Sexual relationship with a hermaphrodite

Sex change and assimilation to the opposite sex

Allah created two genders – male and female, each of which has a lot of virtues. Islam forbids any discrimination, including on the basis of gender; men and women are equal before Allah. Therefore, there are no reasons for changing sex that Islam would recognize as valid.

Sheikh Muhammad Iqbal Nadwi, imam of a mosque in Calgary, Canada, recalls the following words from the Qur’an: “O people! Fear your Lord, who created you from one soul and made her a mate from it, and from them spread many men and women ”(4:1). This is not only about the difference between a man and a woman, but also about the fact that they complement each other.

“O people! We created you male and female, and made you peoples and tribes, that you might know one another” (49:13). Further, in the same verse, a very important phrase follows, in which Allah Almighty indicates to us the only criterion for the superiority of some people over others: “After all, the noblest of you in the sight of Allah is the most pious” (49:13). Allah also reminds us: “for the male sex is not the same as the female” (3:36), and in another place says: “your aspirations are different!” (92:4).

The Almighty created each person endowed with his own nature (fitra). The fitrah of men is different from the fitrah of women. The fitrah created by Allah is in fact impossible to change, and people who claim to be able to adhere to “non-traditional” sexual orientation, such a desire is caused more by social than biological reasons.

“Non-traditional” sexual orientation finds its expression not only in homosexual relationships, but also in a person’s attempts to change sex. It should be noted that the latest attempts are far from harmless to health. A man, “remade” into a woman, or a woman, “remade” into a husband, are forced to take hormonal drugs for the rest of his life. They often experience various complications after sex reassignment surgery.

It can be argued that gender reassignment surgery is even worse than homosexuality, since the latter still leaves a person with the opportunity to change their behavior and repent, while after the operation, in fact, nothing can be done.

Of course, such operations are the introduction of changes into the creation of Allah, which once again brings to mind the Qur’anic verse about the shaitan, who said: “… and I will order them, and let them change the creation of Allah!” (4:119). Sex reassignment surgery can only be justified if the patients are hermaphrodites. However, in this situation we are talking only about correction (treatment), pursuing a completely different goal – to give a person the opportunity to live a full life.

Let us also recall the hadeeth of the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him): “Allah has cursed men who look like women and women who look like men.” Deliberately imitating the behavior of members of the other sex in dress, demeanor, etc. is considered a sin in Islam. A well-known Muslim scholar from Saudi Arabia, Sheikh M.S. Al-Munajjid quotes the following verse in connection with this: “ Do not desire what Allah has given you one advantage over others. For men, a share of what they have acquired, and for women, a share of what they have acquired. Ask Allah for His good – indeed, Allah knows all things! (4:32).

A person is not able to fully realize what is evil for him and what is good. He may seek what will bring him harm and avoid what he does not like, while in fact this is the greatest blessing from Allah. So, someone may regret being poor, but poverty saves from many sins. In the same way, a person, for example, who was born a woman, should not regret this, since much of what is not given to a man is revealed to a woman, for example, the joy of motherhood. At the same time, it must be remembered that people are equal in the main thing – the ability to win the pleasure of Allah with their actions.


Homosexual relations are strictly prohibited by Islam. They contradict the intention of the Creator, Who created us in pairs, which is repeatedly mentioned in the Qur’an: “… and We created you in pairs” (78:8); “O people! Fear your Lord, who created you from one soul and made her a mate from it, and from them spread many men and women ”(4:1). Islam forbids extramarital affairs and only allows marriage between a man and a woman. This is the manifestation of the great wisdom of Allah, who endowed representatives of different sexes with such qualities that they complement each other.

In Sahih al-Bukhari, the following hadith is cited: “It is reported that Ibn Abbas, may Allah be pleased with them both, said:“ The Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) cursed men who imitate women and women imitate men, and said: “Drive them out of your homes!”

A story contained in the Qur’an warns about Divine anger as the main punishment for homosexuality: “And Luta … so he said to his people:“ Will you really commit an abomination when you see? Will you really come to men out of passion instead of women? Yes, you are an ignorant people!” And the answer of his people was that they said: “Bring the tribe of Lut out of your village: they are people who want to be clean.” We saved him and his family, except for his wife, whom We left behind. And We rained down on them; and bad is the rain of those who are warned!” (27:54-58).

With regard to the punishment provided for in Muslim jurisprudence, here the opinions of scholars differ. Some believe that homosexuals should be punished in the same way as ordinary adulterers, and at the same time, the presence of four witnesses (as in the case of adultery) is a condition for their responsibility for their deeds. Others believe that homosexuals should be dealt with more strictly than men and women. There are also differences of opinion as to whether the “passive” side should be punished. The very question of homosexuality has not been raised in Muslim literature until recently. Public discussion of such things in Islam is not welcome. On this occasion, there is an verse in the Qur’an with the following meaning: “Verily, those who love that an abomination be divulged about those who believe, they will have a painful punishment in the present life and in the Hereafter. For Allah knows, but you do not know!” (24:19).

However, at present, groups of supporters of homosexuality enjoy great influence in society, penetrating into the authorities. There are even groups of Muslims who claim that Islam allows homosexuality! Therefore, it is necessary to pay sufficient attention to this topic in order to refute their false arguments.

Among Western scientists in recent years, an opinion has arisen that there are people whose “non-traditional” sexual orientation is genetically determined. So, in 1991, Simon Le Vey (who does not hide the fact that he himself is a homosexual) published the results of his research. He studied the dimensions of the third internal nucleus of the anterior hypothalamus (INAH3) in 19 homosexual men who died of AIDS, 16 men of normal orientation, of whom 6 also died of AIDS, and 6 women whose sexual orientation was unknown. As a result, he found that in men of normal orientation this core is three times larger than in homosexuals and in women.

However, other scientists, such as William Byne, director of the Neuroanatomy Laboratory for Neuropsychiatric Diseases at New York’s Mount Sinai Medical Center, have criticized his claims. They noticed that the results of the experiments could be influenced by the fact that all the male homosexuals studied died of AIDS. In addition, it is unclear whether there is an inverse effect of sexual orientation on INAH3 dimensions.

Other work, such as that of Dean Hamer, head of the Department of Gene Structure and Regulation at the Biochemistry Laboratory of the National Cancer Institute, has argued that there is a special gene “responsible” for homosexuality. He proved the presence of such a gene by the fact that a person inherits homosexual inclinations mainly through the maternal line, which means that a connection with the X chromosome must be sought. But this fact can be explained very simply: a homosexual man (unless he is bisexual) has no opportunity to become a father. Twin studies have also been used as an argument in favor of homosexuals. However, they have demonstrated, at best, a genetic predisposition to it. In the same way, a person is genetically predisposed, for example, to certain diseases, including alcoholism, but this does not mean at all that he will certainly get sick, and he does not have the right to drink alcohol, thereby committing a sin.

The experience of early childhood has a great influence on the formation of sexual orientation. Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) ordered not to put children in the same bed. This can lead to sexual experimentation and become the basis for future addiction.

Statistical studies have shown that a child can become a homosexual also as a result of improperly built relationships in the family. For example, he may grow up in an atmosphere of contempt for women and, as a result, will avoid them. Or the boy may be too “downtrodden”, with low self-esteem. Not finding a place for himself among peers of normal orientation, he later falls into the warm embrace of homosexuals. 49% of the homosexuals surveyed admitted that they were victims of sexual abuse in childhood. For comparison, among men of normal orientation, this figure was 2%.

Until recently, homosexuality was considered a form of mental disorder. However, this disease has recently been removed from the list of diseases, not least under the influence of “pressure groups” of homosexuals. Meanwhile, this approach baffles many men who might otherwise return to normal life. After all, as experience shows, it is not easy to do it on your own, and in any case, for a homosexual to change his orientation, it takes a rather long time (about 2 years).

A teenager in today’s “liberal” society, where homosexual relations have been recognized as the norm, is imposed with the principle: “Be who you are.” Some young men, especially in conditions when homosexuality is becoming almost prestigious, begin to mistakenly believe that they are homosexual, and this situation cannot be changed (and there is supposedly no need for this).

Male and female homosexuality may be associated with the fear of creating a full-fledged family and the need to raise children. This reflects the unpreparedness of the younger generation for family life.

Some supporters of homosexuality try to argue that marriages between men are possible, implying a full-fledged partnership between them – both physically and emotionally. However, such “marriages” are usually short-lived, because they are contrary to human nature. On the contrary, homosexuals change their partners with astonishing speed. Here is what Professor Opendra Narayan of the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine writes: “These people have sexual intercourse 20 to 30 times a night. A man who passes from one partner to another carries the infection on his organ like a mosquito. It is not difficult to understand how quickly an epidemic can spread, given that the number of sexual intercourses that some homosexuals engage in during the year reaches three thousand. As of June 2000, homosexuals were the leading group in the US population with AIDS:

Population category men women total [*]
Homosexual men 348 657 348 657
People who use drugs 137 650 51 592 189 242
Homosexuals who use drugs 47 820 47 820
People with hemophilia and other blood disorders
Persons infected through heterosexual contact 27 952 50 257 78 209
Recipients of blood or donor organs
Persons infected for unknown reasons 48 343 19 042 67 388

Looking at these figures, one begins to think that the destruction of Sodom by Allah was a manifestation of His Mercy to all mankind, because it is not known what terrible diseases could spread from this city throughout the earth. Since medicine was at a very low level in those days, these diseases could have wiped out the entire population of the planet.

In addition to AIDS, homosexuals are “leaders” in other sexually transmitted diseases. For example, according to data published in 1990 in Florida, they accounted for 80% of patients with syphilis. Homosexuals suffer not only from sexually transmitted diseases, but also such as rectal cancer. They are also subject to mental disorders, largely due to the fact that the constant change of partners leads to nervous strain.

Lesbianism is as old as male homosexuality. It is also a violation of the precepts of Islam, since it contradicts the above verses about the creation of people in pairs. It can be said that lesbianism follows pederasty, especially in those societies where women strive for “equality”.

Meanwhile, the unequivocal prohibition of lesbianism is established by the following hadith of the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him): “A man should not look at the awra of another man, just like a woman should not look at the awra of another woman. A man should not sleep under the same blanket with another man, and a woman with another woman. Awrah for a woman in this situation is the area of her body between the waist and knees.

Muslim jurisprudence does not establish a specific punishment for lesbianism. According to the Kuwait Encyclopedia of Islamic Jurisprudence, a woman guilty of it can be subjected to disciplinary punishment, and is also deprived of the right to be a witness, since she is considered to have tarnished her honor.

Dr. Nadia Al Awadi

Sexual relationship with a hermaphrodite

Muslim scholars believe that sexual relations with a hermaphrodite are sodomy and are strictly prohibited by Islam.

Thus, Sheikh Jad ul-Haq Ali Jad ul-Haq, former Grand Mufti of Al-Azhar, notes: “Islam instructs Muslims to seek a cure for diseases. When a trusted Muslim doctor decides that a patient needs surgery, the patient should go for it. Among the religious rules concerning hermaphrodites is the requirement addressed to them to refrain from sexual intercourse with both men and women. This is due to the fact that their gender has not yet been determined, so there is no certainty that such relationships are not homosexual. Only after a competent Muslim doctor determines the sex of a hermaphrodite, and he has undergone the appropriate operation, he (or she) can enter into marriage with a person of the opposite sex.

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