What am I doing for self-realization?

Prospects for work, areas of training for physical education

Physical culture – an activity aimed at the development of physical health, is a part of the general culture and includes the mastery of sports skills, scientific knowledge in this area.

MOTIVATION that encourages a person to go in for sports is the desire for SELF-perfection not only physically (beauty of the body), but also spiritually, which allows using physical health for the benefit of society in accordance with its needs.

Goals and objectives of the FC:

Purpose: to form the student/future instructor’s ability to manage vital motor systems in various conditions and develop the need for systematic physical exercise, which is a necessary component of a healthy lifestyle.


  • creation of a holistic view of physical culture, society and personality, its role in the personal, social and professional development of a specialist;
  • acquisition of the basics of theoretical and methodological knowledge in physical culture and sports, ensuring the competent independent use of their means, forms and methods;
  • formation of a conscious need for physical self-education, self-improvement, a healthy lifestyle;
  • education of moral, physical, mental qualities and properties necessary for personal and professional development;
  • provision of general and professional-applied physical fitness;
  • acquisition of experience in the creative use of activities in the field of physical culture and sports to achieve life and professional goals.

And now, I’ll tell you about my type of activity – the Fitness industry.

Fitness is not only a complex of ordinary exercises, but also a whole science that studies the overall effect of various movements and loads on the body. When compiling sets of exercises, knowledge from physics, anatomy and human physiology plays an important role.

Trainings of various orientations: With weights, aimed at strengthening and increasing muscle mass; Aerobic or cardio training aimed at developing the cardiovascular and respiratory systems; Flexibility training; And even Psychological training, such as – dance Therapy, ZUMBA; Formation of a culture of nutrition and a healthy lifestyle.

The purpose of fitness is to maintain and strengthen health, balance the emotional state, and improve physical fitness.

How did I come to this?

Here is my story: It all started with the fact that I was a very closed person, I practically did not talk, I had no friends – I was on my own. At that time, I led a “gray” lifestyle, but I was always a very sincere and kind person, but people didn’t notice this, they judged me by my appearance – so stupid, to be honest .. At those moments, I didn’t even know what is a smile. Do you know what I dreamed of? I dreamed of being noticed.. Noticed as a person, not a thing that can be used for one’s own benefit. Look at me now. I am completely different. And do you know why?

One day, I came across an advertisement – “Recruitment for beginners for strength training – Hot Iron at 21:00”. And then something in my head “jumped” and I decided, why not? Having written to the manager (Anastasia), I signed up for a training (which I did not know anything about). The training began, at first I liked it. and then, it became hardoooo (oh, those squats ), how I hated them then, I’m generally silent about attacks And then hands! – said the coach .. I’m so oops, well, that’s it, I won’t come again. And what do you think? End of workout. And I understand that I WANT MORE!!!! I liked it, how does it work? Having wondered, when I got home, I began to look for details about this type of fitness. After learning a lot of new things, I came to my 2nd workout, and started asking too many questions to the trainer. After a couple of months, it became interesting to me, what other directions are there? I was advised to go to Elena for step aerobics, and I went Oh, and she pulled me in, so I went to Stretching later

As you can see, my insularity disappeared thanks to the passion for Fitness.
I came to trainings HALF AN HOUR BEFORE THEIR START, I just enjoyed the atmosphere, and got high from the fact that I was there. I feel good there, my soul LIVES there, I LOVE this place with all my heart!!!)
And then, they began to trust me. I always try to do what I like. I really love helping people, especially those who appreciate it. I was offered the job of an administrator. (Despite my age -15 years old)
Anastasia, our director, said these words: “You are a girl for whom I can vouch, and I can say yes, this is my right hand and I am responsible for her, but she will not let me down!” – these words shocked me and I realized that it was all for a reason. This is my specific life experience.


Once, Anastasia had to leave, and she entrusted me with doing interval cardio training – TABATA, to say that I was in shock, to say nothing. I had a serious exam. At first, it was somehow even scary, but what if I can’t handle it .. I’ll let you down, and so on. Wild thoughts!!!! I have prepared the program.

A desire already appeared inside me that I want to become a coach, so I agreed, taking it for practice. The result was even more than successful. It all involved me so much that I didn’t even want the coach to come. But when she arrived, and she was convinced of everything herself, she gave it to me for the WHOLE SUMMER. Here, it is my happiness.

In October 2019 in Tyumen, I successfully completed the course “Instructor of group programs” and received a certificate. In November 2019 in Yekaterinburg, I trained and became a Licensed ZUMBA Instructor. Also, in January 2020, I became an instructor of the Jumping fitness program. And I continue to improve my skills: in 2020, I received a certificate after passing a seminar in the direction – “Healthy Back”.
Summing up: Now, as you can see, I am always smiling, there is only positive in me! And I love what I do!

INDIVIDUALITY, as – the BASIS of SUCCESS in professional activity.

I am a supporter of the development of individuality – that is. self-knowledge and learning occur throughout our lives, but learning and education are of particular importance in this process.

People with a developed aspiration/desire will be able to fulfill themselves, as well as continue self-development and self-education. In this regard, it is necessary to pay attention not only to obtaining education (in particular, a diploma for a tick) within the walls of an educational institution, but also the formation of readiness for its further IMPROVEMENT during professional activity.

That’s why I entered the College (in my specialty – FC ) At the age of 19.

After all, based on my experience – Having entered the University as a Programmer … I concluded: It is important WHERE (faculty), but it doesn’t matter how many (years)

So, helping you live some minute of your life in the best possible way, I feel my own importance.
I feel like I changed the world for the better.
That’s the only thing that matters to me: That’s why I’m such a happy person. Honestly.

What am I doing for self-realization?

Rise at five in the morning six days a week, except for Sundays.

The “sanctuary hour” for self-contemplation and work on oneself immediately after getting up .. usually, this is Meditation.

After Meditation, I really like to “saturate” the brain. New knowledge and skills.

– 13 complete workouts per week: Cardio, Strength, Stretching, Dancing

4 times a week, definitely ZUMBA Without it, nowhere, because this is one of the psychological and nervous phases – we treat / shout out / forget about problems.

Diet, or more precisely – Proper Nutrition. Yes, yes, this is no less significant fact .. (But I allow myself desserts 1-2 per week. “Life – should not consist of hardships”

Almost every day I dedicate some time to my Success Diary. A diary helps you organize your thoughts and feelings. In addition, I use a diary for planning, set tasks for each day, and also write about what I am grateful for, write down the lessons that life has taught me, my thoughts and ideas.

– Also, I have a Habit Tracker. Those who say “I’ll start tomorrow” – with him. it won’t work that way. Thus, you are accountable to yourself. In general, the habit tracker is designed to perform the same tasks for 21 days, which will become a habit in the future.

I almost forgot .. “There is no limit to perfection” that is, there is always something to strive for!

“Today could be the first day of your new life. It’s all in your hands.” Robin Sharma

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