Safety of passengers, pedestrians and cyclists

Pedestrians are one of the most vulnerable categories of road users. Compared to drivers, they are not physically protected, and traffic accidents with their participation often become a tragedy – as a rule, a pedestrian receives serious injuries, including those incompatible with life. Often, due to ignorance of the Rules of the Road or neglect of them, the pedestrian himself becomes the culprit of the accident.

According to the rules of the road, a pedestrian is a person who is outside the vehicle on the road or on a bicycle or pedestrian path. Also, pedestrians are persons moving in a wheelchair, roller skates, scooters and other similar vehicles.

The rules of the road clearly state that pedestrians on the road must move strictly on a pedestrian road or sidewalk. And only in the absence of them, movement on the carriageway is allowed. In the absence of a sidewalk, pedestrian or bicycle path, pedestrian safety rules prescribe to move strictly along the right edge of the carriageway, facing the traffic flow. Persons traveling on a bicycle, moped or wheelchair must follow the direction of the vehicles, also strictly on the right edge of the carriageway. When driving on the road at night and in conditions of poor visibility, pedestrian safety rules oblige him to wear objects with retroreflective elements on his clothes. Such elements on clothes help the driver to notice the pedestrian from afar and slow down in time.

A full participant in the road traffic is equally a driver and a pedestrian. Pedestrian safety when crossing a road or intersection helps ensure a pedestrian crossing. Pedestrian crossing – a section of the road specially allocated for the safe crossing of the carriageway and marked with appropriate signs and (or) road markings.

A pedestrian crossing can be regulated and unregulated. An adjustable pedestrian crossing is equipped with a traffic light or there is a traffic controller on it. If there is a traffic controller, you should obey his signals, regardless of traffic lights. If there is no traffic light or traffic controller, then the transition is considered unregulated. With a constant yellow traffic light, the crossing is also considered unregulated. The golden rules of a pedestrian are to cross the road where there is a good view in both directions, and the ability to realistically assess the traffic situation. Good visibility is equally important for driver and pedestrian. Unforeseen situations often arise on the road, so it is important to be able to anticipate the mistakes of other road users. The pedestrian must also be able to anticipate the situation. Pedestrian safety on the road requires being prepared, for example, for such a common situation when an unruly driver does not give way to a pedestrian at a crossing or a vehicle moving at high speed does not have time to brake on a slippery road.

At unregulated pedestrian crossings, the driver must give way to the pedestrian, but this does not mean that you can throw yourself right under the wheels of the car. The pedestrian must realistically assess the distance to the nearest vehicle and the speed of its approach, make sure that the transition will be safe. A cyclist crossing the carriageway at a pedestrian crossing must get off the bike and walk. A pedestrian crossing is a place where both pedestrians and drivers should be extremely careful.

Public transport stops. Pedestrian collisions are the main type of traffic accidents at public transport stops. This is especially true for urban environments where stops are located close to each other. Difficulties are also added by drivers who park near stops, thereby further limiting visibility. The main reason for collisions is a violation of the traffic rule, according to which a person is obliged to bypass a public transport that has stopped at a stop only in front. Bypassing the bus from behind, the pedestrian does not see the full situation on the road. Haste also often leads to tragedy. The desire to get into the departing transport at all costs makes a person forget about the danger and rush right under the wheels of cars. Most often, such “races” end in severe injuries or even death.

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