Preparation of the system for intravenous drip infusions

Purpose: curative

Indications: as prescribed by a doctor

Contraindications: individual intolerance to the drug by the patient, agitation of the patient, convulsions


covered sterile tray;

· system; adhesive plaster; sterile balls (3 moistened with alcohol, one dry);

alcohol 70%; gloves, mask; tray for collecting used material;

tourniquet; tray for collecting used material; oilcloth roller;

Sterile gauze pads

a vial with a medicinal solution;

· scissors;


Patient preparation:

psychological preparation of the patient

explain to the patient the meaning of manipulation

lay the patient down

Action algorithm:

1. Wash your hands with warm water and soap

2. Put on gloves and treat them with a ball of alcohol

3. Check the tightness of the packaging bag and the expiration date

4. Open the package with scissors and remove the system onto a sterile tray

5. Read carefully the name of the medicinal substance and its expiration date, and appearance (transparency)

6. Remove the foil with scissors to the middle of the cork

7. Treat the cork with a ball of alcohol

8. Remove the needle cap from the airway

9. Insert the needle all the way into the cork, close the air duct tube lengthwise so that its end is at the level of the bottom of the bottle

10. Close the clamp, remove the cap from the needle to connect to the bottle. Insert the needle into the cork of the bottle until it stops

11. Turn the bottle over and fix it on a tripod. Remove the cap from the injection needle

12. Turn the dropper to a horizontal position, open the clamp, slowly fill the dropper to half the volume

13. Close the clamp and return the dropper to its original position, the filter must be completely filled

14. Open the clamp and slowly fill the device until the air is completely expelled and a drop appears from the needle. Close the clip, put the cap on the needle

15. Check the absence of air in the tube of the device.

Intravenous injections, technique, execution algorithms

Intravenous infusion technique

Purpose: curative
Indications: doctor’s prescription
Venues: veins of the elbows and hands
Necessary condition: manipulation is carried out in the treatment room of a clinic or hospital

– soap
– individual towel
– gloves nail file for opening ampoules
– essential medicines sterile syringe tray cotton balls in 70% alcohol skin antiseptic
– sterile disposable syringe 10-20 ml
– needle 09×40, 08×30 or 08×40
– sterile tweezers in a sterile diaper (or napkin) oilcloth pillow
– venous tourniquet
– napkin or disposable diaper
– first aid kit “Anti-HIV”
– sterile rags
– containers with disinfectant solution (3%, 5%)
– bag for dirty linen

Intravenous injection technique:

1. Wash your hands with soap, dry with an individual towel, treat with a skin antiseptic;
2. Check the expiration date and tightness of the syringe package. Open the package, assemble the syringe and place it in a sterile kidney-shaped tray; 7
3. Check the name, expiration date, physical properties and dosage of the drug. Check with destination sheet;
4. Take 2 cotton balls with alcohol with sterile tweezers and discard them in the palm of your hand. Process and open the ampoule;
5. Draw the required amount of the drug into the syringe;
6. Discard the protective cap from the needle and the empty ampoule into the waste tray (except for ampoules from potent and narcotic drugs);
7. Put the syringe into the sterile tray;
8. Put sterile cotton balls (at least 4 pieces) into the sterile tray on the piston side;
9. Explain to the patient the course of manipulation;
10.Seat or lay the patient down. Place an oilcloth pillow under the elbow for maximum extension of the arm;
11. Place a venous tourniquet on the middle third of the shoulder through a disposable diaper or napkin (or on clothes) so that its free ends point up and the loop down. Ask the patient to work with his fist;
12. Put on sterile gloves. Remove talc from their surface with a cotton ball with alcohol;
13. Palpate the most accessible and filled vein, with a cotton ball with a skin antiseptic, treat the entire area of u200bu200bthe elbow bend (in the direction from bottom to top);
14. Ask the patient to make a fist, then treat the injection site with a cotton ball with a skin antiseptic;
15. Pull the skin of the elbow bend towards you with the thumb of the left hand, fixing the vein;
16. Take the syringe in your right hand, holding the index finger on the cannula of the needle, place the needle with the cut up, carefully pierce the skin and vein parallel to the surface (at the same time or two at a time) and advance the needle 1/3 of the length along the vein until it feels like it is in a void or appears blood in the cannula and syringe barrel;
17. Pull the plunger towards you with your hand so that blood appears in the syringe barrel;
18. Untie the tourniquet by pulling on one of the free ends, ask the patient to open his fist, pull the plunger towards you again to check the contact of the needle with the vein;
19. Enter the drug without changing the position of the syringe;
20. Apply a cotton ball with a skin antiseptic to the injection site and remove the needle from the vein;
21. Ask the patient to bend the arm at the elbow joint, leaving the ball until the bleeding from the puncture site stops completely;
22. Having found out the patient’s well-being, take a cotton ball and take it to the office door.
Infection safety:
1. Wash the syringe with a needle in the 1st container with 3% solution of chloramine;
2. Soak the cylinder and piston in the 2nd container with 5% chloramine solution;
3. Place the needle in the 3rd container for 60 minutes;
4. Soak a cotton ball with blood together with all cotton balls in a container with 3% solution of chloramine for 120 minutes;
5.Place the napkin or diaper in the dirty laundry bag;
6. Treat twice oilcloth pad, venous tourniquet and manipulation table with 3% solution of chloramine;
7. Remove gloves and soak them in 3% chloramine solution for 60 minutes;
8. Wash your hands with soap, dry with an individual towel, treat with a skin antiseptic.
Note: Release the remaining air from the syringe barrel into the ampoule or vial.

Intravenous drip technique

– psychologically prepare the patient;
– comfortably seat or lay it down;
– place an oilcloth pillow under the elbow;
– Apply a rubber tourniquet to the shoulder about 5 cm above the intended venipuncture point (its free ends should be directed in the direction opposite to the injection point). Check for correct application of the tourniquet: the pulse on the radial artery should not change, and the arm below the tourniquet should become slightly cyanotic;
– ask the patient to squeeze his fingers into a fist several times and unclench them. Feel for a well-filled vein in the elbow area;
– carefully wipe the skin over the vein and around it with a cotton swab with alcohol;
– with the thumb of the left hand, pull the foam and soft tissues towards you about 5 cm below the injection point;
– hold the needle at a 45 degree angle with the cut up along the vein about 1.5 cm from the intended venipuncture point (Fig. 19);

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