Tasks for independent solution

Task 6.

Calculate the norm of time and the norm of output per shift: the norm of operational time is 35 minutes; workplace maintenance time – 5% of operational time, time for rest and personal needs – 3% of operational time; shift duration is 8 hours.

Task 7.

Calculate the working time utilization rate, the working time loss factor and the possible increase in labor productivity based on the given data.

No. Name of working hours Duration, min
Preparatory and final
Workplace maintenance
Breaks due to organizational and technical problems
Breaks depending on the worker, including regulated calculate
Shift duration

Task 8.

Calculate the working time utilization rate, the working time loss factor and the possible increase in labor productivity based on the given data. The results of the photo of the working day for the shift are shown in the table

No. Name of working hours Kind of time Time, min
Receipt and delivery of work
Job instruction
Implementation of operational procedures
Waiting for work
Waiting for briefing
Fixing a marriage
Walking and talking about personal matters
Breaks for rest and personal needs
Workplace preparation and cleaning
Late start and early finish

Task 9.

Determine the maintenance rate based on the following data. The duration of the shift is 480 minutes. Equipment maintenance time standards – 37 min. Preparatory and final time – 30 min. Time for rest and personal needs – 40 min. The norm of time for technical and organizational maintenance of the workplace is 2% of the norm of service time

Task 10.

Calculate the operating time for inspection and repair of the electric motor.

No. The content of the work by elements Results of chronometric observations, min
Loosen the screws, remove the cover 2.51 1.92 2.64 1.99 2.48
Open the lock, remove the manhole cover 0.26 0.38 0.21 0.35 0.33
Check the condition and fastening of the brushes, the collector 2.11 2.84 3.06 2.06 2.71
Check the condition of the wires and the operation of the electric motor 2.15 2.72 3.02 2.54 2.62
Install and secure manifold cover. 0.54 0.72 0.48 0.55 0.64
Put the table top on and fix it 3.82 3.64 4.02 3.54 3.68

Organization of wages

Task 1 .

The piece rate in the current year was 500 rubles. per unit of product. Calculate the direct piecework wages of a worker, if in the planning period it is supposed to reduce the norm of time by 5 percent with a simultaneous increase in wages by 7 percent. The volume of output in the planned period will be 240 thousand items per year.


Task 2

A tiler of the 6th category lays 1.5 m 2 per hour area with a selection of drawings. Hourly tariff rate – 116.82 rubles. Determine the piece rate per m 2 area.


1. The rate of output of a worker per hour is 1.5 m 2 of area

2. Piece rate per unit of production (1 m 2 area).

Task 3

A team of 6 people carries out repair work on the tram tracks. During the shift they covered 8 km. Brigade piece rate 712.2 rubles. per running metre. Determine the piecework earnings of the brigade and each employee, provided that all employees of the brigade have the same category.


1. Brigade piece rate – 712.2 rubles / m.

2. Piecework earnings of the brigade:


3. Piecework earnings of a worker:

rub shift.

Task 4

Distribute monthly earnings among the workers of the brigade based on the given data. A team of 4 people earned 80,537.76 rubles per month at piece rates. For the implementation of the plan for the production of products, the brigade received a bonus in the amount of 30% of piecework earnings. Each worker worked the amount of time shown in the table.

Discharge of the worker Hourly rate hours worked
Total Holidays At night time In evening time

The coefficient of additional payment for work on holidays is 0.0435 to wages for hours worked, additional payment for work at night is 40%, for work in the evening 20% of the hourly tariff rate.


1. Tariff earnings of the brigade:

2. Coefficient of piecework:


3 The calculation of the monthly wages of workers is given in the table

Discharge of the worker Tariff earnings (tariff rate* *184 hours) Piecework earnings (tariff earnings* *1,299) Bonus (piecework earnings * 0.3) Pay for work in Monthly earnings
holidays evening time night time
6046.24 7854.07 2356.22 341.65 1209.25 2418.50 14179.69
5223.76 6785.66 2035.70 1044.75 2089.50 11955.61
4695.68 6099.69 1829.91 939.14 1878.27 10747.01
4695.68 6099.69 1829.91 939.14 1878.27 10747.01

Task 5

Calculate the worker’s monthly salary. The worker pieceworker of the 6th category fulfilled the production rate by 120%. His earnings at piece rates amounted to 8765 rubles. According to the regulations, piece rates for products in excess of 110% of the norm are increased by 20%.


1. Piecework earnings for the performance of the production task by 110% will be:


2. Piecework earnings for the performance of a production task at an increased piecework rate:

rub ,

Where 0.1 – overfulfillment of the production task in excess of the established norm;

1.2 – the coefficient of increase in the piece rate when completing the task in excess of the established norm

3. Earnings of a worker per month


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