About holding the 1st district gathering of search teams

Central Federal District

“Memory of heroes is true”

General provisions

1.1. The 1st district rally of search teams of the Central Federal District (in fact, the Rally) is held as part of the state program “Patriotic education of citizens of the Russian Federation for 2016-2020″ (approved by Decree of the Government of the Russian Federation of December 30, 2015 No. 1493), subprogram ” Patriotic education of the population of the Tambov region”, the State program of the Tambov region “Development of civil society institutions for 2014-2020” (Resolution of the Administration of the Tambov Region dated October 28, 2013 No. 1206).

1.2. This regulation determines the procedure for organizing and holding the 1st district gathering of search teams of the Central Federal District.

1.3. The purpose of the rally is to support and develop the search movement in the Central Federal District, the education of patriotism and an active citizenship of young people.

1.4. The main tasks of the Meeting are:

– activation of work on patriotic education of the younger generation;

– formation among young people of patriotic consciousness and readiness to defend the Motherland, respect for its history;

– popularization of best practices in the field of organization of civil-patriotic, search activities;

– support for the traditions of the search teams of the district.

The founders and organizers of the meeting

2.1. The founder of the rally is the All-Russian public movement to perpetuate the memory of those who died in the defense of the Fatherland “Search Movement of Russia”.

2.2. General management of the preparation and holding of the Gathering is carried out by the Organizing Committee of the Gathering, formed from among the organizers and partners of the Gathering

2.3. The organization and holding of the Gathering is carried out by: the public relations department of the administration of the Tambov region, the department of education and science of the Tambov region, the Tambov regional branch of the Search Movement of Russia OOD.

2.3. Organizing committee:

– coordinates the implementation of the program of the Meeting;

– ensures the substantive compliance of all the events of the Meeting with its goals and objectives;

– provides organization and holding of the Meeting.

2.4. The rally is held with the support of the administration of the Tambov region

Place and time of the meeting

3.1. The date of the Meeting is from September 29 – October 1, 2016.

3.2. The venue of the Gathering is the Cosmos Center for Creativity and Rehabilitation (Tambovsky district, Gorelsky forestry, Tulinovskoye forestry, quarter 226).

Gathering participants

4.1. Soldiers of search teams of the Central Federal District take part in the Gathering.

4.2. Age of participants – from 14 to 18 years.

Meeting program

5.1. The program of the Gathering includes practical trainings, master classes, historical and cultural sites, the exhibition “The History of a Find”, self-presentation of the teams “Fates discovered by search”, a photo contest “We walked along the military path”, a search quest “Memory in the hands of the young” .

5.2. Practical trainings and master classes are presented in the following areas:

– Human anatomy and first aid in the field.

– Orientation, topography and work with maps.

– Explosive objects and safety precautions when they are detected.

– Types of weapons and uniforms of the Red Army.

– Basics of tourism.

– Interactive local history game,

– Master class “Design and layout of a museum exhibition.”

5.3. Historical and cultural sites include a set of events and collective creative activities:

– Dialogue of generations on the topic: “A look at the Great War through the decades”,

– Discussion on the topic: “Search is a way of life or …?”,

– “Evening of Remembrance”,

– Evening of the military song “At the fire of Memory”;

– Viewing documentaries and records (about search activities).

5.4. Participants of the forum submit photographs (no more than 3) 20×30 cm in size, corresponding to the subject, to the photo contest “We walked along the roads of the military”. Options: black and white, color. Photos must be placed in multiforms (transparent files), have a label (in the lower right corner) 5 × 8 cm in size, containing the title of the work and information about the author: last name, first name (in full), (name of the creative association), region, F. AND ABOUT. (in full), position and place of work of the head.

Photo works are evaluated in accordance with the criteria: compliance with the theme, content and quality of photographs, original composition, play of chiaroscuro, unusual staging. The best works will be awarded with diplomas and prizes of the Gathering.

5.5. Self-presentation of the teams “Fates discovered by search” is an arbitrary presentation of the work of the search team on a given topic (time is not more than 5 minutes).

5.6. Within the framework of the search quest “Memory in the hands of the young”, the team members, within the allotted period of time, will, according to known data, establish the fate of the Red Army soldier who did not return from the Great Patriotic War, and prepare a brief report on the work carried out.


6.1. Arrival of teams to the Slyota camp on September 29, 2016 until 12.00. In case of an earlier check-in, it is necessary to coordinate the date of arrival with the management of the Center.

6.2. Teams are required to have with them the flag of the constituent entity of the Russian Federation that they represent, the squad flag (if any), sportswear, change of shoes (street and indoor).

6.3. Teams are encouraged to have a single dress uniform.

6.4. Detailed information about the conditions of participation in the Gathering will be posted on the website.

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