Speech for a diploma old-age insurance pension on a general basis.

Dear Chairman and members of the State Attestation Commission!

Your attention is represented by a thesis on the topic: Insurance old-age pension on a general basis.

The chosen topic is currently particularly relevant, because,

Firstly, this is due to the fact that at this stage of the development of a market economy in our state, concern for vulnerable segments of the population is an integral element of state policy. The Russian Federation is a “social state whose policy is aimed at creating conditions that ensure a decent life and free development of a person.”

Secondly, the study of pension provision is that the legal regulation of pensions is a powerful formation in social security law. The great importance of pension provision is determined by the fact that it affects the vital interests of pensioners.

Thirdly, despite the economic transformation, the level of pension provision is still very low because the pension system in the current demographic and economic conditions is not able to protect pensioners.

The relevance of this research topic is that about 20% of the Russian population are old-age pensioners. The low level of their pension practically excludes this category of citizens from the economically active population, which negatively affects the economic situation in Russia as a whole. Public relations historically include a mechanism of mutual assistance, when active members of society provide support to less active ones who, due to circumstances, cannot participate in social production. In modern society, this mechanism has acquired new qualities, and now social support is provided within the framework of state programs for compulsory pension insurance.

Thus, the topic “insurance old-age pensions” chosen for writing the thesis is relevant.

Based on this, the object of the study is to disclose the essence of the insurance pension on a general basis.

The subject of the study is the most complete study of issues related to the appointment, calculations and features of the old-age insurance pension.

The object of observation was the UPFR of the Oktyabrsky district, Novosibirsk.

The purpose of the thesis is a deeper study of the components of social security, or rather one of the types of social security, old-age insurance pension.

To achieve this goal, the following tasks are supposed to be solved in the work:

1. Consider the essence of pension provision;

2. To reveal the features of the insurance old-age pension in the Russian Federation.

In the course of solving the tasks set, the following research methods were used: Legal acts (primary analysis method), scientific publications in journals and the Internet (secondary analysis method).

Also, historical-legal, system-legal, comparative analysis, system analysis of the studied phenomena and results were used.

The sequence of solving the problems of the WRC determined the following structure: introduction, two chapters, seven paragraphs, conclusion, bibliography.

In the first chapter, I studied insurance old-age pensions as the most important guarantee of social support by the state for elderly citizens. Having studied the legislative base and statistical materials, literary sources, I analyzed the following conclusions:

A fixed payment in a fixed amount is established for the insurance pension, which depends on the type of insurance pension. The amount of the payment is indexed annually by the state.

And on this I would like to tell you in detail about the second chapter, namely about the organization of work in the management of the pension fund of the Russian Federation in the Oktyabrsky district of the city of Novosibirsk.

Based on this, I came to the following conclusions:

• The insurance old-age pension in 2016 will be formed on the basis of the total number of payments, length of service and points made by a citizen before retirement. The pension reform of 2016 establishes the need for sufficient insurance experience for retirement.

In conclusion, I note that the pension reform has not led and will not lead, both in the near and in the longer term, to improve the pension provision of the vast majority of pensioners; it essentially consolidates for many years the miserable level of pension provision created in recent years by the authorities themselves. At the same time, it legalizes a special, privileged pension system for those on whom the government relies.

On the whole, the pension strategy for 2015-2016 is rather a boon, primarily for the country and for the current working pensioners.

Thesis on the topic: Old-age insurance pension on a general basis.

A student of the P-4 group in the specialty 40.02.01 Law and social security organization Suftina Olesya Sergeevna told.

Thanks for your attention.

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