St. Petersburg State Budgetary Professional Educational Institution "Academy of the Beauty Industry "LOKON"


Hairdresser 4 category

St. Petersburg State Budgetary Professional Educational Institution “Academy of the Beauty Industry “LOKON”

Specialty 43.01.02 “Hairdresser”

Profession: Hairdresser 4 category

Conditions of education:

Obtaining secondary vocational education on the basis of secondary general education (11 classes)

Recruitment of applicants is carried out on a budgetary basis

The term of study on the basis of 11 classes is 10 months

Form of study full-time

Upon completion of training, a state document is issued

Entrance examination: without entrance examinations (certificate competition)

Profession features:

A hairdresser is a specialist who is engaged in cutting, styling, coloring, highlighting, perming hair, performs various hairstyles.

This specialist performs haircuts of varying complexity, selects the right shade for subsequent coloring, performs styling, curling and braiding braids.

It is difficult to find a master who perfectly owns the listed technologies. Without the necessary level of professionalism, it is impossible to get an excellent result.

Between themselves, hairdressers associate their profession with the hard work of a sculptor, but they are not dealing with a silent stone, but with people whose wishes should be taken into account.

It is worth considering that the work of a hairdresser is suitable only for physically hardy people who are able to be on their feet during the working day.


Hairdressers, beauty studios, work privately at home or with visits to clients.

Prospects and career:

The profession requires constant advanced training and the acquisition of new skills, the study of modern methods of work.

The hairdresser has two growth prospects:

– teaching at the beauty school;

– Opening a barbershop.

Important qualities:

– the presence of aesthetic taste;

– accurate eye gauge;

– excellent physical shape;

– the desire to develop;

– communication skills;

– politeness;

– accuracy.

Other qualities, without which it is difficult for a specialist in this profession to become a professional: patience and endurance, diligence, humor and charm.

Skills and knowledge:

A hairdresser is a specialist who, ideally, must own the technology of creating haircuts, be able to perm, color and style hair, and work with professional equipment.

Must know:

– composition and properties (nature of the effect on the skin and hair) of materials used in all technological processes of hairdressing production;

– methods of hair diagnostics;

– traditional and latest technologies of hairdressing production;

– rules of consumer services;

– rules for sanitary and hygienic care of tools and equipment;

– modern methods of perm.


– systematic disinfection of tools that are involved in the course of work;

– hygienic hair washing and hair care;

– ability to competently operate professional equipment;

– performing haircuts of various types (men’s haircuts, beard and mustache styling, head and face shaving, women’s haircuts, types and methods of hair styling);

– hair coloring (coloring with chemical dyes, hair blonding, hair highlighting), styling, waving, straightening;

– hairstyle design (performing hairstyles with modeling elements, everyday hairstyles, elegant hairstyles, fantasy hairstyles);

– weaving braids;

– performance of a perm.

Medical contraindications to the profession:

1. Diseases of the musculoskeletal system

2. Eczema of the hands

3. Allergy to paints, cosmetics and chemicals

4. Polyarthritis

5. Diseases of the respiratory system

6. Blood infections

7. Skin diseases


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