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Text by E. Grishkovets about the choice of profession. Choosing a future profession is not easy. Choice, future profession Choice is the conscious decision making from a given set of options. A person is constantly faced with the situation of choice, this is a vital necessity. It is especially important to make the right decision when choosing a future profession, because a person’s future life depends on it. Sometimes it is very difficult to make such a choice, but some people know from an early age what they will do when they grow up. But A.V. Suvorov did not have to think long about choosing his future profession. Already in childhood, despite poor health and lack of support from his father, he decided to become a military man. Therefore, he devoted his entire life to achieving his goal. The correctness of the path he chose is proved by the fact that the name of A. Suvorov entered the history of our country as the name of the legendary commander.
Text by A. Aleksin about grandmother and Oleg. Parents should not impose their own will on children when choosing their future profession. Choice, future profession Choice is the conscious decision making from a given set of options. A person is constantly faced with the situation of choice, this is a vital necessity. The choice is a responsible matter, especially if it concerns the future profession. Very often, parents impose their own will on their children, but this, in my opinion, is wrong, because you cannot deceive the heart. I have already reached the age when I need to decide who I will become in the future, and in connection with this, a similar situation arose in my family: my mother advises me to go into medicine, and my father sees me in the military field. I am attracted by creative specialties, such as an actor, a director. And it looks like I already know who I’ll be…
Text by A. Denikin about a military career. Many things influence the choice of a life path: family traditions, children’s hobbies, social circle. Choice, life path, family traditions, children’s hobbies, social circle Choice is the conscious decision making from a given set of options. The choice cannot be random, especially if it concerns the future profession. Many things influence the choice of a life path: family traditions, children’s hobbies, social circle. Let us also remember the famous Alexander Vasilyevich Suvorov. It is known that the choice of the future commander was greatly influenced by the father’s library, in which A. Suvorov, being a child, spent whole days. His passion was the biographies of such great commanders of the past as A. Macedonian, Hannibal, Julius Caesar. The childish imagination of Alexander Suvorov was struck by the picture of military exploits, so from an early age he began to prepare himself for military activity.


Story 1 The right choice

Right choice

Marina Kufina

An attempt at writing in the genre of “educational novel” for children… For a competition in a children’s magazine in the nomination “There are good people in the world” (about mercy and helping people). Do not judge strictly, I myself know that it is naive!))

Zhenya was in a hurry – today is a responsible football match, he is a goalkeeper, and the coach impressively asked him several times not to be late for the bus. Gathering at 9.00, time-8.30 … Well, nothing, he will have time! The streets are empty at this early hour, only a man walks slowly in front of him. It was evident that he was no longer young, his back was bent, his hand leaned on a cane. The boy almost caught up with him, when suddenly he dropped his stick, staggered and sank heavily to the ground …
At that very moment, Zhenya was next to me.

-What’s wrong with you? Do you feel bad? – He leaned towards the man. “Maybe drunk?”, A thought flashed through his mind … But there was no smell of alcohol. The boy saw that the man’s face was completely white, and his lips were blue. “Ambulance!” Zhenya pulled out a phone from his pocket and dialed 030.
-Ambulance? Then a man fell, he felt bad!… No, not drunk, he just walked and suddenly fell!… Breathing, only completely white!… Address?… – the boy turned around and called the number of the house that was nearby – Please come soon!

Turning off the phone, he looked around – still no one appeared on the street. “What to do!” – he thought in confusion, – “The guys are waiting for me! And you can’t leave a man here alone! What to do… If I’m late, the coach will kill me!
Zhenya dialed the coach’s phone number.
– Andrey Ilyich, then the man lost consciousness, I called an ambulance, but there is no one here but me … Wait a bit, please, I’ll just look for people!

There was silence at the other end of the tube. Then the coach resolutely demanded that the main goalkeeper quickly find a “replacement” for himself, and – run to the bus! “You only have ten minutes!” the boy heard.
Zhenya put the phone in his pocket and looked anxiously at the man—he was still lying with his eyes closed. Then the boy stood facing the house, took a breath and shouted:
-Hey, lu-yu-d-i-i! …Here a man feels bad!
And even louder:
– Hey-gey! … Grandpa is down-a-l here! …

They began to look out of the windows … A minute later, several women had already gathered below, who immediately recognized the man who was unconscious – he lived in a neighboring house …
– Yes, this is Mikhail Pavlovich, my son studied with him! – Exclaimed one.

– Aunts, I called an ambulance, they are already on their way here, and the team is waiting for me … You will stay here, right? – Zhenya asked pleadingly. He has already answered the trainer’s angry calls twice: “I’m already running, Andrey Ilyich!”

– Of course, son, we’ll stay here! Thank you!” the women released him.
And he just went…
– Stop, dear! – They stopped him again, – You have fast legs, run to the next house, to the second entrance, call his daughter on the intercom! Say that the father is unconscious! Apartment ten, and the daughter’s name is Tanya!

Zhenya sighed, threw his sports bag on the ground, and rushed like a bullet to the neighboring house … Two minutes later he already rushed, out of breath, back:
– That’s it, she’ll come running now! Well, shall I go? He grabbed the bag and started to stop. An ambulance was already rushing towards him …

Zhenya was ten minutes late for the bus. Everyone was waiting for him and greeted him with joyful cries. Even the coach sparingly praised him for the fact that he did not leave a person in trouble and figured out how to call others for help …

The teams entered the field and the game began. The goalkeeper was “on the ball” and caught and beat off absolutely incredible balls! And the other players of their team were “on top”. And the impossible happened – they won the match against an obviously stronger opponent!
“It’s for Zhenya’s good deed that we are so lucky today!” Andrey Ilyich said half in jest, half in earnest.

Returning from training in the evening, Zhenya passed by the same house where he was waiting for the ambulance in the morning.
– Son, come here, please! they called out to him.
On the bench sat an elderly woman, one of those who “replaced” him while waiting for the car. Zhenya approached her.

– Hello, my dear! It’s good that I met you! And then Tatyana, the daughter of Mikhail Pavlovich, wanted to thank you for quickly calling the ambulance to her father, and that he ran to call her! She explained to the doctors why her father was sick, so they managed to save him! – the woman took a breath and continued, – And where do you live then? Tatyana wanted to bring you a big watermelon as a gift!
“No, don’t,” Zhenya muttered in embarrassment, “there’s nothing special here, I couldn’t pass by!” Anyone would do that…

“If anyone…” the woman sighed, “the other would probably decide not to interfere” and go about his business, and the person would die without help… So where do you live? she thought again, “tell me the address!”
– No, I’ll run, I need to go home! Goodbye! – and Zhenya quickly walked towards the house.

In the evening, the mother, after listening to her son’s story about what had happened, hugged him and said touchingly:
— There is nothing more precious than human life, and no “one’s own deeds” can be justified by an indifferent, passing by someone else’s pain … I know how important this match is for you, and I saw how strict your coach is – and I’m proud of you, because you were ready to receive punishment, but you did not leave a person in trouble! You made the right choice!
She smiled and added:
– And we will buy a watermelon ourselves, and arrange a holiday – after all, today you had a difficult, but very good day, son!

Story 2. Shavarsh Karapetyan
One day, thirty-five years ago, a Soviet athlete left sports forever. It would seem that an unremarkable story, there are thousands of them in the sports world. But this is only at first glance. Because we are talking about an 11-time world record holder, a 17-time world champion, a 13-time European champion, a 7-time USSR champion. Athletes with such a “track record” in the entire history of sports can be counted on the fingers. And now, at the peak of his form, at the zenith of fame and career, he suddenly leaves big-time sports in order to open a small shoe-making workshop in Moscow a few years later. This man, in the full sense of the word, buried his talent in the ground, or rather, drowned it in the icy and dirty water of Lake Yerevan. But to reproach him for this is unlikely to turn the tongue even among the most ardent fans.

On that day, September 16, 1976, a trolleybus, passing along the dam, fell into the water in Yerevan. Ninety-two passengers were buried alive at a depth of ten meters. All of them were doomed to inevitable death, if not for one circumstance: it was at this time that the multiple world champion in diving Shavarsh Karapetyan was doing a training run along the lake. Subsequently, experts admit: no one in the world simply physically could not do what Shavarsh did then. Having dived into the water clouded by the fall of the trolleybus, he broke the rear window with his feet, and began to pull out the unconscious passengers. More than twenty minutes in ice water. Twenty lives saved. In fact, he pulled more people out of the trolleybus, but not everyone was saved. When Shavarsh once again emerged to the surface, passers-by crowded on the dam saw that his entire body was torn apart by fragments of a broken window.

Then, to the question – what was then the most terrible? – Shavarsh replied: “I knew for sure that, despite all my training, I would only be enough for a certain number of dives. There, at the bottom, visibility was zero, so I grabbed a man in my arms by touch and swam up with him. Once I surfaced and saw that in my hands I had … a leather seat cushion. I looked at her and realized that the price of my mistake was someone’s life. This pillow then more than once dreamed of me at night.

Such a feat cost him the most severe bilateral pneumonia, complicated by general blood poisoning – city sewage was dumped into the lake. Doctors with great difficulty saved his life, but there was no question of returning to sports: Shavarsh Karapetyan became disabled.

He forever ruined his outstanding talent as a swimmer. But the gift of love for people, just as generously granted to him by the Lord, he multiplied many times during those terrible twenty minutes.


Story 1. A cup of coffee
This incident took place in Canada in the winter at a roadside coffee shop for motorists. An old car drives up to the window, and a woman who has been stopping here for many years in a row orders her usual coffee. As pleasantries are being exchanged with the salesperson, she notices a car joining the queue. From a good mood, the woman wants to do something good and tells the seller that she will pay for coffee for the next car. The seller shrugs his shoulders and thinks that these people are familiar. The woman is leaving.

The next day, the woman, as always, drives up to the window of the coffee shop.

“You know, I think there was a mistake yesterday. The guy you paid for doesn’t know you,” says the salesperson. The woman, a little embarrassed, explains that this is how it should be. And then the seller tells her what happened yesterday: “I told that guy that you paid for his coffee. Then he wanted to pay for the next car. I explained the same to the driver of the next car, and he did the same. This happened 21 times. I am amazed!”

21 cars, 21 coffees and 21 pleasantly surprised people. Such kindness is contagious. If you are surprised by a good deed, you also try to do something for others, whether you know them or not. And if you managed to become the root cause or just a link in the chain of kindness, the world, albeit a little, becomes a better place.

Story 2. Apples
Today, from the window of the minibus, I had a chance to watch a scene that literally returned faith in people.
Grandmother was crossing the road, when suddenly a huge bag full of apples slipped out of her hands. They rolled in all directions, but before I could blink my eyes, two young men passing by immediately ran up and began to collect them. Moreover, two girls came up from the opposite side of the road in the next second and also began to help! In just a few seconds, all the apples were collected and stacked, and the happy grandmother went on.


Story 1. Martin Eden (D. London)
The protagonist of the novel of the same name by the American writer Jack London, Martin Eden, is a working guy, a sailor, a native of the lower classes, about 21 years old, meets Ruth Morse, a girl from a wealthy bourgeois family, who arouses interest in literature in semi-literate Martin. The hero firmly decides to change, earn money and become worthy of his new acquaintance, with whom he managed to fall in love. And books help him in this – he draws up a program for self-improvement, works on his language and pronunciation, reads a lot of novels, scientific works, poetry collections. Hard work pays off: Martin is far superior intellectually to Ruth, and her family, and acquaintances – all those whom he admired at first and in front of whom he felt excruciating shame for his ignorance and lack of education. Moreover, he himself begins to write and becomes a successful writer.

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