Read typical statement language constructs. Edit the snippets of statements.

Formal business style

Questions for self-control 1. Sphere of business communication, genre originality. Functional varieties of official business speech. 2. Language features of documents. Techniques for unifying the language of service documents. The culture of business correspondence. 3. Oral business speech: business conversation, telephone conversations. 4. Language means in the process of forming a professional image. 5. Modern business etiquette. 6. Speech organization of the advertising text.

Training tasks

What constructive principles underlie the texts of the official business style?

1. Situation, spontaneity, emotional and evaluative information content.

2. Generalization and abstraction, logic.

3. Abstract imperativeness, the expressiveness of the will of the bearers of certain rights and powers.

4. Informativeness, combination of expression and standard, addressing of speech.

5. Individually-figurative organization of the text.

2. Continue the series of names of the genres of business documents related to the corresponding sub-styles of the official business style. Match the answers.

A. Legislative (legal): law, decree …

B. Diplomatic: international agreement, note …

B. Administrative and clerical: application, power of attorney …

1) Act, 2) communique, 3) certificate, 4) constitution, 5) decree, 6) agreement, 7) charter, 8) protocol, 9) convention, 10) autobiography, 11) memorandum.

Note the mixing of styles.

1. Who brought up children in the way of grandparents, the easier it is. 2. On the eve of my birthday, I fell ill. 3. We have to record these lectures because we don’t have a textbook. 4. Today I went to the store to buy a player.

5. It was clear to absolutely everyone in the hall – judges, members of the Duma, and journalists – that the court was wasting time. The President has already publicly stated several times that he will not run for the third time. The Federation Council also adopted an amendment to the Law “On Presidential Elections” the day before: one person cannot be elected president more than twice in a row. But the Duma members still sent a request. The initiator of the request stated: “It is important for us to set a precedent.” And the judges were forced to beat the water in a mortar for several hours for the sake of precedent. They will make their final decision in two weeks.

Edit the sentences, determine the nature of the mistakes made.

1) After working for only two months, he had complications with the foreman. 2) Social insurance in the region is currently below any criticism. 3) The statement of Sergei Kovalchuk was not signed. 4) The head of the department of sociology took part in the discussion. 5) Citizen Sidorova N.F. filed for divorce. 6) The director of the plant noted the importance of the problem posed. 7) The verdict of the court was proclaimed. 8) The task was completed in accordance with the director’s order. 9) Write your initials in full. 10) Disputes often amounted to direct insults in a lie. 11) The travel agent arrived at the specified time. 12) The Institute applies for a permanent residence permit in Moscow for employee Petlak A.I. 13) We report our details: Chelyabinsk, 454000, st. Kirov. 14) The Commission notes that the situation in the construction industry is fraught with and requires the immediate intervention of higher authorities. 15) He refused me under a favorable pretext.

Specify cases of erroneous use of abbreviated spellings.

1. Chelyabinsk region, mountains. Chrysostom, Gagarin Ave., 7. Sleptsov N.N. 2. Chelyab-th fur. Zd asks to allocate additional funds for the metal according to the following list. 3. Civil. Petrov to pay the bill within two days. 4. The team made commitments for the 1994-5th year and did not fulfill them.

6. Read the sentences, find in them a violation of administrative speech etiquette. Explain the nature of the mistakes made. Edit sentences.

1. Do not refuse us the courtesy and send, if it does not complicate you, the draft Charter of the company. 2. We would like you to tell us the results of the experiment.3. We are sending you a revised version of the draft new regulation. Please review and approve. 4. I appeal to you with a convincing request to send urgently necessary documentation.

Read typical statement language constructs. Edit the snippets of statements.

Design Usage example Design Usage example
In view of (what) In view of the urgent departure from the city For a reason (of what) Due to illness
Due to (what) Due to lack of funds according to (what) According to the approved plan
As a result (of what) Due to schedule change In connection with (what) Due to the lack
For lack of (what) In the absence of funds for the purchase of equipment For lack (of what) For lack of funds

Sample. Due to the fact that I have to urgently leave for Moscow … – In connection with the urgent departure to Moscow …

1. I ask you to release me from work for the next two days due to family problems. 2. Due to the fact that I do not have money to buy plane tickets. 3. Since I was sick for the whole semester. 4. Due to the fact that I was late for the station. 5. Since the train schedule has been changed.

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