Topic: "Double Technique – Second Assemblage Point"

Webinar by V.M.Bronnikov

Bronnikov V.M.: … A certain information sphere that you do not see. Well, imagine, imagine that such a sphere exists, but information is pumped up in the information sphere in its own way, it increases, increases, everything increases. Well, you can imagine it anyway, understand that information is already increasing, but it is built in the form of a certain sphere. Of course, the design is quite complicated, but I don’t want to talk about this, but about the fact that this sphere affects every person, every organism, every microorganism, that is, this information sphere around us puts pressure on us with its certain qualities. I will not say now what kind of energy this is, what kind of action this is, until this topic should be closed. But such pressure can affect us atmospheric pressure, you know what it is, the temperature acts, well, the mass of something else, electromagnetic waves, gravity act.

But I’m talking about something completely different, I’m talking about the fact that the pure information sphere is putting more and more pressure on us every time. This will lead to some genetic changes, by the way, for this reason, food additives, genetically mutated products are being introduced, that is, there is a search, an imperial search, the opening of certain reserves of our organics, our biological organism, in order to counteract these information processes. But you must understand one important point: this information environment, the sphere puts pressure on us, it must be opposed by the reverse information flow from us, because any biological, physical actions, they are transparent to this information process, we cannot, as it were, stop this flow .

Well, you know that there is a certain pressure in the human body, if you cut yourself, for example, blood flows out. Why does it exist? Those who are physicians know very well, understand what it is for: for a certain internal circulation, for the life support of the body, then our internal pressure. And imagine that the external pressure will be many times greater than our internal. What will happen? Naturally, there will be no life. Either the organism will be rebuilt, creating a more powerful system of internal pressure for the confrontation of the external environment, the same thing happens with information. You know perfectly well that information is growing, the pumping of the information environment is increasing, and this will lead to very sad consequences in the near future. Therefore, knowing this, the method of information development, remember information development, not in terms of energy, not in terms of some operating forces, but information development. What is it? What is the highlight?

If you increase your internal information potential, as if pumping information knowing how, then you counteract those negative actions of that information sphere that has on our body. A balance is created. But, I repeat once again, that the information sphere of the material space is increasing catastrophically. There are various statistics about this, our guys can show you, you can search the Internet and find out how the powerful informational doubling, increase, etc. is going. What is the way out? The first way out of the situation: go to the first assemblage point. Well, for example, if I make an injection in my finger, cut off my finger, then I am in this finger, I worry, I cry, I suffer. And if I came out of this finger, I am not in this finger – this is auto-training, this is self-hypnosis, this is self-hypnosis. Whoever can get himself out of this state does not feel pain, does not feel various processes, this is a kind of self-deception.

But in reality, it is indeed possible to leave the body, which allows us to develop the first assemblage point. That is, if I work with my hand, let’s say I can now work with my hand, I can pull myself out of this glove called the hand. I will leave, leave, leave, as a child I experimented, tried, then pierced this hand with large gypsy needles, my relatives were in a panic: there was no blood, there was no pain, that is, a certain such process occurs.


Therefore, you see, under an hour, some fakirs pierce themselves, they leave the body, and the body acquires a completely different quality. Exit from the body exists in various forms, methods, one of the simplest: you need to be able to contact, talk with the body, you need not just to feel the energy, but you need to talk, to have a certain conversation. You can smoothly, smoothly pull yourself out of this finger, from the second finger, third, etc., and enter the hand, that is, you will already be absent from the fingers. So you can gradually collect yourself and take yourself out of one hand, the second, out of the body, then you can put it back in. You will feel separately the sensation of the hand and what is happening with your hand. There are techniques on how to get this separate feeling well. In this regard, I would like you to be shown the diagram “The first assembly point. The development of three types of bodies in a dense thin medium”

Scheme No. – “The first assemblage point is the development of three types of bodies: dense, thin, middle” – (07m:35s – 21m:58s)

It turns out that such a splitting can be done in the material space: you can simultaneously feel yourself as thin bodies, dense and middle ones. At the same time, you will separate dense bodies, you will separately feel the mineral level in yourself, separately cellular, separately intellectual, organismic, social. Separately, you can also, not just separate the subtle bodies, but also separate them from each other, and you will feel separately the etheric body, astral, mental, causal, buthic. Also, the middle bodies can not only be felt separately as intermediate ones, but you can also feel certain qualities separately. As if by dividing, you increase yourself, and at the same time you can go back out.

Let’s say I lose such a situation that let’s say subtle bodies, let’s say: the buthic body goes into the causal, the causal goes into the mental, the mental goes into the astral, and the astral into the ether, and all this goes out of the body. And so, when I give an example that a person is lying in the morgue, like a whole one, then something is missing in him. What doesn’t he have? But just ethereal, astral, etc. subtle bodies and he leaves. Yes, they can go outside, they can be torn, there is a lot more, but we are not talking about that now, but now we are talking about the technique of creating a wax body at the entrance of the physical body at the first assemblage point. We must be able to split it all into components in the material space, we approach this, and then bring it back. You can also feel your dense body at the social level, the intellectual level, go to the intellectual level, then go to the organismic, organismic to cellular, cellular to mineral, and leave the mineral level. It is possible to clearly learn to determine the subtlety of these states, as well as the middle bodies.

Well, I don’t open the middle bodies on purpose, because this is the most operational and closed topic, that is, we will gradually approach this. Now we need to focus on the division of thin and dense. And the dense, again, should be able to split them, and bring them out: from the mineral to the cellular, that is, you feel a separate mineral organism in yourself, a separate cellular one. After the cellular level, feel the organismic level, after the organismic intellectual, after the intellectual social, then back. It’s the same thing when I was pointing with my finger, when I’m working, talking, and what’s leaving the finger can just be worked out: it’s leaving, let’s say a boothic body, causal, mental, feel it clearly, pull it out of yourself, drive it back. To make such a buildup allows you to feel very well, and if your computer is working, you can see it perfectly. You can now, in this life, achieve such amazing exit-entry processes, as they say: be able to breathe entities with your body.

And you will be able to reach the first assemblage point of the highest level, such a person will not be able to die in a physical body with all the desire. They can fry him, cut him, shoot him, do anything, he will be able to pack up and go to the first assemblage point, and he will not care. Therefore, when the Zaporizhzhya Cossacks were caught and they wanted to cut off their heads, they said: “Why are you cutting off my head, put me on a stake, and take off my skin.” And for what it turns out it was necessary?


And in order to go to the first assemblage point, these torments, which I am talking about, I even dream of a painful long death in the future, this is generally a luxury of life, so that you know, if you know what is behind it. You can smoothly, calmly carry out this work and get 100% out of this body. You understand the meaning – 100%. That is, with the ability to save what I have now gained, and go to the first assembly point. And what is it for? But for the fact that if I just did a manipulation, groped, felt these states, and then went to the first assemblage point, then back I can manifest myself with higher qualities, pushing through the material space, and influencing this information sphere, you understand. Why does a person die? And he dies for a very simple reason: the information sphere suppresses the buthic body – it starts to curl up, suppresses the causal body – it starts to curl up, because the person consciously does not hold it, that is, it hangs somewhere, affects the mental body – it starts to curl up, perish, collapse, into the astral, ethereal, and subtle bodies perish.

Or is it an information field, a sphere that influences the social level, well, you yourself perfectly see how a person turns into an old man. The first reason is the old man (13m:54s), and you are suppressing the informational level: it’s hard to lift your legs, first of all, the social level is being destroyed, that is, in society he turns into an old man, and at the same time he does not fix it. I ask such a goat: “Why couldn’t you straighten your back, warm up properly”, “Oh, I can’t already.” This is the suppression of the social level. Or when a person retires – this is a very pleasant sign of suicide, he has already accepted a certificate of self-destruction. What pension? I don’t even plan to retire in my grave. This is a psychological social setting for self-destruction. I do not need this. And if a person thinks: “Here I am now retiring, I will receive my three thousand rubles there.” Are you kidding or something, there is not enough money for pills.

Further, this information sphere affects the intellectual level. How can a person consider himself old? If he is gray-haired, all wrinkled, all there without knowing what, is he old? In fact, in words, it may differ from some kind of blonde, but who will say that he is a terrible animal, he has the form of a hologram of development, and the blonde, her hologram form has not yet been opened, the blonde will have the form of the hologram revealed when she turns into grandmother, a flower will open in her, completely the form of a hologram. I still remember the letter, which was that “Bronnikov is getting old,” and that you want me to fall into childhood, that is, the form of the hologram is opening. Another thing, there is a very good example, I want to explain this, there is such Alyosha, unfortunately I have not been in contact for a long time – this is a translator from Vietnamese, the first translator from Vietnamese, a unique person, he has textbooks (16m: 43s) of therapy, excellent book.

I personally knew him, I repeat, it was a very long time ago, to my great regret, he told the example himself, even, if I’m not mistaken, there is this example in his works, he told about himself that at the age of fifty he was completely immobilized at the age of fifty, and worked for Hochimir in Vietnam. And he turned to their local specialist there: “Could you find me some Vietnamese healer, teacher, so that he would help me restore motor function, and he also had gout, and a bunch of all sorts of diseases, in general, he was completely immobilized.” In those days, there were also persecutions of all kinds of mahat teachers, in general, they decided to introduce him to one mahatma, they bring him to some kind of hut, in the lotus position, an old man, a teacher, sits on the floor, owns a Vietnamese school there. The teacher asks him, “How old are you?”

“And I’m already old, I’m already 50 years old”

“What about you?”

“Yes, I’m in this state.”

And our interpreter asks: “Yes, I look and you are sitting so old, gray-haired and all no, can you help me somehow?”

“Yes, I’m already over 70 years old, and I don’t look bad like that”

“Well, it’s not bad if you are so dead”

And he, sitting in the lotus position, on the spot began to jump one and a half meters above the floor, and then sits back in the lotus position, and says: “Well, what a wow for a seventy-year old man.”

I don’t think any Olympic champion will ever do that.


Jumping from a place in the lotus field, this indicates that he has superb anti-gravity muscles. And then he started working with this specialist of ours, and described how he taught him how to make a screen, how to restore his body with a screen, and when I met my friend, he was over 70 years old, and he looked great, just great. Well, of course, he is already gray-haired, looks old and so on, but the young wife, at that time her leg was injured, was in a cast, etc.

Think that a person should reveal some form of his own hologram, like a flower. When it is revealed, it must fully manifest what needs to be manifested. If this is not manifested, then it has not matured, some, although still being green, are already rotting and turning into no one knows what. So this is what I was talking about now, that one must be able to split the three functional systems, that is, subtle bodies, dense and middle ones. This can lead not only to the feeling of these qualities, but it is maturing in the material plane of the form of a hologram of individuality, well, let’s say mine. But while a person matures, manifests itself in this way through life, I repeat, he is attacked by the information environment, so he bends, crooked, oblique, the spine is there, he doesn’t think like that – it’s all information influences on some components of this structure.

Imagine: 15 you get such structures, organizations. And you are sitting in front of me, such loners, I am like this, I am like this, my dears, in front of me, in front of you, there are 15 pieces of all kinds of different elements, and you can’t see one point-blank. You need to see five components, at least, but you need fifteen. You see? Look at yourself in the mirror. I am quite aware of these 15 structures. But that’s not all, my dears, by creating the first assemblage point, you sort of leave this physical body, but another situation arises. Now please show, “The second assemblage point is the development of three types of bodies”

Scheme No. – “The second assemblage point is the development of three types of bodies: dense, thin, middle” – (21m:58s – 24m:13s)

The same is true in reverse, it turns out. We create the second assemblage point. Going to the second assemblage point, you must also build 15 of your qualities. Are you aware of them? Do you know them? Yes, of course not. And what do they give? It turns out that if you have a project for an etheric body, then you can influence the natural etheric body that you have. That is, you are these qualities, as an ethereal body, as an ethereal body, as a real manifestation and as a project, and you can interact with them: one will influence the other. That is, you can design a certain quality of the etheric body and your etheric body in the material space will also change. Between these two ethereal bodies: the project and the real existing one, there are 24 active forces, one must be aware of them and master them. And imagine how many such bodies you have: a mental body, a causal body, an astral body, and a booth body. By creating 15 such qualities in the project, you can move them into the material space in order to push through, or even influence the information sphere of your life around. Am I hard to explain? Everything is clear as daylight. But this is not so, however paradoxical it is. Please show “Third Assemblage Point”

Scheme No. – “The third assemblage point is the development of three types of bodies: dense, thin, middle” – (24m: 13s – 25m: 18s)

The third assemblage point requires that you were at the third assemblage point. And now the scheme is working in such a way that you must simultaneously be present in the material space, in the non-material and in the “bardo” space, that is, at the third point of assemblage. The one who has mastered both the right and left sides of God is no longer a Christian, but already Christ, according to Christian mythology. Imagine you have 30 ways of your development. Who among you can read Kabbalah, it says that there are 32 ways of development. Well, let’s find 32 ways of development. Show more assemblage points, fourth and fifth.


Scheme No. – “The fourth and fifth assembly points of the formation of the idea of three types of bodies: dense, thin, middle” – (25m: 18s – 27m: 03)

Here is your true path to create your reasonably normal quality to come to. Wake up, cuckoo. You get 15 the left side of God, 15 the right side of God, and one way up and one way down, it also goes there, but here we revealed the principle of 32 development paths, on which, I think, our Israeli Jewish friends even represent Dont Have. I am showing you specifically the technique of development, moreover, it turns out not just the fourth and fifth points, but they reveal a lot more. Here the vertical process is considered differently than the horizontal one, so only one path up and down is considered: 31st and 32nd, basically 32 paths of development. Why am I showing? In order for you to eventually be able to understand that it is necessary not only to develop the second assemblage point there, it is not clear what, but this is only the beginning of a very difficult path to find yourself. Let’s put these charts aside for now and open the next chart “Nine Ways of Seeing in Three Spaces”.

Scheme No. – “Nine ways of seeing in three spaces” – (27m:30s – 33m:33s)

Nine ways of seeing. First of all, what I want to say. An ideal model is being considered, which should be, you don’t have this model. You will consider it if you are in the “bardo” space, that is, roughly speaking from the position of the third assemblage point, of course you don’t have this, you need to achieve it. On the third rung, we give the third assemblage point, at least I do. That is, from the third point of assemblage it is possible: the first, our ordinary vision, it is necessary to look with eyes not from here as we look, not the first, not the second point of assembly, that is, it turns out that a person can immediately work from the first point of assemblage. This opens up simply fantastic possibilities, the first is this vision from the third assemblage point, there is a “ruby dragon eye”. You don’t even have an idea about this yet, I haven’t given you this yet, as if I’m explaining it in advance. With the “bardo” space there will be inner vision, what you are trained to see on the second stage of inner vision has nothing to do with it. And the second step is a primitive vision of inner space, non-material space.

And the correct vision of non-material space is only from the third point of assemblage, we will come to this in our development. If you have developed these two points of vision, then you can simultaneously look from the non-material space, from the non-material space into the “bardo” space. What is it for? But then there are two ways of development, you are able to see the future and the past through the bard, that’s only with this position. And for this it is necessary to develop 15 bodies in the material space and 15 bodies in the non-material space. Yes, it’s possible even now, it’s somehow primitive to see it that way, but when 15 on one side and 15 on the other, you have qualities covered, and then you enter superbly into the “bardo” space, see the future and the past. If your future and past are harmonized, there is an objective vision of the future and the past, these are the things you need to know. If some Tibetan sages are watching me, they are already crying, because they have no idea about it.

Then we look at what turns out to be being in the non-material space from the position of thin, dense, middle bodies, if we look into the material space from the second point. This is the most important element when you can push through, that is, create a certain potential in non-material space, and push it through, influence the material space, either with thin bodies, or dense, or middle ones, or you can do it all at once. At the same time, you can push through in two ways, being simultaneously in the project space, that is, with some bodies, you can also use it in the “bardo” space. Now the double way of seeing the material space. There is a double way of seeing the non-material space: being in the “bardo” space and in the material space. And at the same time, the ninth way, when you are in the “bardo” space, you can simultaneously control the material space and non-material space, that’s what we are basically going to. There are many more combinations of all sorts, it has its own consideration in principle.


Here, in order to approach this, the nine forms of vision, one must first pass through the second assemblage point, and then enter the third assemblage point. But once again I want to repeat, if you go to the first point of assemblage, this still does not say anything, you must now be able to split dense, thin and middle bodies, they interact with each other – this is a colossal technique of prevention, self-enrichment, development of certain qualities , etc. When subtle bodies can fill, a very interesting quality is dense bodies, or dense subtle bodies, bringing up a completely new homeostasis of the middle bodies. Now, first of all, we will talk about the second assemblage point, what is happening there, what is being done there. And if some of you are ready for such immersion, such work, then we can now practice.

But, first of all, I will tell you some points. We have a number of schemes for constructing the first assemblage point, constructing the first assemblage point. You have to consider yourself as an individual and as a system, and what I showed you, 15 such qualities in the material space, is a system. It is necessary to clearly understand that we are, as a single version of something, this gives us a better feel for the first assembly point, and at the same time we are a system. But, remember that I spoke to you before, we in the material space are under powerful pressure from the information environment, which is constantly changing, pumping up. All this leads to the fact that there will be a mass destruction of all organic creatures, or their transformation.

We must go through this stage with you in some near future, the cosmic future or our real future. On the contrary, you can push through, but you can push through if you are an individual and know how to save yourself, you master 15 bodies and you begin to influence the environment. But this is not enough, at the first assemblage point one must first create an environment at the first assemblage point in non-material space, as if a certain volume, then in this volume create the construction of the individual, that is, the second assemblage point. But at the same time, one must be able to preserve in the material space what I was talking about, the position of the individual, the system and the environment, and as a result, show the third assemblage point. That is, being in the third assemblage point, it is good to master the second and first assemblage points, and a certain harmony arises, a certain harmony.

Scheme No. – “Construction of the third point of assembly of individuality in the intermediate “bardo” space” – (35m:53s – 36m:56s)

You see the third point of assemblage in the non-material space – it is an individual, then the system, then the environment. There is a certain specificity of this work. As I said: first, the environment is created in the non-material space, so when we work out the second assemblage point, we need to create an environment, space there. Well, and further, if you show all the other assemblage points, I’m not ready to discuss them now, you can show the fourth, fifth assemblage point, there is the same schematic, well, etc. Show the following diagram. Well, etc. up to the eleventh assemblage point.

Scheme No. – “Construction of the fourth and fifth points of assembly of individuality in the intermediate “bardo” space” – (36m:56s – 37m:01s)

Scheme No. – “Construction of the sixth and seventh assemblage points of individuality and the creation of professional stability in three spaces at the same time” – (37m:01s – 37m:08s)

It’s all real, there are certain techniques, training and so on. “Whoever has found himself – the world is not worthy of him.” You see, we dive into the human. This is the great prospect.

Scheme No. – “Construction of the eighth and ninth points of assembly of individuality and the creation of a command, systemic presence in the “bardo” space” – (37m:08s – 37m:14s)

Scheme No. – “Construction of the tenth and eleventh assembly points of systems for building system commands in managing the environments of three spaces” – (37m:14s – 38m:21s)


Dear ones, from my point of view, we are only facing our true history. Everything that happened before that was the story of a man-animal or a man-beast, in the extreme case of a man-reasonable, but not conscious. Here is what I show, from my point of view, this is the beginning of the history of the human-conscious. And I’m trying to open a certain path like this. What does he give? It provides fantastic, amazing opportunities. I have already shown you such moments, I will show you again, the breath of life and death, the “breath of life and death” shemka. Now it will become clear to you who saw these schematics, what it is for. So we were blowing through these bodies, through these systems into the material space, so that this information flow would not destroy us, transform, spoil our genetics, on the contrary, we need to open our kinetic potential, turn on the body. And this is due to blowing through these assembly points.

Scheme No. – “The breath of life and death. Yang exhalation technique: life and death “- (38m:21s – 41m:12s)

At the same time it is called the breath of life and death. You can create exhalation and create life, form organic subtle and other objects, organize, fertilize, be created. And you can exhale with the yang power of death, and everything will collapse, paradoxically though. So we have a huge potential. And the more you organize these assemblage points in yourself, the entire internal system, I repeat, you will discover a fantastic potential. I think, in this lifetime of ours, we’ll still achieve it. Eleven assemblage points is not the limit, it is our need to achieve in this life. For example, I dream that Volodya, my son, own this, my other children, grandchildren, relatives, friends, etc., all willing students come to this huge fantastic potential. Yes, maybe something is not clear to you now, well, if at the beginning of the twentieth century they would start talking about computers and cell phones, it would also not be clear. But gradually people will come to this realization. In this whole system, in all this work, there are various, in any case, six forms of the existence of the cosmic man. Show this diagram: “Six Forms of Existence of Cosmic Man”

Scheme No. – “Six forms of the existence of a cosmic man” – (41m:12s – 41m:52s)

That is, it is desirable to achieve, master all these six forms, and so step by step we will come to this existence. And all this will eventually lead to the “living vaja” system. Here, in the first place, a woman, a man, a child is considered, that is, when it is not just one person who owns such a system, but a family owns, such a situation arises, this is the three heads of the dragon – this is a man, three tails – this is a woman and three hearts – it’s a child. This is essentially the face of a human-light. This is the future man.

Scheme No. – “The “living vaja” system – (41m: 52s – 43m: 43s)

Just imagine, just imagine that a man in the material space will have 15 such bodies that he will own and realize, control, a woman and a child. These are only 45 individual such elements in the material space, 45 in the non-material and 45 in the “bardo” space, imagine. Why is it possible (42m:49s), in which we write numbers, a screen, say 10×10 where we write numbers, these are all stages of preparation for mastering such volumes of information. A simple person with a simple brain, with simple convolutions, there is nothing to do here at all. Why are we developing a psychobiocomputer that will control – this is a tool that will help a person to work quickly with this system. Well, the last moment before our practical classes, I would like to show you the “Head, heart and tail of the dragon.”

Scheme No. – “The head, heart and tail of the dragon” – (43m: 43s – 59m: 12s)


Here comes such a construction, it refers only to one dragon, to one principle. In general, “The head, heart and tail of the dragon” is meant, that is, there should be three systems, such three systems. Pay attention, it is important for a person to develop a central position if he masters the fourth and fifth assemblage points: he no longer has a point development, but a circular one, that is, in the “bardo” space he masters a sphere. Simultaneously uses the first, second, third, fourth, fifth assemblage points. By the way, we have already practiced in Feodosia at the fourth stage, I have already conducted trial classes at the fourth stage. And in our group, which studied there, it went well enough for the initial stage, at the same time visions in four directions, that is, a voluminous, completely different vision. Then it should develop on a new level, a new circle, and so on.

It is gradually that a person must be present first as an individual in three spaces, then as a system in three spaces, then as an environment in three spaces. That is, fantastic transcendent possibilities open up, which also in the mythodesign of their ancestors, in myths and legends, they did not even have enough imagination to talk and write about it. I repeat once again: we are really facing a completely new human history of existence. I think in the end, you will understand what a real person is. What I now propose to do about our conversations. Let me show you once again, working with you, as if to remind you, so that it would be easier for us, how to reach the first assemblage point. And I repeat once again that it is necessary to use 15 elements of the bodies, that is, 5 dense, 5 thin and 5 middle ones.

Now we will work a little differently, we will not work in such a split way. I will now work with the dense body, you should keep in mind that the dense body is also a large composition, then I will also work with the subtle body, then with the middle one. And you will feel completely different three exits from the bodies. How? But like this. You are displayed in the dense body, as if displayed here in the hand, in the subtle body and in the middle body. And my task is for you to feel completely three different exits from the hand. When the subtle body comes out – there is one sensation in the hand, when you leave the dense hand – another sensation, when it comes out, as it were, the middle body – the third sensation. Then you can go back: let’s say we now bring the subtle body out, then we bring it back in, then you can do it several times and you will feel your body in a new way – this is a powerful preventive exercise. Here you can lay various qualities. Well, what are the qualities?

Now we will work with a person in detail. Here is our friend’s hand. That he was able to understand something better: I will not take it out of his body first, and you also listen to yourself, you will also feel it, and I will pull something out of him, pull something out. Well, for example, you will understand everything now, I will start pulling it out of my finger, now the bone will begin to grow, now something will come out of the bone, that is, I am working with a dense body, now the claw will begin to grow. The same will happen for you, this density will go, it will climb something that there will be a desire to scratch it, move it, because the bone wakes up, wakes up, as if it materializes into a claw. You just watch. Are there any feelings?

Man: Yes. How to lengthen.

Bronnikov V.M.: Scratch me. It is by creating such a structural quality that it can cause even very strong pain, now we introduce it back, “come in, come in, come in.” Now observe, the most valuable thing, now I am a dense body, as if I will pull it out of a dense body, as if I will pull out some kind of dense quality. Yes, you are doing the right thing by sucking at the same time. What comes out of your finger?

Man: Yes.

Bronnikov V.M.: Of course, this is a delicate mechanism, it is gradually developed, something comes out of the bone, there may be pain, it’s okay.

Man: Not my qualities. Kind of a waxy feeling. Waxy feeling.

Bronnikov V.M.: Wax feeling. Good. Now we go back, we go back into the bone. While we pay attention to one finger. It can work in the whole hand, but this is not necessary yet, now it is better, as it were, to understand. Restored?

Man: Yes.


Bronnikov V.M.: As a feeling. Did you feel something in your bones? What were the feelings?

Man: The density was. It was as if the finger had lengthened and the extension of the finger was five centimeters, six forward. Really like a claw.

Bronnikov V.M.: Then he left.

Man: Yes, he left.

Bronnikov V.M.: And when I pulled it back, that is, the finger became somewhat waxy.

Man: Yes, when back, like a waxy body, like a thick waxy body.

Bronnikov V.M.: Okay, now let’s do it differently. Now the subtle body: first I will pull out, then remove, thin, from this finger. We are now, as it were, comparing the sensations that you feel, how the tuning fork works to tune your sensations. Was there a feeling?

Man: Yes.

Bronnikov V.M.: That is, there was a feeling as if something was coming out, like a vacuum cleaner blowing out, and now you will suck it up like a vacuum cleaner.

Man: Yes, there is.

Bronnikov V.M.: Do you notice something? That is, you must understand with your consciousness that when you work with a subtle body: you blow it out of your finger, and it seems to come out, everything swells up.

Woman: Pain appeared.

Bronnikov V.M.: Pain, nothing to worry about. If there are pain sensations, then it is said that the channels are turned on, the channels are punched, the channels begin to actively turn on. Everything will pass, don’t worry. Yes, and then suck it back in, then suck it back in, suck it in, suck it in, and, as it were, it leaves, leaves, leaves the finger, and our finger seems to be empty. How do you feel?

Man: I don’t even have fingers, but the whole brush is empty.

Bronnikov V.M.: Well, of course it turns on all at once. Although I want to note when it turns on, this is also not good, you must be able to do it separately. Then the brain starts to work locally, in a limited way, now there is no need to rush, so that everything works at once. On the contrary, it should be local in the beginning. Now let’s bring it back. Is working with a subtle body different from what was done with a dense one? Are there differences?

Man: Yes. There were more subtle sensations. There is nothing to even compare with. Anything more tender.

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