The sun is good, but in moderation

Advice for parents

“Summer vacation with children”

Summer is not only the time of travel, but also the most favorable time for rest, hardening and health improvement of children. Therefore, it is very important that parents make the best use of this precious time. However, many questions arise as to how best to do this. And here, as it seems to us, our advice can be useful to a certain extent.

About traveling with children

To go or not to go with a child to the south? – the question arises before parents quite often.

What can be advised about this? If you live in the middle lane and if we are talking about a baby, then it is hardly worth going on a long trip with him. Therefore, the best thing is to take him to the country. The same must be done in cases where your daughter or son is not yet three years old. The smaller the child, the harder it is to adapt to changes in the environment and climate. In these fertile places, in the first days, babies become capricious, they lose their appetite, digestive and sleep disorders appear. Adaptation to new climatic conditions in children of the first three years of life sometimes lasts a week, or even two. As soon as the child has time to get used to the new climate, it is necessary to pack on the way back. Such rest for the child is fraught with the development of various diseases. As a result, all costs, worries and troubles can go to waste.

The sun is good, but in moderation

In summer, children should spend maximum time outdoors. This also applies to the smallest – infants. However, if older preschoolers are allowed to sunbathe little by little, direct sunlight can be harmful for toddlers. The biggest danger is overheating of the body, sunburn, sunstroke, since a small child has less perfect thermoregulation and his skin is very delicate.

Up to three years, light-air baths can be carried out under a canopy or in the shade of trees. In this case, the principle of gradual exposure of the child’s body must be observed. First, the arms and legs are released from clothing, and then the rest of the body. Light-air baths are especially recommended for children with a weakened body. The best time is from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m., in the south – from 8 a.m. to 10 a.m. It is best to end each light-air bath with a water treatment.

Preschool children after a week’s course of light-air baths can start sunbathing. A child can sunbathe lying down, and even better during games and movement.

Sun baths in combination with light and air baths, as well as water procedures, have an excellent strengthening effect. Children become more resistant to influenza-like diseases than those guys who did not sunbathe much.

Beware of heat and sunstroke!

Specialists do not make much distinction between these conditions. And this is understandable. Both heatstroke and sunstroke are based on overheating of the body. The cause of heat stroke is the difficulty in transferring heat from the surface of the body. Often this is due to prolonged exposure to a hot, humid atmosphere. Sunstroke causes a violation of blood circulation in the brain. This usually happens when a child walks in the sun with his head uncovered.

The younger the child, the more sensitive it is to the action of heat and sunlight. Therefore, overheating of the body in a small child can sometimes already happen while taking light-air baths.

With mild sun or heat stroke, the symptoms are mostly the same. This is dizziness, weakness, headache. Babies often have indigestion. In severe cases, convulsions, vomiting, loss of consciousness may occur. In all such situations, you need to urgently call a doctor, and before he arrives, transfer the child to the shade, moisten his head and chest with cold water, put a cold compress on the bridge of the nose, and raise his head. Give the child a drink and calm him down.

Bathing is a great refresher.

You can swim in open water from the age of two. The place for bathing should be shallow, even, with a slow current. Before giving the child the opportunity to independently enter the water, you need to make sure that there are no holes, deep mud, snags, sharp stones in this place. An adult must be in the water with the child.

When swimming, you must follow the rules:

1. It is not allowed to swim on an empty stomach and earlier than 1-1.5 hours after eating

2. In the water, children must be in motion

3. If you feel chills, get out of the water immediately

4. You can not plunge into cool water when heated.

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