The procedure for presenting products to the Quality Control Department. Bearer tests

6.1 Presentation of products to the QCD for control, acceptance and participation of QCD representatives in product testing is carried out on the basis of the technological process.

6.2 The products are presented by the foreman of the production site (or a person authorized by the production manager) through the QCD product presentation log. The journal is drawn up in accordance with Appendix A.

6.3 Bearer tests are carried out by forces and means of the unit – the manufacturer of products in the presence of employees of the Quality Control Department of the Company.

6.4 For bearer testing and production control, products are presented with a complete set of design documentation and completed accompanying documents confirming the implementation of previous operations in the technological process.

6.5 If the product was modified during the manufacturing process, then with an uncorrected design documentation, along with it, upon presentation, notices of changes to the design documentation or a change log are attached.

6.6 Bearer tests of products are carried out to the extent and

sequences provided for in the RD for these products.

6.7 For bearer tests, products are presented that have fully passed the production control provided for by the technological process for its manufacture.

6.8 With positive results of the bearer tests, the QCD employees participating in the tests must:

– draw up accompanying documents;

– fill in the magazine for the presentation of OTC products;

– seal the product and (or) affix the appropriate stamps on it, the method of affixing and location of which must comply with the technical specifications and technological documentation for this product;

6.9 If, according to the results of the presentation tests, the products did not pass the test, the QCD employees participating in the tests are obliged to:

– make the appropriate marks in the log of the presentation of the QCD products;

– make an appropriate entry in the accompanying documents for products that have not passed the test;

– isolate the product until a decision is made on its further use.

Periodic testing

7.1 Periodic tests are carried out with the participation of QCD employees. Tests are carried out in the scope and sequence established in the specifications.

7.2 The frequency of testing by the time of production of products (month, quarter, year) or by the number of manufactured products is established in the specifications for the product or in supply contracts. Products for the next periodic testing are selected by representatives of the QCD from among the products manufactured in the controlled period and passed the acceptance tests.

7.3 Specific test dates are set in the annual schedule, which is compiled by the chief metrologist. The schedule should indicate the place of testing, the timing of the tests, the procedure for issuing documentation on the results of the tests.

7.4 If the product has passed periodic tests, then the quality of products of the controlled period is considered to be confirmed by tests, and the possibility of further manufacturing and acceptance of products according to the documentation on which it is manufactured is also considered to be confirmed. The period for which the results of periodic tests apply,

indicated in the act. Protocols of periodic tests are attached to the act. Forms of acts and reports of periodic tests are specified in Appendices 8, 9 of GOST RV 15.307-2002 SRPP VT. ‚ÄúTesting and acceptance of serial products. Basic Provisions”.

7.5 If the product has not passed periodic tests, the decision on further release, shipment and the need to refine previously released products is made in accordance with the OST.

Annex A


The form of the magazine for the presentation of OTC products

Magazine for the presentation of OTC products

No. p / p the date Name of the presented products Quantity (Serial No.) of products Surname and signature of the bearer Conclusion on the results of the audit Surname, signature of the representative of the Quality Control Department Note


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