Scenario Summer Rains Festival

Purpose: to consolidate the material covered, to establish a connection between life
phenomena and their embodiment in musical images.

Hall decoration: summer theme.

Props: raincoats for the rain dance, 4 pairs of sultans of different colors:
For shower Cap Kapycha – gray. For Mushroom Rain – transparent,
For Moroseyka – blue. For Aunt Clouds – purple;
Caps of mushrooms and flowers. Big beautiful umbrella

Presenter: Guys, look how beautiful the house is.
Two friends Ah and Oh live in this house.
Wake up, Oh and Oh!
Get out on the threshold
Meet the summer morning
See off the dark night!

Accompanied by cheerful music, Ah comes out of the house.

Ahah! How wonderful it was for me to wake up early at dawn!
See the light, exclaim: “Ah!”
Bathing in the sun.
Hey brother Oh! Are you deaf?
Get up, open your window
Say hello to dawn!

Under quiet music goes Oh.

Oh: (angrily) Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh!
Just go out on the threshold
I’ll get my feet wet here,
Or I’ll get a pig!
Such a draft in the morning
I’m already completely chilled!

The sound of thunder is on the record.

Well, wait, it is!
All that’s left is to get sick!
Oh! Woe is me! Oh! I feel bad!
Why are you standing aside
Hurry me up and bring a thermometer!
And from temperature pills and potion!

Oh and Ah go into the house.

Presenter: Hear the song of the rain: “drip-drip”.
It’s the rain calling you: “Drip-drip”
Let the prankster thunder rumble
We will go for a walk in the rain.

Out Ah.
Oh. What a wonderful weather, ah. What a beauty!
And let’s arrange a Summer Rain Festival with you.
We will invite Cloud to visit, let him pour better water!
It will rain all day, we are not too lazy to have fun!
Presenter: Guys, let’s all invite Aunt Tuchka to visit us together.
Aunt Cloud come, bring rain with you!

Aunt Cloud enters under the peals of thunder.

Aunt Cloud: It’s hard for me to swim across the sky,
Follow the rain!
Where, when, what to shed,
Enough to drink the earth!
Come on. Wind, help
Let the rains come!

The cloud is waving the sultan. 3 children come to her – 3 rains
Downpour Kap Kapych, mushroom rain and frost.

Kap Kapych: I am a shower of Kap Kapych, I will spill, do not seek,
Try a dry place, look!
Since my aunt asks, I’m glad to oblige
And in a drought, water the earth to drink!

Mushroom: I pour from a watering can with water.
The middle brother is mushroom rain!
I water the mountain ash, I water the aspen.
Where the moss lays like a carpet,
I’m watering the mushroom!
Hey! You, redheads, waves.
And chanterelles and pigs!
Grow up quickly
Don’t forget mushroom rain.

DANCE MUSHROOMS mus. Lukonina sl. Chadova

Moroseyka: Younger brother, clumsy, I’m still Moroseyka.
I sow drops through a sieve into a huge trough.
And as soon as I grow up, I will find a job for myself.
I will water the land, distribute water generously.

SONG “RAIN” music. Gerchik

Presenter: The rains have their own work, you need to water the earth,
It is difficult for all life on the planet to live without rain.

Ah: We invite everyone to the big circle
Let’s play with the rain.


Presenter: picks up a large umbrella
The sun shines brighter
Go out for a walk soon

To the calm music, the children “walk” around the hall

Rain, rain is getting stronger
Hide in the house quickly!

The children hide under a big umbrella, the rain brothers catch the gaping ones.

Presenter: Everyone is happy with the rain today, they gave us coolness,
The air is clean and fresh again, shone, the forest washed!
Two bunnies run out, a squirrel. (Children of the younger group)

1 bunny: I washed my face early in the morning
By the forest stream
Just got dusty again
For the road is long.

Bunny 2: Thank you! Mushroom rain!
Rain washed with water!
Became clean, while
We will grow up even more.

Squirrel: I busied myself at the stove, baked pancakes all day long!
She cleaned the house cleanly, swept the rubbish out of the house!
Paws got dusty. tail, yes, thank you summer rain
Washed my coat, I thank him!


Girls in hats of flowers run out.

Chamomile: In an open field, by the river,
Stretching petals to the sun
And the flowers want to get drunk
Comb and wash.
copyright –
Like Natasha and Andreika,
Summer rain, pour us over!


Ah: It’s fun here. Where is oh? Let’s call him!
Oh! My friend, come out and make friends with the rain!

Comes out Oh. He is wearing a raincoat with an umbrella.

You see, it’s not scary here at all,
Be brave for once!
Don’t shake like a bunny
Take off your coat!
You see, they came to visit us
Brothers of summer rains.

Okha undresses.

Enter Mother Earth.
Mother Earth: I am your Mother Earth,
I came to bow to the belt
To my rain helpers,
Thank you from the bottom of my heart!
Thank you for your kind work,
Why are you watering me!
What about your good care
My gardens are blooming fields!
That bread ripens, cherries turn red,
Chamomile cornflower bloom,
And in the thicket of the forest talkative
A merry stream runs!

Presenter: Rain, rain, water
There will be a grain harvest!
There will be rolls, drying,
Sweet cheesecakes!

Muses. Lukonina, sl. Chadova

Game “Scout in the camp”

The leader secretly determines the scout (good runner). Then he hangs the flag in a conspicuous place and informs that the flag must be protected, but in such a way that the main activities are not violated. At the very flag, no one should sit and look at it.
Suddenly, the scout rips off the flag and tries to run with it to a predetermined point (500-600m).
I. Verbal relay.
Two teams line up in two lines. Players are at the same distance from each other. The word is communicated to the first ear, the latter runs and speaks to the second, and so on. Task: – so that the other team does not hear the word; say the word correctly; do everything quickly.
II. The same, only rewritten:
The messenger verbally conveys the message and runs back, and those to whom the message was conveyed write it down and send their messenger, who also verbally brings the message.
Compile a report. The words of the same report are written on different sheets. Then they are hung in different places. Teams must find and draw up a report.
Determining the distance in steps Determine by eye the distance in steps to a certain landmark, write it down. Then measure and compare with the recorded. 10 steps or more. Estimate in meters: number of steps * by s.

“Farewell Dawn” of the shift closing line


Shift Closing Rulers

“Farewell Dawn”

Authors: Churzin I.V., Bynin K.S.


official closing of the shift

emotional attitude towards the end of the shift

Venue: Hall of Mirrors

Time: 18.04.99., 19.30

F-ma: Eaglet songs (farewell block)

Crews line up.

F-ma: Signal “Attention”

Chief of Staff: Crews stand up! Take it easy, calm down! Report to the commanders on readiness for holding a solemn assembly dedicated to the closing of the shift, the First Regional Meeting of Military-Patriotic Associations. At ease!

Commanders: Team up! Attention!

(running up to the chief of staff)

Com. Crew 1: Comrade Chief of Staff! Crews:






ready for the solemn line dedicated to the closing of the shift, the First regional meeting of military-patriotic associations!

Crew commanders …. (then, in turn, the guys give their names):






Chief of Staff: At ease!

Commanders (turning to the crews): At ease!

Chief of Staff: Crews, line up at attention!

Submits a report to the Head of the Collection – Vice-President of MML.

V.-p. MML: At ease!

Chief of Staff: At ease!

Chief of Staff: Under the commemorative banner of the USSR Navy, the banner of the Youth Marine League, at attention! Alignment with the banners!

F-ma: March of the Preobrazhensky Regiment.

Taking out the banners

Chief of Staff: At ease!

F-ma: Signal “Attention”

Chief of Staff: Crews, line up at attention! Listen to the order of the headquarters of the First regional meeting of military-patriotic associations in 1999.


1. Consider the collection closed from April 18, 1999 from 19:00.

2. The commemorative banner of the USSR Navy, the MML banner to transfer for storage to the leader’s crew


3. Transfer the shoulder collars of the guisa for temporary storage to the leader’s crew “Flaming”.

Chief of Staff: At ease!

F-ma: From the movie “Professional”

Leading: The sea … Soon I will part with you,

And such a longing will come.

You will be a snow-white surf,

Rumble at the temple at night.

There will be a salty wind in my dreams,

Your tune that I knew by heart.

I say goodbye to you for the first time

I am not ashamed of my tears.

Chief of Staff: Shoulder collars – guises, for temporary storage in the leader’s crew “Flaming” to transfer.

The crews stand in circles of the Eaglets, the ripples take turns taking off the guis themselves and handing it over to the counselor. At the end of the soundtrack, the crews take their places.

Chief of Staff: Banner groups get ready! Transfer the commemorative banner of the USSR Navy, the banner of the Youth Marine League for temporary storage to the leader’s crew “Flaming”. Crews sirno! Alignment with banners!

F-ma: The trumpet sounds for the transfer of the banner.

(The banners are being handed over.)

Chief of Staff: At ease!

The right to lower the State Flag of Russia, the Flag of the Youth Marine League is granted to crew commanders:






Flag signalers!

Signalmen: There is a flag!

Chief of Staff: Lower the national flag of Russia, the Flag of the Youth Marine League! Crews, take it easy! Alignment with flags!

F-ma: Anthem of Russia

The signalmen take off the flags and immediately take them to the officer’s office and return to the crews.

Chief of Staff: Banner groups to the solemn march! (rebuilding in progress)

To the famous groups with a solemn march! Crews, take it easy! Alignment with the banner squad!

F-ma: March of the Preobrazhensky Regiment

Taking out the banners

F-ma: Lyric music

Vedas: Time is a genius, as the poet said.

Time is our mournful genius.

We can’t turn back time, no.

We admit it, unfortunately.

The days seemed to go by slowly

We did not expect parting at all,

We loved, believed, dreamed

But time has a cool character.

(during the reading of poetry, the hall darkens)

Vedas: According to the established tradition, young midshipmen leave an order to the participants of the following training camps.

(Video gun turns on.)

Video sequence: Rhapsodies of the sea

The order of midshipmen and cadets of the First regional meeting of military-patriotic associations is read out.


(Counselors leave the s / s, light candles)

Vedas: The shift ends,

It’s time to part.

Favorite faces are kinder and dearer.

And my heart is about to break

And departure time

Closer and tighter.

Probably, we will not be mistaken if we say that the most expensive persons who replaced your mothers and fathers, grandparents here were your counselors. Believe me, it is not easy for us to part with you either.

Video sequence: Wishes of counselors

Leaders enter with lit candles. Sing “Philosophers at thirteen and a half”

They leave for the carriages.

Vedas: And now farewell lights are waiting for you. Where can you remember those thirty days lived on our ship “Storm”.

F-ma: Eagle songs

Counselors take the children to the lights.

“Camp Closing”

Morning. The sun is rising. (voice from backstage)
Don’t let the kids sleep.
To be all right all day, (children in chorus)
We need to recharge.

(Music “To exercise, get up!” – Baba Yaga enters, looking around, turns to the girl.)

B.Ya. Daughter, you tell me where I got? Honey, I’m lost…

Girl. Granny, this is Tropical Paradise.

B.Ya. Yes, I see that this is heaven. And the climate here is like in the tropics. Where is this place located?

Boy. School number 11. Work and rest camp.

B.Ya. Ba!.. Are they really prisoners? Juvenile delinquents?

Girl. Well no. What are you, grandma! This is a health camp.

B.Ya. I know these camps. Oh, miserable ones! They sit here behind barbed wire, dying of boredom. Are you hungry? Kids! And I have salsa, let’s eat!

Child. Thank you, grandma-yagula. The food here is excellent. There are different fruits in the tropics. Here are the main products. (give her groceries)

Here they will pour juice for you (to the music of the song “Birds Don’t Sing Here”)
And they will give you buns.
Everything is shoulder to shoulder
They run to the dining room.
Smoke pancakes and cutlets,
Shchi has been boiling in a saucepan for a long time.
And we only need 5 minutes of lunch.

(B.Ya. got up on the last lines, trying to imitate

All the dishes are ready in the dining room for the guys. (2 times)

and she got dizzy)

B.Ya. Ouch! How delicious! Overeat! And my Leshik will have enough. (shows the rest of the products) I have gained strength! I want to stay in your paradise.

(Children sing to the music of “Kurochkin’s Couplets”, B.Ya. along the way begins to sing along, dance, joining the team)

Boast, grandmother, we will not.
We know what we’re talking about.
Even though we can’t get the stars from the sky,
But at work we are on fire.

And all people will say about us,
That we are all hard workers here.
And with our work we will prove
What talents we have.

We are all doing great…
We increase our charge.
We don’t care here
And things are going well.

We love our school.
In it, our native LTO.
There is no sadness and sadness here
Because all for one.

B.Ya. And what kind of things are you doing here?

Oh, the petunia is blooming in my flower bed. (Children sing to the music “Oh, viburnum is blooming ..”)
I’m preparing flowers for the beginning of September.
They ask us to grow a flower over the summer.
I’ll pick up the most beautiful pot.

Roses of wonderful beauty also bloomed …
Every day we water the flowers,
We destroy the earth in the holes, we cut the grass,
So that everyone admires this beauty.

B.Ya. Do you keep the school yard clean?
Do you help old people like me?

Everyone remembers the war years. (Children sing to the music “Our service is both dangerous and difficult”)
Veterans will never be forgotten.
And overcome all the difficulties in everyday life,
To clean up.
In the beds we can deftly weed the grass,
Help collect fruits and berries in the garden –
All team work.

B.Ya. What else do you have to do? The day is long…

There is nothing better in the world (children sing)
Than to drive football, at least until dawn.
Draw with crayons on the pavement
Songs to sing and dance with happiness. (2p)

OSVOD rules we all know
And, swimming in the river, we observe.
With the main friend of the streets – a traffic light
We are familiar, know everything without a dispute. (2p)

B.Ya. Oh yes, well done! And work, and rest – you have time for everything! If only I could spend next summer with you…

If you would like to know, (children sing to the music of “Weeks flew”)
Where to relax in summer
Don’t worry, don’t wait
In LTO you come to us.
Guys here are just awesome
And they will teach you everything:
And work and play
Songs to sing and dance.
Here, everything is just class!

Weeks flew by.
Flying like always.
But we didn’t want
Say goodbye forever.
Our special squad
And we are on the way with him,
And the best team
Not to be found in the world!

B.Ya. Yes. Unfortunately, the summer is ending, and Leshik is now waiting for me. Well, goodbye, granddaughters. I will visit you again.

We felt a little sad today (the children, swaying, sing a song to the music of “Olympic Farewell”)
Silence descended on our camp.
And autumn is on the doorstep.
The academic year hurries: “It’s time!”
Don’t be sad, smile goodbye
Remember these days, remember!
Wish your wishes come true
We wish you all a new meeting!

Friends break up
Tenderness remains in the heart.
Let’s keep our friendship.
Goodbye, see you again!

Summer camp closing

Closing the camp
Squad building. Speech.
The sun just woke up!
Woke up!
And the kids smiled!
Are they all lined up?
Are you ready for work and leisure?
Sun, air and water
Yes Yes Yes!
Our best friends are
Yes Yes Yes!
Reports are being submitted.
Leading. So the camp shift has come to an end, the last sheet of the calendar has been turned over
camp life, it’s time to leave the hospitable flower meadow.
Goodbye flower field
Goodbye field
Goodbye forest
A quiet expanse full of wonders!
Speaks and shows “Flower meadow”, says and shows “Flower meadow”! We
We begin our reportage with a solemn parade of the camp people.
Music sounds. The solemn parade of all units begins.
Leading. Here come our wonderful pranksters (with slingshots, toothpaste,
bottles of water). Of course, it was very difficult for them. Not all teachers and children
understand humor! But the jokers did not lose heart and continued to put buttons,
smear the faces of sleeping friends with toothpaste. And let many of them often punished.
“Art requires sacrifice” is their motto.
Behind them is a column of big guys (the tallest guys in the camp),
look, just the eye rejoices: biceps, oblique fathom in the shoulders – the best guys
my country.
Hearts freeze with admiration when our beauties, clever women pass by,
sportswomen! Let’s greet the weak half of our camp with the strong
A beautifully decorated car (or wagon drawn by
horse). The counselors disguised as various heroes come out of it, begin
dance and sing.
Counselors. Leave, so with the music! Sing, brothers!
There is nothing better in the world
Than to come to the dining room at dawn,
It is very necessary to refresh yourself with porridge
And everyone should go to the pool together.
Counselors are different:
Good, evil, dangerous!
But everyone wants the same
Freeze something.
Do good, our boss,
Do good for children.
Not for a nice “thank you”
For smiles and joy.
Wind, wind blew, (2 times)
He brought sadness. (2 times)
Just a little bit for us (2 times)
It’s a pity to part. (2 times)
But for the summer we (2 times)
Everyone is here again, (2 times)
Because here (2 times)
All my friends. (2 times)
Leading. This is how our camp leaders saw camp life, and now let’s
Let’s hear what our guys will tell about the camp.
Children take turns reading.
We should get out of bed in the morning
Crawl before charging
To appear on the line
And go to the dining room.
Tennis, football, relay race,
Songs, bonfires until dawn!
Hiking, walking, swimming
All our dreams come true
I loved being in the infirmary
There is a beautiful, kind doctor,
If a pimple pops up somewhere,
I flew up to her like a rook.
Fairy tales, clips and concerts –
Too lazy to rehearse.
We are all bright talents –
Performed every day
And as the evening comes
There is music in the club.
Our DJ plays hard rock
Until the end of fun.
Lord, wipe your tears
We can’t catch up with summer.
On a winter, dull frosty day
Let’s remember the camp.
Leading. Thanks guys for an interesting story. And now it’s time to say
words of gratitude to those who made our life in the camp comfortable, cozy
joyful and, of course, delicious.
The children read poetry to the teaching and technical staff. As you read
poems staff are awarded cards, flowers and gifts.
Leading. Thanks for the kind words dear guys. Every day on our lines
we rewarded artistic and athletic, hardworking and smart, funny and
friendly. Today it is time to celebrate the most active participants of the camp
Activist Awards. Closing remarks by the director. Squads are leaving
venue for the line under the squad song.

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