Not yours, but your neighbor’s.

Right hand hot

We are the neighbor’s shoulder

We embrace indecently.

Did you like it? Fine!

Swayed left, right.

You are rocking great! Bravo!

Now let’s stroke your belly.

Let’s smile to the fullest.

Let’s push the neighbor on the right.

We wink at the neighbor on the left.

We take a glass in hand, until

pour its edges!

We continue the fun

Clink glasses with the neighbor on the right!

A glass so as not to sweat

Clink glasses with the neighbor on the left!

And with a neighbor opposite,

Support the team!

Together we get up from our seats – in our thoughts we will say a toast …

Let’s say “Congratulations!”

And we all drink to the bottom!

Don’t forget to have a bite – and pour yourself again.

(Musical number ___________________________________________ )

Vedas: Celebrating a birthday is always very pleasant, and celebrating an anniversary is more pleasant 5 or even 10 times! Today in this hall there are so many relatives and friends for the hero of the day. And I am sure that each of those present is ready to deliver a long, healthy speech in honor of the birthday girl. And before you continue your congratulations, I propose to conduct a congratulatory warm-up, which will help you better praise and glorify the hero of the day. Thinking of a compliment. Prizes await the most active. So: – artistic, neat, incomparable, delightful … etc.

There is a person in everyone’s life, the main one,
Each of us here agrees with this.
This is, of course, a dear mother …
We will give her the floor now. ___________________________

(Word to parents for congratulations)

Vedas: Well, now, friends, the moment has come

Fill a glass for your parents !

For those who gave life to Elena

And opened the doors to the beautiful world,

For those who taught her kindness

And gave her the wisdom of generations.

For those thanks to whom, now

She sits with a smile among us!

(Musical number “Let’s pray for parents ” orig. Soso Pavliashvilli)

Vedas: And I have a hat, but not simple, but magical: she knows what the guests think about our hero of the day, and reads all their thoughts!

(Guests pull out prepared papers from the host, and the host “voices thoughts”.)


1. You want, you want, I know for sure, you want, you want, but you are silent

2. Hey, are you so bold, huh?.

3. Drink, drink, but understand the measure.

4. Oh, what a woman … I would like this!

5. I’ll tell you: – you are a super baby …

6. Get in and ride

7. What can I give you, my dear man?

8. You are so cool! When you drink wine….

9. On Louboutins.! And in amazing pants…

10. We have already played the first half.

11. It’s not evening yet, it’s not evening yet, the road is still bright and eyes are clear.

12. I sleep badly at night, because I love you – my bunny!

13. Old age is not joy.

14. Take me quickly, take me over a hundred seas …

15. Clap your eyelashes and take off….

16. Sim-sim, open, sim-sim, surrender.

17. I will take you to the tundra.

18. Call me with you, I will come through the evil nights …

Vedas: Well, dear friends! We read the thoughts of each guest, now it’s time to check the birthday girl herself for attentiveness!

Competition “Attentive hero of the day”

(Several women are invited for this. Participants compete in jumping on one leg, holding glasses of water in their hands. At the same time, it is desirable that the glasses be full at the finish line. The host awards the hero of the occasion for participating in the competition with the medal “The most attentive hero of the day”)

Vedas: And now I ask you ,

Everyone now start dancing.

Let’s dance together

Have fun, fire up.

( Musical pause 10-15 minutes )


Vedas: Dear guests, and we continue our celebration! Everyone who has gathered today for this wonderful holiday is, without a doubt, very dear to the Birthday Girl. But among those present there are special people who can not wait to personally congratulate ______________ and tell about their love. These, of course, are the children of the Birthday Girl _____________________________________________________________

(Musical number ” Daughter – orig. Alla Pugacheva”)

Vedas: And I had such an interesting object in my hands. What do you think it is? That’s right, it’s a box! But not a simple box, but a box with surprises! And now your task is to guess by touch what is in it!

(The box is passed around the table, the guests take the guessed items as a prize)

(The music “ Ivanushki Internatiol – My Youngest Sister ” plays in the background)

Vedas: He will always come to your aid,
He will share a hundred hardships with you,
About him, you remember every minute,
Both birthdays and New Years.
He doesn’t need more from you.
If only you were always happy

And now comes the most touching moment of our celebration. Not because the birthday girl can be touched, but because the person closest to her will congratulate her. In life, it often happens that there is simply no time to say a few good words to the closest person. But the holidays are there to fix that!

(Congratulations brother) _________________________________________________

Vedas: You always had a support
Strong spiritual relationship
And if there are relatives in fate –
It’s not scary because there is nothing in the world.
A word of congratulations to your family.

(Congratulations from relatives) ___________________________________________

(Music movie quiz. Guess the tune)

Vedas: When we are born – we lay the foundation of the house, when we get married – we build walls, when we raise children – the roof of the house, but if we do not make a single friend in our life, then we live life in vain.
Dear friends! We meet with thunderous applause the faithful friend of our birthday girl.

(Congratulations to a friend) ______________________________________________

(Musical pause “Rumba” – orig. Anzhelika Varum.)

Vedas : If you have friends,
So you didn’t live in vain.
You have good – full of this,
We will gladly give them the floor.
I want to introduce you soon
Great, loyal friends!

It is with great pleasure that we give them the floor.

(Congratulations of friends) ________________________________________________

(Music break “Out of Range” – org. City 312)

Vedas: Time adds years of life,
The calendar sheet has been changed.
Congratulations from the bottom of my heart
Your close-knit friendly team!

(Congratulations to the team.) ___________________________________________

Vedas: The following congratulations are addressed to you …


*****Dinner break*****

(background music playing)

– Have you stopped drinking?
There are already you stopped
Tired of sitting at the table?
Well then everyone got up quickly
We will do exercises
repeat everything after me
Arms higher, legs wider
waved three four

( Guests wave their hands above.)

Hands quickly forward
Let’s make a turn

( Guests with outstretched arms rotate their hips.)

And now vice versa
Hands down and chest forward

( Guests with lowered hands stick out their tummies.)

Well all together three four
We put our feet wider

( Guests put their legs wide and arms to the sides.)

Let’s wave friendly
One, two, three, four, five

( Guests wave their hands around.)

Now let’s walk together
At the tables, we need to pour.

Competition “Battle of Balloons”
A balloon is tied to each player’s right foot (ankle). After the starting signal, all participants try to pierce the balls of other players and save their own. Participants whose balloon burst are eliminated from the game. The last person left in the game is declared the winner.
The thread of the ball should be no longer than 30 cm.

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