Topic 4. My favorite region (local history)

Information mail

I regional exhibition-competition of drawings

Children and youth

“The World through the Prism of Science – 2020”

Novokuznetsk, Kemerovo region, Russia.

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Dear colleagues!

Department of Preschool and Special Pedagogy and Psychology and

REC “Resource Center for Inclusive Education and Adaptive Sports NFI KemSU”

September 15 – November 10, 2020, the 1st regional exhibition-competition of drawings of children and youth is held

“The World through the Prism of Science – 2020”

Goal and tasks

The purpose of the Competition is to create conditions for the manifestation of the creative abilities of children and adolescents, the ability to interpret historical and natural phenomena through the prism of a scientific picture of the world.

Objectives of the Competition:

– development of interest in scientific knowledge of the surrounding reality;

– stimulation of the development of children’s fine arts;

– development of a system of work with creative children motivated for fine arts;

– identification and support of teachers professionally and creatively working with children;

– stimulation of interest in reading and book illustration;

– Attracting the attention of children to the problems of environmental protection, fostering a caring attitude towards nature.

Composition of the organizing committee

The organizing committee (hereinafter referred to as the organizing committee) includes:

– Koltunova Anna Alekseevna, Ph.D., Head of the REC “Resource Center for Inclusive Education and Adaptive Sports of the NFI KemGU”, Associate Professor of the Department. preschool and special pedagogy and psychology;

– Zyryanova Ruslana Sergeevna, senior lecturer of the department. preschool and special pedagogy and psychology;

– Kostikova Dina Alekseevna, candidate of pedagogical sciences, associate professor of the department. preschool and special pedagogy and psychology;

– Andronov Maxim Pavlovich, senior lecturer of the department. preschool and special pedagogy and psychology.

Competition nominations

Topic 1. “Year of memory and glory” (history)

July 8, 2019 President of Russia V.V. Putin signed a Decree on holding in 2020 “…in order to preserve historical memory and to commemorate the 75th anniversary of the Victory in the Great Patriotic War of 1941-1945, the “Year of Memory and Glory”.

In this nomination, we are waiting for creative works dedicated to the theme of the Great Patriotic War.

Topic 2. Draw space (astronomy)

In this nomination, we are waiting for drawings on a space theme, in which images of the pioneers of space, space travel, and prospects for the development of space travel will be embodied.

Topic 3. Literary illustration (literature)

In this category, we are waiting for illustrations for Russian folk tales, fairy tales of the peoples of the world, author’s fairy tales, stories of great writers. You can visualize or convey your own vision of the images of the main characters, convey the emotional atmosphere of a work of art, the plot, portray the objects that are described in the book, and much more.

Topic 4. My favorite region (local history)

In this nomination, we are waiting for drawings that will depict your small homeland. We are interested in everything: the animals that live with you; plants that surround you, or maybe it will be houses, businesses or just interesting people.

Theme 5. Faster! Higher! Stronger! (sport)

In this nomination we are waiting for drawings on the theme of sports.

4. Competition conditions

1) Pupils of institutions of preschool, general, additional and secondary vocational education (preschool institutions, general education schools, children’s art schools, art schools, children’s fine arts studios, art schools, colleges, etc.) can take part in the exhibition-competition , as well as independent participants aged 5 to 23 years (inclusive).

2) The competition is held in nominations among the following age groups:

5 – 7 years; 8 – 11 years old; 12 – 15 years; 16 – 18 years; 19 – 23 years old.

3) Drawings made in free technique (gouache, watercolor, ink, pastel, colored pencils, artistic painting of fabric, batik, mixed media, etc.) are accepted for the exhibition-competition.

4) Works are accepted to the email address: in jpeg (.jpg) format with a resolution of at least 1024×768 pixels and no more than 5000×5000 pixels with at least 256 colors. A cover letter is attached to the file (see Appendix A ), Receipt of payment. All files must be packed in a zip-archive and named after the participant’s last name.

5) Each institution submits any number of works, the number of works from the author is not limited.

6) The competitive work must be CREATIVE and INDEPENDENT, completed within the last two years.

7) The organizers reserve the right to use the works sent to the competition-exhibition in order to popularize and develop the competition, use them in methodological and charitable activities without the consent of the author and without paying royalties.

8) The fact of participation in the competition is an agreement with the above conditions.

9) The decision of the Jury is final, not subject to revision, is drawn up in the form of a protocol, which is signed by the chairman of the Jury and the secretary of the competition. The jury of the exhibition-competition consists of prominent figures of culture, art, and pedagogy.

5. The main criteria for evaluating competitive works by members of the jury of the competition:

– originality of the creative idea;

– unity of content and performance;

– creative individuality and originality of thinking;

– completeness of the compositional solution;

– the general artistic level of the work.

6. Stages of the competition:

1. Acceptance of an electronic application (see Appendix A) and copyright works in electronic form is carried out from 09/15/2020 to 10/25/2020. to the e-mail address of the organizer

2. The opening of the exhibition will take place from 10/25/2020 on the website.

3. The work of the Jury, the determination of the Winners of the exhibition-competition is carried out from 10/23/2020 to 11/01/2020.

4. The announcement of the results of the competition will take place on November 10, 2020 on the website of the NFI KemSU


The jury of the 1st regional exhibition-competition of drawings of children and youth “World through the prism of science-2020” will determine:

– GRAND PRIX of the competition;

– WINNERS of the competition (1st, 2nd, 3rd degree);

– Diploma winners of the competition.

Also will be awarded:

– Special prizes.

– Teachers of the Laureates of the competition are awarded with Diplomas of the exhibition-competition.

-Institutions that have shown a high level of submitted work are awarded Letters of Appreciation.

-The works will be included in the exposition of the exhibition and will be presented in the electronic gallery on the competition website

-All participants of the exhibition-competition will receive a Diploma of the participant of the exhibition (Electronic version).

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