Musical preferences of young people

Musical preferences Number of respondents
Popular contemporary music
alternative music

Fig. 5. Diagram “Musical preferences of young people”.

The vast majority of young people prefer popular contemporary music (30 people). 30% listen to techno, 17% listen to rock, 11% are fond of alternative music. Such directions as folk music and jazz are successful only among 4% of the young population of the city.

Such very significant differences in musical preferences in view of all social aspects are also explained from a territorial point of view, music among young people is one of the basic components that reflect the lifestyle and behavior of this particular social group of the population. Often, the passion for this or that music explains many of the behavioral characteristics of young citizens.

Passion for computer games

computer games Number of respondents

Figure 6. Chart “Passion for computer games.”

In today’s world, there is a wide distribution of computer games. This is due to the worldwide globalization of the World Wide Web. Young people explain their love for computer games by saying that a game is a break from reality, an opportunity to get emotions that a person lacks in life.

According to the results of the survey, a large number of young people are fond of computer games. (Out of 73 people, 63 are addicted to computer games and only 10 of them are not.)

Holidays for the younger generation

Rest in holidays Number of respondents
At the cottage
On the sea
In the town
In the camp

Fig 7. Diagram “Rest during the holidays.”

From the responses to this question, one can see strong differences in how young people spend holidays. Due to the fact that pioneer camps no longer exist, and the number of their analogues is very small and constantly decreasing, the share of vacationers in them has decreased to 12%.

On the other hand, the changed financial situation of many Perm residents and changes in the life of the country made it possible and quite widespread to rest in other countries. Rest in the seaside resorts of our country has also become more widespread.

Preferred TV Shows

Preferred TV Shows Number of respondents
Youth and journalistic
Entertainment shows
Musical information
Art films
Political disputes

Fig8. Diagram “Preferred TV shows”.

The largest number of young people prefer youth-journalistic, entertaining shows and humorous programs of all TV programs. Music and information programs are less successful. Only 1 respondent prefers to watch political debates.

The variety of television programs can be easily explained by the presence of a large number of channels that allow you to choose the program of interest at any time.


The social image of the younger generation is undoubtedly reflected both in the behavior of young people and in their passions and hobbies. Preferences in music, literature, television programs can tell about many social aspects of the development of this category of the population. The study addressed these questions as well.

Some types of leisure have become different not so much in form as in content (the composition of the literature read, television and film addiction, music), which is also associated with a change in the mentality of the younger generation and society as a whole.

The leisure sphere, in comparison with other spheres of life, provides a person with the opportunity to freely choose any type of occupation, leisure communication between individuals and groups of people.

According to the results of the study, it can be seen that in various areas of their activity, including in the field of leisure, young people are given greater freedom of choice.

It can be assumed that the changes taking place in leisure will deepen. Perhaps the emergence of new forms of leisure. But let’s hope that all this will not interfere, but will promote the active participation of Russian youth in the life of our society, Russia and the world as a whole.


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