Total people who took part in the survey: 92

Question 1:

Students: 75 people (81.5%)

Graduates: 17 people (18.5%)

Question 2:

Quality of education LIKE: 46 people (50%)

Quality of education DISLIKE: 32 people (34.7%)

Difficult to answer: 14 people (15.3%)

Question 3 (what do you dislike/would like to change about IGLU):

“Remake the curriculum, at least at the department, for example, introduce a teacher-native speaker in the 1st year”

“To teach teachers to separate personal emotions and preferences and work”

“More teachers with experience”

“Not satisfied with the technical part, so to speak. The classrooms are uncomfortable, they fall apart right during classes, not to mention the equipment, even there are not enough textbooks (there are none in the library, there are at the department, but there are not enough for everyone in the classroom) ”

“For training to be directed to the personality of the student, to the development of his interests, so that the student is not judged by his scores on the BRS, but by his knowledge and practice, so that the omissions do not constitute the main component .. if we have already moved to the BRS, then it is reasonable to do so according to the European system. I would also like teachers to really be authorities among students, and not our peers … “

“Probably the attitude towards students, and I don’t want to be bored in class”

“Dofiga of everything) First of all, checking the teaching staff for knowledge of the language and the ability to teach it. And not only the language, in general, on the knowledge of the core subject that he teaches. Change the point system, it is stupid and completely inflexible, which is why it is regularly and quite rightly violated. To start studying or working from 8 o’clock is idiocy, communist remnants of the past and complete indifference to the quality of education. Well, etc.”

“The whole amount of information that is taught in theory and offered to us for study suits me. Not always satisfied with the presentation (organization of classes, professionalism of teachers)”

“Approach to Learning Languages”

“The attitude of teachers regarding the subject that he actually teaches. Less than all sorts of syu-shu, it is necessary to be tougher with students ”

“Teaching English”

“Increase the number of hours in core disciplines”

“More dynamics, I would like the training to be more intensive and deeper, so that they demand more in the main specialties. At the same time, the requirements for non-basic ones are sometimes overstated”

“The interest of the university in the employment of graduates, more internships and practice, teaching is not according to the “template””

“Teaching Staff”

“Introduce a leadership that adequately relates to the student and education, make educational programs more specialized, lack of notifications about competitions in other universities, staff illiteracy”

“There are good teachers and there are bad ones. (I don’t know why they are allowed into the departments, our management branch is terrible, this led to the decay of the quality of education in our country) ”

“All. The attitude of teachers, etc.”

“Rather everything than nothing. Especially the quality of teaching English (I don’t teach any other language), the knowledge assessment system, the mood of some teachers for their activities. Evil barmaids, especially the curly-haired one with a rough voice”

“The teaching staff…many, despite their knowledge and experience, do not know how to teach at all. Therefore, going to couples is not at all interesting.”

“I would like more interactivity of classes, involvement of multimedia projects, international projects/competitions/grants/olympiads, scholarship projects”

“There is a lack of an individual, versatile approach. We need less stereotypes, the ability to deviate from the plan “

“I don’t really want to change anything, because my complaints are more about teachers than about the educational process itself”

“We need to radically change everything: approaches, technologies, low-skilled teaching staff (many do not really know the language!), In general, attitudes in general”

“The quality of teaching is this a normal answer?

“More practice, less cramming, more relevant information, and not what you have learned and you understand that you will never need it”

“I would like to change the tradition of giving chic gifts to teachers unknown to me at the state meetings”

“Methods of teaching, curriculum. More effective and interesting practical classes, a system for passing state exams (I would like to take them separately from passing diplomas, and not three days before it) BRS »

“More practice, less useless theory”

“Teaching methodology aimed at developing fluency in the language. Elimination of psychological pressure on the student”

Question 4 (what do you like about IGLU):

“Young teaching staff: accessible presentation of material, developed creative life at the university, a variety of events related to the languages being studied, the opportunity to fully immerse yourself in the language environment through internships and communication with foreign students”

“Friendly atmosphere among foreign students”

“The opportunity, if you wish, to study well without much stress”

“Level of acquired knowledge”

“I like the responsibility with which teachers approach teaching. For many, quality is key. This makes me happy”

“Most of all I like the promotion of scientific activity, the individual work of professors and associate professors with students and undergraduates interested in science”

“Creative activity!!!!!!!!!!! I like interesting interactive lessons, when you realize that you have really received significant knowledge for life, you can apply it, and when you are really interested in the lesson))) I like the atmosphere of the university)»

“In.yaz is not in.yaz without its students) these guys are the most special in the world)”

“Some teachers who, even apart from their particular discipline, can teach something”

“Most of the students are girls”

“Professional Language Teaching”

“Dining room”

“I like some of the teachers”

“Teaching staff, program, SIW”

“Linguistic University, following its name and vocation, provides all the necessary knowledge of the linguistic and translation profile”

“I like the fact that most of the teachers are diligent in their work and try their best to teach students”

“The way individual teachers present the material. In fact, there are also enough mediocre teachers at ISLU, but it’s still worth going to the university, if only for the insanely interesting lectures of those “separate” ones :)”

“Chicken with cheese, perhaps. And then, dear (it should have been written down in the minuses, right?) “

“Our specialty was part of the debatable subjects and the teachers encouraged us to express our own thoughts, made us think and analyze”

“An atmosphere that is not found in other universities, tolerance, the ability to teach tolerance”

“I liked the pedagogy”

“I like the educational plan, the subjects themselves, but not the way they are taught”

“The atmosphere of foreign languages, the people with whom I studied”

“I like the German department”

“The opportunity to do an internship in the country of the language being studied”

“Available Resources”

“This education contributes to broadening one’s horizons, increasing openness and tolerance, and raising the general cultural level”

“Professionalism of some teachers”

Question 5:

Would like to enroll in ISLU again: 52 (56.5%)

Would have entered elsewhere: 40 people (43.4%)

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