Searching for a New Program

The Great Discovery

In ancient times people lived on whatever food they could find. As the early people 1 ______ in numbers, they had to wander and search for wild fruits and seeds of wild plants or hunt for small animals.

Then one of these early people 2 ______ a great discovery. A great genius discovered the meaning of seeds. He may have noticed that where some seeds had fallen on the ground, new plants grew. Perhaps he was 3 ______ enough to put some seeds in the ground to see what would happen. No one knows how it happened, but man 4 ______ that if he put a seed into the soil it could grow into a plant which might yield hundreds or even thousands of seeds!

He was free of the need to be in a constant 5 ______of his food!

Early man could now 6 ______ seeds in the spring and wait for them to grow.

In the fall he could gather a harvest of seeds. There would be enough to
7 ______ himself and his family all through the winter, with some left over for planting when spring came.

This discovery was the beginning of 8 ______ and the most important change that ever happened to people on earth.

1. A) decreased; B) increased ; B) developed; D) improved

2. A) fulfilled to fulfill; B) did; B) made D) conducted

3. A) curious; B) questioning; B) surprised D) puzzled

4. A) disclosed to disclose, make public; B) opened; B) discovered ; D) exposed

5. A) investigation investigation; B) exploration research; B) look D) search

6. A) put; B) plant B) deliver D) lay

7. A) feed ; B) food B) provide D) nourish feed

8. A) gardening ; B) cropping; B) cultivation D) farming 8. A) gardening; B) harvest; B) cultivation; D) agriculture

3. Read the text with gaps marked with numbers 1 – 8 . These numbers correspond to tasks 1 – 8 , in which possible answers are presented (A, B, C, D). Match the pass number to the answer option.

Light from the Past

When you stand and look at the stars, you are really looking at past history. The light from Alkaid, the end star in the handle of the Big Dipper, has taken about 210 years to 1 ______ your eyes. If Alkaid stopped
2 ______ today, people on earth would still see it 3 ______ see about 210 years. Some of the stars you see here tonight may have stopped existing several thousand years ago. The light from some 4 ______ stars right now will not be seen on earth until thousands, or even millions, of years from now!

It’s 5 ______ breathtaking, and it 6 ______ to the great mystery about the nature of light. Think about water waves. They get smaller and smaller in amplitude as they travel. Their energy is lost in friction among the water molecules. Think of sound waves in air. They too get weaker and weaker because of friction among the air molecules.

But light waves stop only if they strike something, and their energy is transferred 7 ______ another form. 8 ______, they can go on and on, at the same terrific speed, with no loss of energy, forever!

1. A) approach; B) reach ; B) hit D) achieve

2. A) burning; B) flashing B) blushing D) shining

3. A) after; B) through B) for ; D) at

4. A) farewell; B) far away ; B) far D) fair

5. A) quit; B) quick B) quiet D) quite

6. A) expands; B) increases; B) adds ; D) multiplies

7. A) into; B) onto; B) for; D) at

8. A) although; B) otherwise; B) whatever D) either

4 Read the text with gaps marked with numbers 1 – 8 . These numbers correspond to tasks 1 – 8 , in which possible answers are presented (A, B, C, D). Match the pass number to the answer option.

The First Day at School

Do you remember your first day at school? It was probably 1 ____ confusing. Now, to 2 ____ this confusion, many primary schools in England have a special teacher who welcomes new pupils. She is 3 ____ a reception class teacher. The children are 4 ____ with the idea of school and if they have been good, they can’t understand why they have to go to school. They imagine that school is optional. When the child goes to school on his first day and watches his mother leaving he thinks that she is deserting him. The teacher must 5 ____ him that at the end of the day his mother will be back and take him home. The children are not the only people that are disturbed by going to school. The teacher sometimes has as much difficulty in 6 ____ with the mothers. They hang around and dislike leaving the child without their protection.

The best way to 7 ____ with the situation is to get the child used to the idea of school. Before the beginning of term, the mother should take her child to see the teacher and to look 8 ____ the school. The first day should be something to emphasize the regularityof school.

1. A) enough; B) rarely B) rather ; D) equally

2. A) escape; B) defeat; B) beat D) a void

3. A) named; B) calle d; B) said; D) told

4. A) afraid; B) threatened ; B) endangered; D) risked

5. A) convince; B) prove; B) explain D) announce

6. A) managing; B) guiding; B) copping ; D) handling

7. A) face; B ) deal ; B) touch D) consider

8. A) through; B) about; B) after D) round

5 Read the text with gaps marked with numbers 1 – 8 . These numbers correspond to tasks 1 – 8 , in which possible answers are presented (A, B, C, D). Match the pass number to the answer option.

Your Future World

What will you be doing in 2025? Will you be living in an undersea research station? Will you be the chief engineer 1 ______ a bridge across the Atlantic Ocean? Will you be leading an 2 ______ to the planet Mars? Will you be…?

You can daydream, of course, but nobody knows exactly what the world will be 3 ______. But scientists have made some guesses.

Based on the advances made, they believe people will be healthier. Diphtheria, malaria, tuberculosis, polio and many other killers are under control now. These diseases are on the way out, 4 ______ to microbe germ-killing chemicals, new ways of finding out about our bodies, and new ways of providing clean, safe 5 ______and water.

Healthier people live longer, so we can expect the world’s population to 6 ______ sharply. It may double in the next forty years! This brings up a serious problem: how will we find food, water, and minerals for such a huge population?

Scientists are at work on some 7 ______. From the ocean they hope to get new fertilizers to increase the yield of the soil; new chemicals to kill crop-destroying insects without 8 ______ other animals, new sources of water or supplies of food.

1. A) inventing; B ) designing ; B) scheming plotting evil, making secret plans t o make a secret plan in order to get an advantage, usually by deceiving people D) doing

2. A) exploration; B) expenditure /ɪkˈspendɪtʃər/ expense, spending the total amount of money that a government or person spends a; B) expedition D) exhibit

3 . A) like B) alike similar; B) likely possible, probable D) likable likable A likeable person is pleasant and easy to like:

4. A) as a result; B) because; B) on account; D ) thanks

5. A) eat; B) feed B ) food ; D) cooking

6. A) decrease; B) distract; B) dissolve D) increase

7. A) solutions ; B) alternatives; B) preferences D) questions

8. A) hurting; B ) harming ; B) injuring; D) wounding

6 Read the text with gaps marked with numbers 1 – 8 . These numbers correspond to tasks 1 – 8 , in which possible answers are presented (A, B, C, D). Match the pass number to the answer option.


The first Europeans to visit what is now called Alaska were Russian sailors led by Captain Bering. The 1 ______ was funded by Russian czar Peter the Great. In 1728 Bering and his crew 2 ______ through the strait that is now named after him,between the easternmost part of Asia and the westernmost part of the Americas. Their journey 3 ______ that Asia was not connected to North America; however, due to the heavy fog, they never actually saw the nearby land of North America. In 1741 Bering headed further south, landing on tiny Kayak Island off the 4 ______ of what is now the southeastern part of the state.

In the 1780s and 1790s Russians began small colonies, first on Kodiak Island and later on the mainland. In 1799 the Russian-American Company was established to 5 ______ Russian interests. For the next 68 years the company provided the only form of government for the European colonists, 6 ______ never numbered more than a few hundred. The Russians ruled the 7 ______ until the late 1860s, when they sold it to the United States for $7.2 million dollars.

The 8 ______ of gold in 1896 in the Yukon Territory started a huge gold rush that brought thousands of settlers.

1. A) travel; B) trip B) journey D) expedition

2. A) paddle B) sailed ; B) travelled; D) rowed

3. A) proven ; B) convinced; B) persuaded; D) appeared

4. A) bank; B) beach B ) shore; D) sea-side

5 . A) look after B) look at; B) look for D) look away

6. A) which; B) whose; B) what; D) who

7. A) country; B) area ; B) ground D) earth

8. A) discovery ; B) detection; B) exploration; D) innovation

7 Read the text with gaps marked with numbers 1 – 8 . These numbers correspond to tasks 1 – 8 , in which possible answers are presented (A, B, C, D). Match the pass number to the answer option.


“Ordinary” was the worst word she could find for anything. She and I would argue fiercely because I wanted to be ordinary as desperately as my mother wanted to be 1 ______ .

“I can’t 2 ______ that hair-do”, she said when I went to the hairdresser with my friend and came back with a pageboy haircut straight out of Seventeen magazine, “It’s so terribly ordinary”. Not ugly, not unsuitable. But ordinary.

Her 3 ______ of ordinariness came out most strongly in her clothes.

“Couldn’t you please 4 ______ something else?” I asked her when she was dressing for Parents’ Day in tight-fitting pants and a bright pink sweater, with a Mexican cape.

“What’s wrong with my outfit?”

What wasn’t wrong with it!

“It’s just that I wish it would be something more plain,” I said sheepishly, “something that people won’t 5 ______ at.”

She looked at me angrily and drew herself 6 ______ to her full height of five feet ten inches.

“Are you 7 ______ of your own mother? Because if you are, Isadora, I feel 8 ______ for you. I really do.”

1. A) uncommon not existing in large numbers or in many places ; B) unusual ; B) odd-strange, extra; D) peculiar -strange or unusual, especially in a way that is unpleasant or worrying

2 . A) I can’t stand stand ; B) approve; B) agree D) vote

3. A) worry; B) trouble B) panic D) fear

4. A) dress ; B) put B) wear D) clothe-to-dress somebody/yourself

5. A) watch; B) stare ; B) glance D) peep to look quickly and secretly at

6. A) up; compose / sketch, represent B) on; rely on own experience B) over; D) at

7. A) sorry; B) shamed to shame; C) ashamed-adjective to be ashamed ; D) angry

8. A) regretful; feeling or showing sadness or disappointment because of something that has happened or something that you have done or not done B) sorry ; B) guilty D) unhappy

8 Read the text with gaps marked with numbers 1 – 7 . These numbers correspond to tasks 1 – 7 , in which possible answers are presented (A, B, C, D). Match the pass number to the answer option.

Searching for a New Program

A healthy lifestyle can vastly improve your well-being. This is a lifestyle designed for those who wish to feel more certain about their health and more in control of what the present and future will bring them in that important 1 ______ of existence. None of us wants to be sick. None of us enjoys the idea that we may become a medical statistic. This is a simple, easy-to-follow health-style that can enable you to get cards very much in your 2 ______. The doctors were fortunate enough to come into 3 ______ with a field of study that brought them to healing and well-being that they so desperately needed. They personally have 4 ______ thousands of people improve their health using only a small part of information. Many more people begin to improve their health now. Embracing the most current information from many health-related fields, the program of healthy lifestyle gives you an understanding of the impact of exercise, breathing, sunshine, sleep and much more on your health. In order for this program to work for you, you have to be willing to apply at least some part of it. Some change will be 5 ______. And as you make those first modest changes, you will get positive results that encourage you to do more. Changing is fun. And if you realize that your new healthy lifestyle 6 ______ the making of new habits, not the 7 ______ of old ones, you will feel very positive about what the future holds for you.

1. A) sector one of the parts that an area is divided into B) region a particular area in a country or the world C) area a part of a subject or activity ) territory

2. A) benefit B) advantage C) privilege ADVANTAGE or OPPORTUNITY honor, pleasure I had the privilege of meeting the Queen. D) favor in someone’s favor

3. A) touch B) contact C) view D) connection

4. A) confessed to confess and confess B ) witnessed to be a witness C) determined to establish to determine D) recognized to recognize and recognize

5. A) ordered B) commanded C) forced D) required

6. A) contains B) consists C) involves D) encloses enclose and surround

7 . A) breaking B) damaging C) ruining D) destroying

9 Read the text with gaps marked with numbers 1 – 7. These numbers correspond to tasks 1 – 7 , which present possible answers (A, B, C, D). Match the pass number to the answer option.

To the North of London

The Aldenham Country Park is a large and pleasant area easily reached if you are traveling north out of London. It is worth visiting if you want a quick breath of fresh air and a reasonably attractive place for a brief picnic. The most important point of the park is Aldenham Reservoir. It was built in 1796 to 1 ______ the water level in the river 2 ______ by the newly constructed Grand Union Canal, and more recently has been used as a reserve public water supply. Not far from there lies the busy town of Watford which can be recommended for a brief visit. And in any 3 ______ much more interesting stretches of the canal are met further north. And if you make your way through the town you can visit the Watford Museum in the High Street which has materials on printing and paper-making on 4 ______. The picture gallery has changing exhibitions of works by artists who lived or painted in the area. Another attraction of the neighborhood is a fascinating complex of Roman buildings, the 5 ______ of a great city, once the third largest center of Roman Britain. The private houses were impressive, many of them furnished with mosaic floors. The beauty of the mosaics can hardly be described on paper, and it is best 6 ______ by standing and looking for a while. The other principal Roman site to be visited is a long stretch of the city wall which 7 ______ back to the 3 rd century.

1. A) remain B) support C) hold D) maintain to make a situation or activity continue in the same way

2. A) confused B) affected C) bothered D) disturbed

3. A) condition B) situation C) circumstance D) case

4. A) presentation B ) display for a show C) demonstration D) exhibition

5. A) remains ruins, ruins B) wastes garbage C) wreckage debris (cars, aircraft, etc.) D) reminders something that makes you remember something else reminder

6. A) praised B) approved approve C ) appreciated D) regarded to look carefully at someone or something

7. A) dates B) returns C) follows D) comes

10 Read the text with gaps marked with numbers 1 – 7. These numbers correspond to tasks 1 – 7 , in which possible answers are presented (A, B, C, D). Match the pass number to the answer option.

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