Opening hours contact numbers of emergency services for a tourist when traveling abroad

When traveling abroad, you must write down the number of the Russian embassy or consulate in the country you are traveling to, as well as familiarize yourself with the information and telephone numbers of its emergency services.

In the European Union, there is a single emergency call number – 112. This phone must be entered by you in your mobile phone address book if you plan to travel to European countries.

List of emergency phone numbers of a number of countries popular with tourists (Appendix 2).

Rules and procedures for quality control of tourist services by the host

The head of the tourist group is reported to control the quality of service of the tourist group by the host.

The quality control of services and services provided by tourism enterprises is carried out on the basis of the use of various methods:

– visual control (by examining the object – its interiors, equipment, inventory, dishes, table linen, etc.);

– analytical (documentation analysis – scrapbooks, sanitary records of personnel, etc.);

– medical control (medical examinations of personnel, sanitary and epidemiological analyses);

– instrumental (determining the quality of water, air, etc., checking the technical condition and operating modes of equipment, etc.);

– sociological (by polling tourists and attendants).

It is possible to formulate the main directions in the organization of the quality of service for tourists:

consumer quality of each individual service (accommodation, meals, delivery, excursions, etc.);

Functional compliance of services with the requirements of a specific service segment (differentiation);

high-quality technology for the provision of services (its ergonomics and comfort);

guarantee in the provision of prepaid services;

maintenance animation;

guarantee of safety of life, health and property of citizens and the environment;

Qualified personnel.

Each of these aspects is important and serves to achieve a quality service for tourists. Quality indicators are negotiated and approved in the sales contract concluded with the client.

Rules for preparing and compiling a report on the results of a tourist trip

The head of the tourist group is obliged to issue a report on the implementation of the tour, the report can be submitted in an arbitrary or in a formalized form. It is important to reflect all the features of the tour, analyze the problematic situations that have arisen on the route, and give recommendations for improving the tour. Based on these recommendations, travel agency employees periodically discuss with partners the possibilities of improving service on the route.

Appendix 1

List of tourists

No. p / p FULL NAME Date of Birth Passport data contact number The address

Appendix 2

List of emergency phone numbers

The country SOS (single) Fire Department Police Ambulance Other
Australia 000 and 112 on GSM phones
Azerbaijan 126 (Traffic Police)
Armenia 911 or mobile 112 104 (Gas Service), 177 (Traffic Police)
Afghanistan 010-8600-070 (Award for Justice)
Belarus 101, 112 104 (Ministry of Emergency Situations, gas service)
Bulgaria 165 (traffic police)
Bosnia and Herzegovina 112/911/08
Georgia 114 (Ministry of Emergency Situations, gas service)
European Union
Israel 112 on GSM phones 106 Municipal Inspectorate
Kazakhstan 104 (Ministry of Emergency Situations, gas service)
Canada, USA 911 and 112 on GSM phones.
Kyrgyzstan 101 (Ministry of Emergency Situations) 104 (Gas Service)
PRC 122 (accident), 114 (information), 121 (weather), 999 (private ambulance in Beijing)
North Korea 819 and 112 on GSM phones
Korea 111 (national security hotline), 113 (report spies), 182 (missing persons hotline). 114 connects with the operator
Latvia 03, 113 04 (Service gas)
Lithuania 01(TEO LT)/101(Omnitel)/011(Bitė/Tele2) 02(TEO LT)/102(Omnitel)/022(Bitė/Tele2) 03(TEO LT)/103(Omnitel)/033(Bitė/Tele2)
Moldova 904 (Ministry of Emergency Situations, gas service)
Poland 992 (Ministry of Emergency Situations, gas service)
Russia 101, 01 102, 02 103, 03 104, 04 (Gas service)
Romania 956 (Gendarmerie), 982 (Civil Protection), 983 (Domestic Violence)
Tajikistan 104 (Gas service)
Ukraine 101 (Ministry of Emergency Situations) 104 (gas service)
Croatia 9155 (sea rescue), 1987 (roadside assistance)
Czech Republic 156 (Municipal Police)
Japan 118 (Emergency at sea). Questions about emergency situations: #7119 (free call), #9110 (chargeable call).

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