Search for SP-1, subscribed

The SP-1 Search function is designed to search for an order for a completed subscription in order to clarify information, reprint the SP-1 form or perform an operation of redirection, cancellation, renewal, or additional payment of a subscription.

The function is called with each of the forms for performing operations on a subscription. At the same time, the System displays the order search form SP-1 (Figure 18).

Search is possible by criteria:

– “Number SP-1”;

– “Check number”;

– “Subscriber” – by the name of the subscriber;

– “Subscriber’s address” – search by address is performed by entering data in the “Subscriber’s address” field in the format ;

– “From the postman” – search for subscriptions issued by the postman at home;

– “SP-2 number” – search by receipt number;

– “Date of operation from/to”.

Figure 18. Subscription search screen

The following buttons are located on the screen form “Search publication”:

“Clear” – clears the search parameters in the “Filters” group of fields;

“Search” – search for a publication according to the criteria in the fields in the “Filters” group;

“OK” – selects the subscription on which the focus is made, while the System transfers the publication data to the form that called the search function;

“Cancel” – designed to exit the “Search subscription” form without saving the results;

“Print SP-1” – designed to print the form SP-1 (see Figure 19)

Figure 19. View of the printed form SP-1

Based on the search results, the tabular section displays a list of issued subscriptions to publications indicating:

– “Number SP-1”;

– “Check number”;

– “Subscriber”;

– “Index of publication”;

– “Name of publication”;

– “Subscriber’s address”;

– “Date of placing the order”;

– “Status”;

– “Number SP-2”;

– “Register”;

– “Plot”.

The choice of a subscription in the table is carried out by setting the focus on the row and pressing the “OK” button. The system will display the form that called it with the subscription search results in the appropriate fields. All fields of the lookup table are not editable.

Subscription forwarding

The operation is intended for redirecting a subscription to another branch.

To proceed to registration of redirecting a subscription in the main menu of the System, go to the main menu of the EAS GPT:

Other operations (5) → Subscription (1) → Subscription forwarding (3)

The transition is carried out by pressing the buttons of the same name in the EAS OPS or the keys of the number buttons on the keyboard, with the corresponding number.

The system will display the Subscription Forwarding form (Figure 20) for entering parameters. The form has two tabs “Subscription redirect” and “Total data”.

Figure 20. Subscription redirect form. Subscription Forwarding Tab

On the first tab, “Subscription Forwarding”, there is a group of fields called “Forwarding Options”.

The second tab displays the final data on the executed operation.

The Subscription Forwarding form contains the following buttons:

“Next” – transition to the next screen of the form;

“Back” – go to the previous screen of the form;

“Cancel” – designed to exit the form without saving the data.

To redirect a subscription, you need to find and select the subscription to be redirected by clicking on the “Search SP-1” field (search for a subscription is described in paragraph 2.3).

After selecting a subscription, the System will display the result in the appropriate fields of the “Subscription redirect” form, after which you need to:

– indicate the subscriber’s new address by clicking on the “New delivery address” field (subscription search is described in clause 2.1.2.);

– specify the months of delivery to the new address.

The Forwarding Cost field automatically displays the subscription forwarding cost.

After filling in all the fields, you must click the “Next” button to display the summary data on the subscription redirection on the “Totals” tab (Figure 21).

Figure 21. Subscription Forward Form, Summary Screen

After checking the final data, click the “OK” button, while the “SP-1” form is automatically printed with the mark “Forwarded”, in case of redirection outside the OPS of delivery, the “SP-9” form is printed, and proceeds to the redirection payment subscriptions according to the standard payment scheme from the main window of the cash desk.

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