Scene "A freshman student takes an exam"

Andrey – STUDENT: Hello, teacher!

Nastya-TEACHER: Did you go to my lectures?


TEACHER: Did you, did you go to my lectures?


TEACHER: I ask you for the last time, were you at my lectures?

STUDENT: Well, you got the same thing, honestly. You don’t have any other questions, do you? Wow you have so much! For example, the first question of the second ticket: What is the current?

TEACHER: Current is the directed movement of electrons. Pah you!

STUDENT: Right, let’s move on to the second question…


STUDENT: Hello. I greeted you as soon as I entered, but you did not answer me. I thought, maybe you have some kind of trouble, maybe something happened at your house?

TEACHER: Listen, who is the examiner here?

STUDENT: Do you have any doubts? I don’t have them and can’t have them. You are a well-known person, a teacher, and if someone says what is wrong, then I, your favorite student, I am the first one, I don’t know what I will do …

TEACHER: Yes, I see you for the first time in my life!

STUDENT: So what? It makes you feel worse, doesn’t it? I never saw you myself. (shakes the teacher’s hand).

TEACHER: Let go of your hand now! Answer the first question: What is current?

STUDENT: Current is the directed movement of electrons.

TEACHER: I told you that.

STUDENT: And who is arguing with you?

TEACHER: I was the first to say what a current is.

STUDENT: Of course you are. And if someone thinks that Faraday said it, then I’m the first one who doesn’t know what …

TEACHER: Let’s move on to the second question. There is an amplifier in front of you.


TEACHER: Yes, he is not here!

STUDENT: What are you so worried about, he’s not there, well, to hell with him. It was you who said that there was an amplifier here, I thought you were serious, but you were joking … Ha-ha-ha! But you are a joker!

TEACHER: There is an amplifier!

STUDENT: Yes, yes, of course, there is an amplifier, and let someone say that this is not so …

TEACHER: Amplifier circuit … What should be put at the input of the amplifier circuit so that the amplifier circuit rises at the output of the amplifier circuit?

STUDENT: Stop mocking! Is there an amplifier or not?

TEACHER: I’m asking you, is there an amplifier or not? Answer directly.

STUDENT: That’s right, how to answer directly, because they are not there, I’m sitting in front of you alone, for the umpteenth time. And as you rightly said in your lectures, eyewitnesses told me what you do there, how you correctly write in your books, and this is also accessible to me …

TEACHER: How much should you bet?

STUDENT: Bet as much as your conscience tells you, but any assistant can give me a four. Thank you.

Dasha Karauchenko: November 17 is International Students’ Day. This day for freshmen marks their initiation. In many countries, a freshman is only considered a committed student after Student’s Day. But how do they conduct the ceremony of initiation into students and the celebration of the holiday itself in other countries. This will be told to us by the students of PN-12 Alexandra Milman and Yulia Leontieva.

Julia, Sasha – traditions

Nazarenko Yury: Now we also want to conduct a certain ceremony of initiation for you, dear first-year students. On behalf of all freshmen

Let there be many different professions –

All of them do not like the idle,

All of them do not like laziness.

I will overcome all things.

I will pass exams, tests, –

I’m not afraid of this job.

And I’ll be patient.

On this I swear!

I know this path is not easy

And there are many temptations on it,

But don’t fool yourself

And learn somehow

I, a student, will be ashamed

Both funny and inappropriate.

I’m not afraid of difficulties

On this I swear!

It’s not enough to be a good kid –

I will become a professional.

This is what I decide!

I declare this proudly!

This is the path to my luck

And it cannot be otherwise.

Away with doubts and sadness!

I swear to be a student!

Dasha: A student is not only a student of a higher educational institution, but first of all he is a creative person. Therefore, the most important thing for us is to have fun, creatively and provocatively spend our leisure time. let’s get on with this now. I will ask you to greet student gr PN-12 Nazarenko Yuri with the song “”.

Dasha: Every student likes to have fun and play. I suggest you play the game. And so I need 3 volunteers to run a game called Sieve. It will help us develop memory and auditory perception abilities. One sits on a chair facing the group. The other two are placed behind him. Each of them, at the signal of the coach, begins his monologue. The task for the leading player is to retell the story of each of the speakers in as much detail as possible after 2 minutes.

Next competition Gift (5-7 people)

The task is as follows: one participant gives his neighbor on the right some imaginary gift. The handing will be done silently, so the only information that both the players and the team will have is the pantomime of the giver. Having received a gift, its happy owner must understand what he was given, and then pass the same gift to his neighbor on the right. At the same time, it is desirable to add some new details to the act of donation, concretizing the essence of the gift. So our gift will go through the entire chain of players until it reaches the last participant. He will announce to us (this time – in words) what kind of gift he received. After that, we will go through the chain in the opposite direction, and each of the players will announce whether he personally imagined the meaning of the received gift, whether there was a failure in understanding somewhere.

Develop the ability to use sign language, facial expressions, body for effective non-verbal communication


We end up as agreed!

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