Poems for children in Tatar

B.Rakhmat “Kysh Babay”

Child : Kysh babay kilgan,
Ap-ak tun kigan.
Kotә kem gene
Chigar dip өydәn. Chyksang chemet,
Bitne өshetә,
Mena shul anyn
Boten eshe da. “Kish babai kilgen” Rafis Korban
Child: Bezgә Kysh babai kilgan, Yana ate alyp kilgan.
Kapchygyna kүp itep bүlaklәr salyp kilgan.
Kottek blue, sagynyp, isan – saums, Kysh babai!
Өlәsh bүlaklәrenne, kapchygynny chish, babay!

Child : Kush babai, Kush babai,

Kunakka kilgan. Kilmәs ide, bezneң belәn Biise kilgan. Kysh babay belan bergә Kyzy da kilgan. Eltyravyk, ap-ak tosle Kulmagen kigan.

The song “Chyrshy” by Alsu Asylgareva”

Santa Claus . So, what do we have next on the schedule? Snow Maiden? (looks at the notebook) So, now we have a blizzard on schedule … So it’s time for me and my granddaughter to get ready for the road! Thank you, tsar-sovereign, for your greetings and kindness. But it’s time for us to go home!

King . Wait, Santa Claus! Let us make you happy and have fun! And I also have a request to you Santa Claus! Conjure. Santa Claus, so that my daughter no longer sees tears! From the roar there is no life for me … Daughter, where are you? Come here!

The daughter comes in and cries. Sitting sad .

King . Well, why are you sad?

Daughter . The bun tastes bad!

Tsar. Do you want ice cream?

Daughter . I do not want!

King . Do you want a cake?

Daughter. I do not want!

King . Maybe we should go to the doctor?

Daughter . I want nothing! (crying)

King . Okay, don’t cry! From your crying, my crown slid down and got wet!

Santa Claus whispers in the ear of the king .

I know what makes me so angry! Managed to fall in love with Ivashka!

King . Which Ivashka? Is Ivashka rich? How is he a businessman?

Daughter. Let not a penny in your pocket – but a smile is good! He gives me flowers, and speaks beautifully!

King . Says… So what? And nothing in your pocket!

I won’t give it up for Ivashka! Come on, let’s figure it out! (daughter leaves)

Here, see Frost, what to do – I’ll never know! Oh look again

sad. Nothing amuses her! .

Santa Claus . Yes, bad luck … .love is such a thing … science will not help either!

Russian tunes sound. Ivan runs. Dancing. (king dances)

King . And who are you, merry-naughty!

Ivan . And I’m your future son-in-law! Came half-kingdom to receive!

King: Izh what he wanted! Get out of here! This will not happen!

Ivashka . Or maybe I’ll be nice to you?.

King . Oh, this youth! Respect, not a penny! Go away!

(to frost) Have you seen it? Well, how to be here? How to make a princess happy?

Santa Claus . Jesters, clowns here, cheer gentlemen!

Clown dance .

The king says to the princess : Look how many suitors (the princess is sad)

Oh, you are my punishment! (noise outside the door)

Tsar. What’s that noise? Hey servant, where have you been? Come here!

Servant. I obey. King father!

King . Go find out what’s there and report to me in no time!

(servant runs away, returns)

Servant : My sovereign, an overseas guest has come. Let in or kick out?

King . Overseas again? And why are they not at home? They go here, you know! Well, what are you waiting for, call.

Koschei enters to the music .

Koschey . What, not welcome an uninvited guest? Now I’ll ruin your holiday! (the king hides behind the throne) And Santa Claus will spoil your mood! Look, if you lose your Snow Maiden, you will forever remain among people!

And summer will come and melt! Ha ha ha!

Santa Claus . And you, Koschey, do not threaten me! If you come, be a guest, have fun with us!

Koschey . Ha ha ha. And really, shouldn’t we dance? And you, grandpa, will also go dancing with us!

Tsar (from behind the throne) I’m not a grandpa, I’m a king-sovereign! (gets out)

Even though I’m an old man, I’m used to dancing!

Tatar dance

After the dance, the children sit on chairs .

(during the dance, Koschei steals Santa Claus’s staff and disappears)

Santa Claus . Oh no no no! The staff is gone. This is Koschey! How did I not figure out his trick?

How can we get it back now? Otherwise, we will remain with the Snow Maiden among the people!

Vedas. Do not be sad Santa Claus, raise your nose higher!

Here we have friends everywhere – they will not leave us in trouble!

King . Woe to us, trouble, trouble, pea servant, come here!

Servant . Don’t worry king pea

No commotion

We’ll find messengers now

And let’s go to the cat!

Santa Claus . Tsar! To defeat a koshchei, strength is needed here!

King . We have such power! Well, heroes, come out, show

Russian power!

(heroes go under the record, dance a dance)

Santa Claus . What is your name to be called?

First hero . I am Ilya Muromets!

Second hero . I’m Dobrynya Nikitich!

Third hero . I’m Alyosha Popovich! We heard about your trouble. Let’s help if we can! Bogatyrs, to the right! Ah two!

Santa Claus . I am worried, tsar-sovereign, what is going on in my forest? Is everything in order: has winter covered everything with snow ….

And without a magic staff, I can’t look into the forest!

King . Don’t worry Santa Claus, I have a magic mirror… Whatever you want, you will see everything in it! Hey servant! Come here! (servant runs)

Bring a magic mirror, but look – do not drop it!

Servant . I obey, your majesty (carries a mirror)

King . Look, Santa Claus, you see, forest glades, it’s snowing! Here

it is a real Russian winter! And clockwork dolls came to visit us.

Dance “Dolls

At the end of the dance, a boy in an earflap runs out and offers to play snowballs.

Boy . We do not lose heart in winter, we deftly play snowballs (play snowballs)

Santa Claus . And now – do not yawn snowballs will collect! “Who will fill the bucket faster” ( bogatyrs come out after the game)

Bogatyrs : Oh Frost, we didn’t manage to do anything, and we didn’t


He has such strength that it carried us all over the world!

Your order is not executed, you can execute us now!

Santa Claus . Yes, I see you got it … .but it’s okay, we’ll take it by cunning!

King . Exactly! There is in my kingdom the state of Vasilisa the Wise.

She will outsmart everyone! And here she is! (Vassilisa exits.)

Vasilisa . Hello guests! Hello king.

Walked the road, the way is not close,

Here I am, low bow to you!

I have no secrets

I know you need my advice

I’ll tell you for sure – it’s time for us to call Ivan!

King . (angrily)

Vasilisa, what are you? Call Ivan? No way (stomping)

Santa Claus . Vasilisa, good! Let Ivan come here!

Ivan runs .

Ivan . Your Ivan has arrived! Here I am useful to you!

King . Come on, don’t scoff, but take off your hat to the Tsar!

Ivan . I can not! She’s taking off my head!

Santa Claus . Help, Ivan, all hope is on you, bring me a staff, save

us all!

Ivan . So be it! Frost is happy to serve you!

(runs out the door and immediately returns with a chest)

Enter Ivan. With chest .

Santa Claus, here, I fulfilled my promise!

King . And the chest – what do you need?

Ivan . There’s an egg in this chest! There is a needle in the egg! And in the needle is the life of Koshchei! Now he will come here himself!

Enter Koschey. Falls at Ivan’s feet. He has a staff in his hand.

Koschey . Ivan, have mercy!

Ivan : No! Not!. (breaks the needle) So your power is over!

(Koshchei runs away screaming)

Santa Claus : Thank you Ivan! You have conquered evil!

King : (takes his daughter by the hand) Oh! Well, Ivan, as they say … if you grow up a little, then you can get married!

Santa Claus . And so our fairy tale comes to an end! But I’m tired of something! Do you have water here? Oh yes, a whole well! I’ll go have a drink!

Ved . Santa Claus, are you really a magician?

Santa Claus . Of course the magician!

Vedas. Can you show us some tricks?

Santa Claus . Of course I can Water cans here!

( Bring in cans) Trick with water.

Ved . What about grandpa?

Santa Claus turns the well into a magical one

There was an ordinary well, but it became magical!

Well. Come on, Snow Maiden, hand out gifts!

Santa Claus : And now it’s time for me to go! Until next New Year!

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