Stimulation of the release of fat-splitting hormones.

There are substances that block alpha receptors and activate beta receptors. For example, yohimbine partially blocks alpha receptors , thereby reducing the inhibitory effect of adrenaline and norepinephrine on fat breakdown. And many well-known clenbuterol stimulates beta receptors, causing better fat breakdown in tissues.

Everyone heard about ephedrine, which is now among the banned additives? Do you know why it is so effective on drying? Just ephedra increases the release of norepinephrine . And if you take it together with yohibin, then there is an activation of beta receptors (fat burning) without affecting alpha receptors (stopping fat burning) . What will help you lose weight. Especially in those places where traditionally a person loses weight faster.

If you add “pumping” training and cardio (running), then such a load will further increase the number of beta receptors and reduce the number of alpha receptors . Now you understand why “pumping” leads to faster fat burning. In addition to releasing stress hormones for fat breakdown, such training increases the number of receptors needed for more active fat breakdown.

Attention! Spot reduction of fat is not possible. BUT when you bleed a specific muscle (pump training), you thereby create an increased concentration of norepinephrine and adrenaline in it. However, fat splitting will be difficult due to the activity of alpha receptors in it. This process can be changed if you take yohimbine an hour before training, which will reduce the activity of alpha receptors. This supplement is legal and can be easily bought at a pharmacy or sports store. One of the fun bonuses of yohimbine is erection stimulation and more intense orgasms. In general, a useful thing in every sense.

Since we are talking about drugs, we need to say about Proviron. Proviron is an androgen that blocks the process of converting male hormones into female ones (aromatization). Often athletes use it to achieve muscle stiffness. How it works? It’s very simple, female sex hormones cause the activation of alpha receptors throughout the body and especially on the hips and chest, i.e. hinder fat digestion. The body becomes more loose and fat. By the way, that same “watery” type of chemists is not associated with water, but with this phenomenon. This can be avoided with the help of Proviron, which will add “stiffness” to the muscles.

An important point to understand …. Do you remember that I constantly used the word fat burning, and not fat burning ? This is not just because they are completely different things and fat loss (lipolysis of triglycerides into glycerol and fatty acids) does not mean fat loss at all. The fact is that if the split components (glycerol and fatty acids) are not used, they will return to their original state (into the fat cell). Those. pumping and splitting fat is just a simplification of transportation. At least a thousand convenient ways can be laid to the firewood warehouse, but if they are not used as fuel, all the firewood will remain in the warehouse. That is why a diet is so important, by which you create a calorie deficit and force the body to burn fatty acids for energy.

Aerobics (cardio) and drying.

With cardio load, the situation is exactly the same as with “pumping” training. Any aerobics will lead to the loss of not only fat, but also muscles, on the one hand. And on the other hand, any aerobics will accelerate fat breakdown. And long-term aerobics will lead to fat burning. To be clear, when you run, you release stress hormones that break down fat into glycerol and fatty acids. And when you run for a very long time and at a slow pace (you can even go fast), then you are burning fat as energy.

TIP: if your goal is to maintain maximum mass, then do not run, but walk LONG at a fast pace. For example, within 60 minutes.

The fact is, the longer the aerobic load, the more aerobic methods of extracting energy from fatty acids are connected. And the shorter and more intense the cardio load, the more muscle glycogen is consumed and the more muscles “burn”.

TIP: the less glycogen and carbohydrates in the muscles, the more and earlier the fat burns.

This means that cardio is best done either after a workout with iron (when glycogen is used up) or in the morning on an empty stomach. And the less and later you eat carbohydrates, the more fat will burn. Insulin, which is produced in response to food (especially carbohydrates), inhibits the process of fat burning.

Chemistry for weight loss.

Supplements are sold in bulk. Most do not work or work so poorly that they are not worth the money. So, the most working supplements and “magic pills” from simple to deadly are:

  • Yohimbine (blocks alpha receptors)
  • Ephedrine – release of norepinephrine (ECA – Ephedrine + Caffeine + Aspirin)
  • Clenbuterol (stimulates beta receptors)
  • Growth hormone (somatotropin)
  • Theroid Hormones (T3) + Clenbuterol
  • DNP (Dinitrophenol)

I have already talked about Yohimbine, Ephedrine and Clenbuterol . Then the danger zone begins. Growth hormone is not so much a dangerous thing as a wasteful thing because of its high price, but I have placed the last two points for general information. They are used by the most thugs who do not care about their lives and health.

The teroid hormones (especially T3) really boost metabolism, which is one of the two main tasks during cutting, as you remember, and clen stimulates the work of beta receptors responsible for the breakdown of fat. Together these two drugs lead to a synergistic effect (1+1=3) and the fat melts very quickly. Moreover, if you slightly increase the dose of thyroid hormones, then the muscles begin to melt just as quickly. But that is not the danger. The main danger of T3 is that there is a cancellation of the production of one’s own thyroids, and unlike testosterone, this production may then never return to its previous level. In fact, you can become disabled and have to sit on an artificial T3 all your life.

Dinitrophenol is generally a very scary chemical. There is a dosage of about 0.5 gr. per day and if a person takes 1 gram, then there is a 50% chance of death. Those. every second person dies from a double dose! DFN burns fat and your body in the literal sense. You are constantly wet with sweat. At night you sleep in an embrace with a bottle of water. Your eye lenses darken from dehydration. There is weakness in the body due to the fact that all the energy is utilized into heat, etc. The deadliest fat burner in the world.

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