Leading. Good evening, dear guests! We are glad to meet you again in our hall. A year ago, together with you, we met the year of the Snake. And now we follow him. Yes, everyone was tired, this year did not really favor us, but we worked, worked and worked again. But so that the snake does not take offense at us, let’s leave all the insults and sorrows in the past, and we will remember only the good. Despite the fact that the snake is crawling, this year has gone by quickly. And today we will only say good things about the New Year – the year of the HORSE. Ready?
1. Who will remember the poem about the horse or lines about it? (“I love my horse …”, “I look, the horse is slowly rising up the mountain …”, “The horse will stop at a gallop, it will enter a burning hut …”).
2. Do you know fairy tales about horses? (“Sivka-burka”, “Humpbacked Horse”).
3. Of all the genres, let’s remember the songs. (“And three white horses December, January and February take me into the ringing snowy distance …”, “Gray horses, horses in apples”, “When you watered the horse in the Don”, “Esaul, Yesaul, why did you leave the horse … “,” On the Berlin bridge, the horses went to a watering place). “Well, what kind of horses did I get, fastidious”
4. We completely forgot about folk wisdom – proverbs and sayings. (A woman with a cart is easier for a mare. Whoever is lucky, they ride on it. Not to poison oats on a horse. Me and a woman, Me and a bull, Me and a horse and a man).
5. And now we will find out which of you is the best connoisseur of horse breeds. remember the breeds of horses. (Heavy truck, Budenovskaya, Donskaya, Terek, Polish, English, Oryol, American, Russian).
I think that the Year of the Horse will rejoice for us for such knowledge, and will be glad to meet with us!

We’re on our way
To look into a fairy tale.
In the thirtieth kingdom,
In a troubled state
In the village, no one knows what,
In a hut with a peasant visor
Young brothers lived
On the selection – all remote!

The host invites those wishing to take part in several competitions.

Just do not fall for work,
Everyone at the table was gripping!
That time, lying on the stove,
They started eating buns.
Suddenly an idea! Feet-chickpeas!
How much can we eat in a minute?
The host’s assistants bring in the buns. Contestants must eat as many buns as possible until the music ends.

The guys got angry
Decided: we all need
Find fast horses
Yes, jump on feats!

The contestants are given fake horses or sticks depicting them.

Leading: 1st bay, 2nd – brown, 3rd black

Here the light of dawn warmed,
All the heroes are in the saddles.
On the way they have a barrier!

Assistants place improvised barriers in the room where the competition will be held.

Gotta jump higher
Without hitting, without knocking down the barrier,
Turn and again “to the quarry”!
And now on the count of “three”
Get started immediately!
One two Three!

There is a game of speed with overcoming barriers.

Although the horses were zealous,
On a gallop in excitement,
Managed to tame them
What? The horses got up
And they suddenly neighed anxiously,
They beat with a hoof and tremble …
Horror gripped the guys!
On the way – an obstacle again:
There was a three-headed dragon!

They bring in the “three-headed dragon” – three balloons tied together. (3 balloons)

Our guys were a snap:
They launched a slingshot.

A competition for accuracy is held: participants are given slingshots and bullets. The task of the players is to burst all the balls.

Accurately you hit the target
And the dragon was slain.
And for such joy
We wanted to return home.
Suddenly they see the guys – the light sparkles.
It must be the feather of the Firebird!

Burning candles are brought in according to the number of contestants. (1 candle)

Jumped to that place
And, to my great sadness,
Instead of a miracle, birds-Heat,
We saw a fire there.
And so that there is no trouble
We decided to bring water.

They bring in a bucket of water and several 200-gram cups (according to the number of participants). (3 glasses, 3 spoons, 1 bucket of water)

There is a well, no bucket!
It’s time to show ingenuity!

Assistants bring spoons on a tray (according to the number of participants).

There are spoons. Why stew?
You can carry water in them.

A competition is held in which participants must drag water with the help of spoons from a bucket, each into their own cup. Having filled the cup to the top with water, each contestant blows out his candle.

With honor overcoming obstacles,
You deserve an award!
We hasten to congratulate you!
Let’s make a toast to everyone!

May in the new year of life

Apply perfectly

Big money for work

And happiness for personal life.

Health to body

Light to the soul

and even what is already there will be pleasantly repeated.

Leading: In general, the New Year is always a fairy tale, always magic, and therefore a fairy tale is the place for such a holiday! The task of the players is to “revive” their characters as they read the fairy tale.

New Year’s fairy tale (action movie) (make 5 cards)
Characters: Snow Maiden, Stranger, Tiger, Crow, Helicopter, Forest (at least 3 people – Trees).
Noisy bamboo FOREST. Trees swayed from side to side and creaked ominously. It was dark and scary in the FOREST. Breaking the branches and crushing the grass, a huge TIGER slowly came out of the FOREST. He was hungry and therefore growled ominously. Frightened, the CROW flew from TREE to TREE and croaked indignantly. The TIGER looked back, angrily wagged his tail and hid under a TREE. Suddenly, the sound of a flying HELICOPTER burst into the lunar silence. A STRANGER and a SNOW MAIDEN flew on it. The HELICOPTER’s engine roared louder and louder, its propeller spinning wildly. Looking for a place to land, the HELICOPTER began to descend and landed in a clearing. Bamboo FOREST rustled around. A STRANGER and a SNOW MAIDEN came out of the HELICOPTER. THE STRANGER wiped his forehead, the SNOW MAIDEN clapped her hands and said “Hurrah!” Suddenly the SNOW MAIDEN saw a huge TIGER under the TREE and cried out “Oh-oh-oh!”. TIGP looked at the intruders with hungry eyes, licked his lips and growled ominously. SNOW MAIDEN quickly and easily climbed a nearby TREE. THE STRANGER was left alone with the TIGER. Again, frightened, a CROW flew from TREE to TREE and croaked indignantly. The TIGER slowly approached the STRANGER. Both prepared for the fight. Standing in a stance, the STRANGER lunged with his foot and loudly shouted “Kiya!”. The TIGER roared intimidatingly, continuing to approach the STRANGER. The STRANGER winked at the frightened SNOW MAIDEN sitting on the TREE, quickly changed his stance and again shouted “Kiya!”. But the TIGER boldly walked forward. And then the STRANGER without fear rushed at the TIGER and laid him on the shoulder blades with a series of well-aimed blows. SNOW MAIDEN shouted “Hurrah!”. The CROW croaked in surprise and fell off the TREE. The TIGER roared again, but this time plaintively. THE STRANGER tied a collar around the TIGER’s neck. The TIGER looked doomedly at the STRANGER and obediently sat down next to him. SNOW MAIDEN once again shouted “Hurrah!” and descended from the TREE. THE STRANGER took the SNOW MAIDEN by the hand, handed her the leash with the TIGER, and they all went to celebrate the New Year. Following them, the bamboo FOREST rustled with delight, and the CROW croaked in surprise.
(The tiger’s tail is a belt with a pomp, a scarf is a stranger’s head, a tiger’s collar is a scarf, a snow maiden is a crown)

Presenter: Now the gypsy theater “Carmen” will perform in front of you. The gypsy song “A Christmas tree was born in the forest” is being performed

Gypsies come out, in long skirts, scarves on their hips, tambourines in their hands, and sing to the tune of “Black Eyes”.
Oh, in the forest, ne-ne,
She gave birth to a Christmas tree,
And on it, ne-ne,
One needle, ne-ne
Oh, in the forest, ne-ne,
She gave birth-a-a-s,
Yes it is worth it
All green.

Dancing elements of gypsy dance.

Dear guests! The Alexandrov Twice Red Banner Military Ensemble came to our village on tour. Their first performance in our village, in front of you.

The same group comes out. The skirts are pressed between the legs and pinned at the waist – an imitation of trousers, caps on the head. They line up to the tree.

Company! Stay where you are, one, two! Equal! Attention! A soldier’s song “A Christmas tree was born in the forest” is performed.

To the motive of the song “Soldiers, on the way.”
Hello, dear Marusya,
I’m sorry I didn’t write.
Me in these two weeks
Walked half of Europe.
Soldiers, go, go, go!
A tree was born in the forest
It has one needle on it.
She grew up in the forest
Green was.
Soldiers – into the forest behind the tree
And behind her needle.
Farewell, the trumpet is calling.
Soldiers, march!

They leave, we form under the command of the commander: “Soldiers, go ahead behind the tree!”.

New Year is at the gate. It’s time to call Santa Claus. (The name is). Let’s call the Snow Maiden right away! (The name is).

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