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Promising niches for online schools in 2019

We continue to sum up the results of 2018 and explore the latest trends in online education. Sergey Kapustin, co-founder of the ACCEL online school accelerator, talks about the niches that will be most in demand in Russian EdTech in 2019.

The idea of lifelong learning is gaining momentum in Russia as well. Today it is impossible one day to get a diploma and work until retirement in one place without additional training. Even in traditional areas such as medicine and education, employees must complete refresher courses at least once every five years.

The market for online schools is still quite free. You can choose almost any niche that you have a passion for, even if there are already profitable schools in it. The competition in online education is unlike the competition in offline business because potential clients can take multiple courses in the same niche, trying different approaches and learning from different angles.

The person wants to lose weight. He will be interested in courses on sports, healthy eating, psychosomatics. All of them complement each other, and the effect only intensifies.

Let’s talk about the most profitable niches in 2018 that have high growth potential.

Remote professions

According to experts, within 20 years, most modern professions will cease to exist. Many people are already working remotely today, however, only a few of them make good money. Others want to go freelance, but are hesitant. If you manage to motivate them and show how you can get decent money, you will have two target audiences at once: people who come to you consciously to learn a profession, and those who have not yet decided what exactly they want to do. When offering training for remote professions, you need to use such strong triggers as “the opportunity to spend more time with your family”, “travel around the world” and talk about cases of successful remote workers.

Russian freelance programmers are in demand all over the world and some of them receive 5-10-15 thousand dollars. And despite the fact that there are many large players in the IT training niche, the demand for computer specialists still exceeds the supply.

Large companies such as Severgroup, Yandex and Mail.Ru are investing in programming schools because they understand that these are potential billions of dollars. However, despite the fact that there are many programming schools, there is a place in this niche, because

Our residents have opened the following vocational training schools:

  • School of financiers – 1 million rubles a month.
  • Leadgen training school — 5 million rubles per month.
  • School of promotion VKontakte – 2-4 million rubles per month.

We launched a school for intellectual property appraisers, photography, video production, announcers, stylists. In these niches, residents make from 0.5 to 5 million rubles a month.

Profit from a school that helps to acquire a new profession can be received in a few months.

Denis Pustovoy made 1.5 million rubles at the online school of nutritionists in 2 months.

sports and health

This is a competitive niche, but there are not many quality products in it. Gone are the days when you could make money on video tutorials filmed in the gym. Now the price of an integrated approach to health, combined with ideology.

We have a fitness school case where we combined qigong with strength exercises. The ideology of the school is masculinity in a broad sense, and not just strong muscles. We also launched schools for masseurs, holotropic breathing and sound therapy, courses in dermatology and optometry for ophthalmologists.

The health niche is good because clients are motivated – they want to improve their health, get rid of pain, look good. However, there is also a fly in the ointment – the topic is poorly missed by search engines.


Soft niches related to human relationships work very well. Psychology is a very popular niche, it has a lot of variety of courses, but even more untapped opportunities.

Yuri Burlan’s school of system-vector psychology brings in 20-30 million rubles a month. Accelerator residents have opened online schools in this niche: Nadezhda Gladenko and Ruslan Molodtsov — a school of communication psychology, and Anastasia Sosnovskaya — a school of psychosomatics.


This is a fashionable direction that brings 0.5-1 million per month already at the start. Here, too, there are two audiences: who wants to and who needs to be charged with an idea and involved.

Several of our residents have already launched Tarot schools.

Relationships and self-development

Most of all, online courses in this niche are bought by women aged 35-45 and the most popular topics for this audience are how to attract and keep a man and how to improve family relationships. Men are more interested in topics related to self-development, and especially those that help to earn more. This niche has a variety of topics: from backgammon and speed reading to tantric sex and happy motherhood.

This niche is one of the most popular among ACCEL residents. Tatyana Mindiyarova opened an online school of public speaking and earned 940 thousand rubles in the first month, Olga Sergienko – 850 thousand rubles at the school of style and image for mothers.


Everyone or almost everyone loves sweets, so this niche is in great demand.

Artyom Kolotov and Polina Filimonova make 8-9 million rubles a month at the cake school. Vera Chernevich teaches how to bake gingerbread and earns more than 1 million rubles a month.


The following topics are popular in this niche: investing, managing and systematizing business processes.

In 3 months we produced the school of business owners of Alexander Vysotsky for 13.5 million rubles. By the time the school was founded, Alexander was a cool expert, the author of a book, he had his own audience, but had no experience online.


Most of the clients in this niche are women. Men are more attracted to topics that bring money.

In this niche, the undisputed leader is Marat Nigmetzyanov, who produces a drawing school (20 million rubles a month) and a school of humor (6 million rubles a month).

The accelerator also has a case of a drawing school (500-700 rubles a month) and a very interesting case of a school of YouTube bloggers by Maxim Rogovtsev (3 million rubles a month).

Foreign languages

This niche is traditionally in demand, and despite the numerous big players such as SkyEng and LinguaLeo, there are many opportunities for earning money in it. Large-scale schools attract with a system – they have their own platform, staff of methodologists, trained teachers. At the same time, author’s schools are valuable for their original approach, the charisma of an expert, and closer contact with the teacher.

Accelerator has cases of various language schools:

  • Chinese language (660 thousand rubles per month);
  • English – Oksana Sudareva earns up to 1.5 million rubles a month, and Irina Kolosova – 1-1.5 million rubles a month;
  • Georgian language – Ramin Dzhincharadze makes 1-1.5 million rubles a month.

Multi-expert schools

This is another new niche. You choose a direction, invite some cool experts, but you yourself become the face of the school.

Attention: despite the variety of profitable niches, when choosing a niche for your online school, you should be guided, first of all, not by potential profit, but by your own attitude. Can you talk endlessly about the niche and theme of the school, discuss tools and techniques, plan the learning process? So the choice is right.

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