Shri Mataji's vision of my mother (Miracle)

My wife and I practiced Sahaja Yoga. Twice a week all the Sahaja Yogis who lived in the neighborhood used to gather in our house for collective meditation. But my mother never came and joined our meditations. We invited her many times, but she was stubborn in her decision.

Once, when we were sitting in the front meditation room, we insisted that she join us, but my mother never came out for meditation. I really wanted my mother to come and sit down to meditate. I was praying in front of Shri Mataji’s photo that so many people were coming and getting the benefits of Sahaja Yoga. Likewise, my mother could also benefit from Sahaja Yoga. Thus I expressed my pure desire through prayer. All the assembled Sahaja Yogis sat down to meditate. The electric light was turned off during meditation. Only a peanut butter lamp shone. After our meditation, which lasted about an hour and a half, we sang Aarti, “Sab ko Dua Dan…”. Prasad was shared among all the Sahaja Yogis present. When I turned on the light and looked around, I was surprised to see my mother come and sit behind me in meditation. I felt great, but I was surprised. What happened?

After all the Sahaja Yogis returned to their homes, in the evening, my wife, myself and my mother sat down to dinner. At this time, the mother said, “Gajanan, a wonderful thing really happened today.” The story she told is below.

When all of you sat down for meditation, I felt very irritated and furious sat on the bed. I deliberately didn’t turn on the light. It soon got dark, but I continued to sit in the dark.

Suddenly there was a bright light at the door. Then I was a little surprised. I didn’t turn on any lamp, then where is the light coming from? And in a short time the light disappeared and Shri Mataji appeared at the door. I was surprised by her and asked where I was. Shri Mataji smiled and looked at me. She blessed me. Shri Mataji told me to go to the front room and sit there. With Her hand She indicated that She was in this room and told me to go and sit there for meditation. And she showed me how to hold both hands during meditation. At that moment, She disappeared. I only saw a bright light like before, but the light also disappeared after a while. The room was still dark. My anger subsided and I realized that I was in my own home.

After that, I went to the front room where you were all sitting in meditation and joined you. I understood that Shri Mataji was present in our house, in the form of divine vibrations, I understood this for sure. We were also surprised to hear this.

I told my mother, at least for now, sit down with us to meditate daily. Your health will be better and you won’t have any tension. Thus my faith and my mother’s faith in Shri Mataji increased.

With this incident, Shri Mataji showed us that wherever collective meditation takes place, Shri Mataji is there in a subtle form of vibration.

Experience – blocks (wife)

Me and my wife Sow Vijaya went one evening to a friends house in Shivaji Park. It was about 9-9:30 pm when we returned. We boarded bus number 83. The bus stopped at the Prabhadevi stop. I went out and my wife Sou Vijaya followed me out. But her leg slipped and hit hard on the steps of the bus, she was in unbearable pain, she could not get up, somehow she managed to get off the bus. After, we sat at the bus stop for about 5-10 minutes. Sou Vijaya was completely unable to stand up. She was in unbearable pain.

Immediately I made a bandana for myself and, after fixing my attention on Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi, I also made a bandana over Sou Vijay and started to check the chakras. I found blocks on Swadisthan, Manipur, Anahata, Vishuddhi and a little bit on Muladara and Agnya chakras and felt them on both my hands.

Then I took both hands of Sou Vijay in my hands and began to vibrate. After about 4-5 minutes, her tear-stained face relaxed a little, and I felt some relief. Then I took one finger after another in the order of the chakras and spoke the mantras of the deities of the chakras of these fingers 21 times for each. After I finished treating each of the fingers, she was able to stand up. Immediately I made her a bandanna and checked the blockages in her chakras and found that their severity had decreased.

I felt relieved because it was late at night (about 10 o’clock), which doctor would be able to come? Which hospital should I go to at this time? All such questions created a storm in my mind. I told her: “Let’s go home in a taxi, and then we’ll see.” But Sou Vijaya said, “Let’s walk home slowly by ourselves.” So we slowly walked home, as our house was a 3-4 minute walk.

When we got home, I told Sou Vijaya to go to bed. And he sat next to her and again began her treatment with vibrations from Muladara to the Agnya chakra. During this time, I used the names of the deities 21 times each. After that, I meditated for a while, then I made a bandhan for each of us three times, and then we had dinner.

After dinner, I took a basin of salt water, lit a lamp and incense sticks in front of a photograph of Shri Mataji, Sou Vijaya sat in the basin, and I raised her Kundalini with both hands from behind and sat down to meditate behind her. After 10-15 minutes we got up. Before going to bed, I asked her to lie down on her chest, and I sat down in meditation for 15 – 20 minutes, putting my feet on her back. However, later I felt a little uneasy. I began to feel tension in the chakras. I also did footsocking in warm salted water and then around 12-1am we went to bed. We had full faith and recognition of Shri Mataji.

When I woke up in the morning, I asked Sou Vijay, “How are you feeling right now? Is there any pain left somewhere in your body?” She replied, “I’m fine now.” I felt pleasure hearing this. I thought we should go to the hospital. Any serious bone injury shows its strength only the next day. When we saw the effect of Sahaja Yoga vibrations, we were very surprised. I must say that, indeed, this is a real miracle!

Experience (sister)

My sister from Baroda came down with jaundice. She became very weak. I received this news in a letter sent by my other sister. The rest of the sisters also decided to go to Baroda and all three went there. I felt that I should also go to Baroda.

Then, after thinking for a while, I mentally said the name of my sister, the name of Baroda three times and raised my hands to the sky. I went into meditation and asked: why is she sick? I recognized it by the warm vibrations on my hands and felt that her state of health did not require serious concern. So I calmly sat down and told my mother and Sou Vijay, “She’s fine, no need to worry.” But they did not believe it, but after eight days the three sisters returned from Baroda and told the same thing. Then everyone at home realized that what I said was right.

sister blocks

This incident happened sometime in 1980. My sister lived in Baroda. There was a tumor in her body. She grew in the neck. The sister was taking medication prescribed by the doctor. And then someone told her that in Darda (Muslim place) there is a Pir Baba who does something and all your troubles and illnesses disappear. Taking advantage of the advice, she went to Pir Baba and told him about her problem. After listening to her, this Pir Baba gave her a lemon with recited mantras and told her to twist it (lemon) around her neck. For this, Pir Baba took money from his sister. Every 4-5 days she went to him for a lemon.

One day she and her husband happened to be in our house. At this time, my wife Sou Vijaya and I were sitting in meditation in front of a photo of Shri Mataji. After completing the meditation Sou

Vijaya entered another room. My mother and sister were sitting there and talking. Sou Vijaya asked my sister when did they come? How is her health? etc.

Then the sister drank tea with everyone and talked for a while. I was sitting outside in the front room just coming out of meditation.

After some time, Sou Vijay felt a sensation of heat in her stomach. She couldn’t stand it. She went into the front room and told me, “I was just talking to Usha and my stomach started to burn.” And she showed me a part of the abdomen where there was a burning sensation, this area turned red and there were a lot of bubbles on it.

I looked at it and got a little angry. I made a bandana and sitting in the front room tried to check the chakras in the inner room. I felt very hot vibrations on Manipur, Agnya, Vishuddhi and other chakras.

I entered the room and asked Sou Wushu, “What dirt did you bring back from Baroda?” Both my mother and Sou Usha looked at me in surprise. I told my mother and her that she had brought a very dirty and harmful thing from Baroda. But still her answer was negative.

Finally I went into meditation, checked to see if I was in a thoughtless state and also checked if my chakras were in balance, then I reached out my hands to her suitcase (bag). I felt the warm vibrations that came from this bag. All my doubts dissipated and I asked, “What is in this bag?” The sister said there was nothing there. Only clothes. Then I asked her if she had in her bag something like the lemons given to her, lamps, etc.? Even then, she said there was nothing like it.
When I asked her again, but this time angrily, she admitted that she had, and said, “I brought a lemon and a lamp as a cure for Baba’s Pir.”

After that we went to the front room and I showed the condition of Sow Vijaya’s abdomen to my mother and Usha. Both of them were shocked and asked, “How did this happen? And why did this happen to her? Why didn’t this happen to us?” I told them that if a few more drops of dirt get on a dirty cloth, it will not change anything, but on a clean cloth, even one stain attracts attention. Just before that, Sou Vijay and I came out of meditation and her chakras were clear. That’s why the effect of the lockdown had an immediate effect on her. They both asked, “Then why didn’t it affect you?” I replied,

that I was then in a state of thoughtlessness, I made myself a bandana three times and thus had a protective sheath around me – so I was not as amazed as Sou Vijaya.

Sou Usha then sat down in front of me and looked at me. She felt fear and her whole body was covered with goosebumps. She couldn’t speak, but I told her to be calm now. Now, at least, you have understood that what you have brought is bad and harmful. After that, she and my mother calmed down. I told them: “Now look, the burning sensation in the stomach of Sou Vijaya and the rashes will disappear in 5 minutes thanks to the vibrations of Shri Mataji.” Both of them were in shock.

I told Sou Vijaya to put her left hand out the window. I checked my chakras – they were normal. I made a bandana. I placed the lamp in front of Shri Mataji’s photo. Gave Sou Vijai vibrated kum-kum to apply on the abdomen. I applied the vibrated kum-kum with my hands and placed my right hand on Sow Vijaya’s belly and my left hand towards the photo of Shri Mataji and entered into meditation. I recited the mantra 108 times: “Twameva Sakshat Shri Lakshmi Narayan Sakshat Shri Adi Shakti Mataji Shri Nirmala Deviyay Namo Namah” It seemed that a stream of warm air was sucked from my stomach into my right hand. After this treatment, I told Sou Vijaya to open my eyes and when I also opened my eyes, I realized that the sensation of burning in the abdomen was gone. And even the rash and redness completely disappeared.

I showed it to Mai and Ushi. They were also surprised. After all this was over, my mother herself told Ushi to throw away all the lemons and so on. in the sea.

The next day, lemons, a lamp, etc. were thrown into the sea. Everyone understood the importance of Shri Mataji’s Sahaja Yoga. I said to Ushi: You did well to throw these things away, otherwise, in a few days you would have lost the possibility of healing your illness and even lost your voice. You couldn’t speak. Then Usha began to apply vibrated kum-kum on her neck and began to feel much better. These are experiences, experiments and wonders of Sahaja Yoga.


Science and Sahaja Yoga

Our progress is possible only in Sahaja Yoga. It is not in science. The reason for this is that if our progress is spiritual, it becomes the will of God. This is because progress in science is progress from outside, like a tree. It does not know its roots. But how can a tree grow without roots? These roots are in India, especially in Maharashtra. Without spirituality, science has no culture. Does science know what fuels love? What is the meaning of love, or how living beings work, science cannot tell. If we sow seeds in the dirt, what happens to them, how will a tree grow out of them? Science has its own limitations. Spirituality has no limits. You need to study it. You need to dive into it. You have to grow up in it.

Sahasrara Puja 1998

The highest thing is giving and giving is the simplest thing. Everything, that

what you have to do is to keep Me in your heart, that’s the easiest thing to do. Then, after that, you cannot do without it (giving back). You cannot live without her. This looks very strange. This is absolute, unconditional love.

Navratri Puja.

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