Suggestions for linguistic analysis

1. Every time when autumn approached, conversations began that a lot of things in nature are not arranged the way we would like.

2. When the night dew and the mountain wind refreshed my burning head and my thoughts returned to their usual order, I realized that it was useless and reckless to chase lost happiness.

3. The fatherland is that mysterious but living organism whose outlines you cannot clearly define for yourself, but which you constantly feel touching yourself because you are connected with this organism by an inseparable umbilical cord.

4. The sentry walked methodically dangling his bayonet and thought when the frosty hour of torture would finally expire and he would leave the brutalized earth inside where the heating pipes of the echelon were bursting with heat.

5. At the end of the day, the storm was gone, lightning blazed far beyond the edge of the ocean, but the wind with unrelenting force bent trees to the ground, carried away the roofs from the barracks with shapeless towels and howled and whistled all over the island with such satanic malice that all living things hid in their homes.

6. One fine June day it was hot everywhere, and in the clearing in the garden where there was a shock of recently mowed hay, it was even hotter because the place was closed from the wind by thick, dense cherry trees. (V.M. Garshin.)

7. When you are disturbed or upset by something worldly, then remember that you will have to die, and then what you previously thought was an important misfortune and worried you will become in your eyes an insignificant nuisance that you should not even worry about. (Epictetus.)

8. Youth is characterized by hasty generalizations and it often comes to the conclusion that everything in the world is false only because some individual things turned out to be really false. (R. Haggard.)

9. Thick clouds were layered across the gloomy sky, and although it was only the third hour of the day, it was so dark that Dranitsyn could not understand what was blackening in the distance, blocking the train’s path.

10. Give the capercaillie time to sing and then you can slowly and carefully move in the direction from where you can see the first reflections of the morning dawn and the song of the capercaillie is most loudly heard.

11. Gerasim could not hear the sensitive night whispering of trees past which his strong legs carried, but he felt the familiar smell of ripening rye, which wafted from the dark fields. (I.S. Turgenev.)

12. The strength of Gorky’s dramaturgy is that the “life of the soul” opens before the viewer, and those artists who were able to open the “life of the soul” of the human being to the audience were the favorite actors of the great Russian playwright Gorky. (According to L. Nikulin.)

13. And we, absorbing her (“Strangers”) ingenious sound recording, already suffered in advance that now her charm would end, and we wanted it to last for hours, and suddenly, as soon as he uttered the last word from the Tauride Garden, some kind of air wave reached us with many voices nightingale singing. (K. Chukovsky.)

14. The only means of mental communication of people is the word, and in order for this communication to be possible, it is necessary to use words so that with each word, corresponding and precise concepts will undoubtedly be evoked in everyone. (K. Ushinsky.)

15. In the morning, when I woke up, the gentle April sun looked merrily through all the windows of my room, somewhere the doves cooed lovingly, the sparrows chirped, and from the street came that indefinite noise that bursts into the room with the first exposed frame. (D.N. Mamin-Sibiryak.)

16. The oval pond was surrounded by a ring of old willows, so thick and drooping that moonlight could not break through their greenery; it played far in the middle of the pond where, in a sliding glass swell, either a duck or a rook could barely keep on spread wings. (A.N. Tolstoy.)

17. Along the banks of the river, currant bushes, alder willows, and forest raspberries, green juicy sedges, entered the very water where they shone and bent under the pressure of the river stream as if alive. (D.N. Mamin-Sibiryak.)

18. But most beautiful were the young spruce and birch trees that grew along the dumps and dumps; they looked like a crowd of children who ran out to the steepness with all their might and from here admired everything that was lower. (D.N. Mamin-Sibiryak.)

19. The first timid signs of dawn appeared on the river, turned white, and as if the stars began to fade on the cooled water, bluish patches of fog appeared behind the island on the right bank, a strip of morning dawn flashed between the trees with thick vermilion. (V. Zakrutkin.)

20. When I turned the page of a huge volume, the red tongue of the lamp hesitated, threatening to go out. The lamp sank every minute in a melted odorous liquid; smoke ate my eyes, but all these inconveniences disappeared in the pleasure with which I looked at the illustrations and read the explanations for them. (M. Gorky.)

21. And now the day comes when millions of snowflakes fall on this resigned and hushed, as if widowed land, and it all becomes even, monochrome and white … (V. Korolenko.)

22. Finally, this radiance faded, and only not high above the ground, in the place where the sun had set, remained an indistinct long pink stripe, imperceptibly passing above into the pale blue shade of the evening sky. (A.I. Kuprin.)

23. If you want a person to be devoted to you, it is very important to let him know that you consider him to be such. (Seneca.)

24. Prince Andrei loved to dance and, wanting to quickly get rid of the smart conversations with which everyone turned to him, he went to dance and chose Natasha because Pierre pointed her out to him and because she was the first pretty woman that caught his eye. (L.N. Tolstoy.)

25. In the Meshchersky region, you can more accurately hear such a solemn silence that the bell of a lost cow can be heard from afar, unless of course the day is calm. (K.G. Paustovsky.)

26. Lopatin began to feel sleepy and he was delighted when the driver appeared at the door and reported that the car was ready. (K.Simonov.)

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