The system of disciplinary responsibility, bonuses and depriming.

Job description of the driver-courier.

1. Responsibilities of a courier driver:

1.1. Delivery of orders to customers

1.2. Household affairs, mandatory and on behalf of the manager

1.3. Taking orders by phone in the absence of the manager or at his request

1.4. Purchase of products and consumables for a pizzeria at the direction of managers

1.5. Keeping the uniform clean and tidy

Delivery of orders

1) The courier comes to the shift no later than 5 minutes before the shift. Delays or inability to attend a shift must be reported as soon as possible. Regular delays and absenteeism lead to the termination of cooperation with the courier

2) The car must be filled before the start of the shift. Refueling is prohibited.

3) Delivery of the order is the main task of the courier

4) When entering a pizzeria, the courier first of all learns about the availability of orders ready for delivery

5) The courier does not choose which order to carry. The first ready order is carried by a free courier or by the decision of the manager.

6) If there is an order, the courier independently takes the invoice from the printer and completes the order (a set of appliances, drinks, milkshakes, straws) if this is not done by the manager. Looks at the path to the order. Checks the presence of change and the terminal in the thermal bag. Marks the delivery address on the itinerary.

7) By the time the pizza is taken out of the kitchen, the courier must be dressed and fully prepared for delivery. After the pizza is taken out, the courier immediately leaves to order.

8) Delivery of the order is made as quickly as possible without distractions for any other actions. It is forbidden for the courier to leave on business during the shift, without the consent of the manager

9) The courier is obliged to immediately inform the manager about any problem that arose during the execution of the order.

10) During the delivery of orders, the presence of third parties in the passenger compartment of the courier’s car is prohibited, unless agreed with the manager.

11) The courier conducts communication with the client in a polite, friendly atmosphere and starts it (by phone or intercom) with the words “Hello, Make Love Pizza”, ends with the phrase “Goodbye, bon appetit!”

12) Having arrived from the order, the courier opens the thermal bag, takes out the heater, gives (if any) a check from the bank transfer to the manager, and learns about the orders or business cases available for delivery.

4. Rules for organizing working time:

4.1. Delivery of the order is the main task of the courier

4.2. Entering the pizzeria, the first thing the courier learns about the availability of orders ready for delivery

4.3. The courier does not choose which order to carry. The first ready order, the freed courier is carrying

4.4. Delivery of the order is made as quickly as possible without distractions for any other actions.

4.5. Couriers are not allowed to enter the kitchen area.

4.6. In his spare time from orders, the courier collects and paints the boxes, takes out the trash, unloads and loads the goods at the direction of the manager.

The main standards of “Make love pizza”:

1. All rules and standards of work must be strictly observed by everyone.

If a rule becomes obsolete or needs to be changed, this is discussed with the managers, and after that the rule can be changed or canceled.

2. Customer orientation.

The main thing for us is to provide customers with a product and service of constant high quality: the customer is politely serviced by phone, the pizza is prepared according to all standards, the order is delivered on time.

3. “60 minutes or free.”

The pizza must be delivered to the customer within 60 minutes after the order is accepted. Otherwise, the client receives the order free of charge. Each case of violation of this rule is analyzed in detail.

We distinguish 3 types of errors:

Cheating is an obvious deliberate violation of a standard by an employee. Fraud leads to the dismissal of an employee.

Unconscious error – occurs out of ignorance, in this case, the employee must be additionally trained and informed.

System error – occurs due to the inefficiency of the system. In this case, it is necessary to take measures to prevent its recurrence.

4. The staff does not pay the cost of burnt or fallen pizza, pizza given to the client for free, expired products and defects, the staff is penalized only for non-compliance with the rules and standards. Mistakes are not punished, lies and laziness are punished.

5. Marriage is destroyed. It doesn’t matter: they sold an extra pizza by mistake, the client refused the order, the product has expired, but it looks normal – the marriage needs to be thrown out.

6. Friendly atmosphere. It is forbidden to take out your bad mood on other employees, to swear, to speak in raised tones.

The system of disciplinary responsibility, bonuses and depriming.

1. The company has a system of “yellow” and “red” cards. Repeated receipt of a “yellow” card leads to a “red” and immediate dismissal. A received yellow card may be canceled at the discretion of the managers.

Yellow Cards are issued for the following reasons:

– serious conscious violations of the current standards of the company;
– being late without warning the manager;
– deceit in any form, including concealment of information;
– theft on any scale;
– abuse of official position in any form for mercenary purposes;
– refusal to perform duties within the framework of the job description;
– rudeness and aggression towards clients or colleagues;
– smoking during the work shift;

– repeated violation of company rules.

In a situation of gross violation of several company standards at the same time, an employee can be immediately issued a “red” card and he will be fired.

2. The employee bears disciplinary liability in the form of a fine (100 rubles) for the following reasons:

2.1. Late for work

2.2. Rude conversation with a client or colleagues

2.3. Smoking during shift

2.4. Willfully Violating Company Standards

2.5. Theft

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