PS When visiting, never pour drinks from bags,

personnel city

School of waiters

Time planning. Application for participation in the event. Punctuality

In general, information about events appears in advance, but lists of staff are often asked to submit almost immediately. Therefore, if you decide to work, then please stick to your intended goals. If you suddenly have some more important unforeseen circumstances and you may be late or you can’t get out at all, then be sure to immediately warn about them, and the sooner the better, because. for you, being late or not coming to work is not the best indicator in any case.

In contact there is a group “Personnel city”. All information about upcoming events is posted there. It is desirable that everyone be added to it, or rather leave a request for addition (the group is closed).

After reading the new information, if everything suits you, you send an SMS to your senior and duplicate it to the manager leading the event.

SMS in the form: full name .. …….. I’m going.

Day of the month

Next, your senior or manager must confirm your participation.

And the last thing: be punctual if you want to work further!

The form. Appearance. Behavior

The form:

1. White dress shirt with long sleeves (without any stripes, pagons and decorations).

The shirt should not be old and gray! Be sure to clean and iron!

2. Black dress shoes, black socks.

3. Black dress pants (no stripes, no patterns). Black belt (no buckles).

4. Lighter, narzannik, small. notebook, pen.


1. Clean hair, neat hairstyle.

2. Clean and neatly trimmed nails.

3. A clean-shaven face (for men).

4. Neutral makeup, pulled back hair (for girls).

5. Lack of strong odors (perfume, sweat, fume).

6. Lack of piercings and tattoos.

People are looking at you and your tip will depend on how you look.


1. Be friendly.

2. Clearly follow the instructions of the manager.

3. In case of non-standard situations, consult with the manager.

4. The waiter must understand the drinks, know the menu and the availability of toilets!!!

Types of Narzaniki:

Event Names

Banquet (from French banquet) – a dinner party or dinner in a solemn framework, arranged in honor of a certain person or event (for example, an anniversary or wedding). For banquets, a special banquet hall is often used.

Service: 1 waiter per table (8-12 guests), at a VIP event – 2 waiters per table (8-12 people).

Banquet order:

· Table setting. Serving cold appetizers (salads, cold cuts).

· Aperitif.

· Solemn announcement of the beginning of the banquet and seating of guests.

Serving hot snacks. Serving hot meals.

Dessert serving (cake, tea, coffee).

Buffet (fr. fourchette – fork) – a joint meal, when the invitees eat standing up, freely choosing dishes and drinks, serving themselves. Chairs and tables with strictly painted places are not provided.


· One waiter for 18-20 guests (if buffet with waiters).

Lots of mini snacks.

· Duration can be 1.5-3 hours.

· More guests than at a banquet, with equal areas of the hall.

Cocktail (business a la buffet) – lasts about an hour, it is usually organized during breaks of meetings or congresses. A buffet cocktail party for the purpose of relaxation lasts about two hours and is usually held after the end of conferences, sometimes in the fresh air.

Coffee break (eng. Coffee break – coffee break) – a short break (15-40 minutes) during a scientific or business conference for eating and informal communication. Usually a table with cups, jars of instant coffee and/or tea bags, containers of hot water, sweets, sugar, cream and cookies. However, alcoholic drinks (cognac, wine, vodka) with hot snacks may also be present. As with the buffet, the coffee break does not imply fixed places, the participants pour coffee for themselves and eat standing up.

The drinks. Glass

The waiter must be versed in alcohol and other drinks, as well as be able to pour everything correctly. For each type of drink there is a certain glass (glasses, glasses, etc.). When serving, the glass must be rubbed, i.e. very clean.

1) Highball

Designed for various water, juices, fruit drinks.

PS When visiting, never pour drinks from packages,

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