Machines for slicing bread and gastronomy. Production equipment

2.1 Gastronomy cutting machines

For cutting various types of sausages, ham, cheese and rolls into

catering establishments use MRGU-370 machines

and MRG-300A.

Machine MRG-ZOOA. The machine consists of a body, drive,

circular knife, two trays, cutting thickness regulator and grinding

fixtures. Maximum cross-section of the product, mm 150×150 The drive of the machine consists of an electric motor, two worm gears

and crank mechanism. One worm gear leads to

movement is a disk knife, another worm gear is a tray with products.

Two interchangeable trays are designed for cutting products under a straight line.

angle and at an angle of 30 to 90ー to their axis.

The mechanism for adjusting the thickness of the cut is a support

a table moved with a handle relative to a plane

knife. On the handle there is a dial with divisions corresponding to the values

gap between the plane of the knife and the supporting table.

The principle of operation of the machine. When the machine is turned on, the disc

knife, and the tray pushes the product onto the knife, which makes a return

progressive movement. The cut slices of products pass

between the knife and the supporting table, enter the receiving tray.

At the end of cutting the product, the automatic switch turns off

machine, after stopping, you can again put food in

receiving tray.

Machine MRGU-370. The device and principle of operation of this machine

the MRG-ZOOA machines are similar. A distinctive feature is

the presence in it of a needle conveyor and a ejector, which stack

into a stack of products on the unloading tray.

Operating rules. Inspect the machine before starting work

and check the sanitary condition of its working bodies. Reliability of fastening

knives and its organs, serviceability of zeroing. For determining

quality knife sharpening use a strip of newsprint. With quality

sharpening the paper is evenly cut with a knife, with poor quality

– breaks. It is forbidden to check the knife blade with your hand, which will lead to

finger injury.

Before loading the machine with the product, it must be checked for

Idling. Then the product is placed in the loading tray so that it, under the action of its own weight, can freely rest on

base table surface. After that, the required

cutting thickness of the product. By setting the required cutting thickness

product, include the engine of the machine. Disc cutter machine

receives a rotational movement, and the product tray receives a reciprocating

progressive. Do not load food while the machine is running.

into the tray and push them with your hands. Loading food into the tray

can only be done with the engine off and at a complete stop


After finishing work, the machine is disconnected from the mains, produce

incomplete disassembly and its sanitization. Then carefully

Rinse all parts with hot water and wipe dry with a clean


2.2AHM-300 is designed for cutting bread with a thickness of 5mm-85 rolls/hour, 10mm-160 rolls/hour, 15mm-220 rolls/hour, 20mm-300 rolls/hour. It consists of an unloading tray, a lid, a circular knife (slave body), a receiving tray cover, a control button, a finger with an ejector, a spring, a crumb box, locking keys, a thickness regulator (limb), a bed. Principle of operation Before starting work, we set the required thickness of sliced bread, put the bread into the receiving device, close the lid until it clicks, i.e. e. The blocking key is activated, we press the start button, the finger with the ejector advances the loaf of bread thanks to the spring into the cutting zone with the circular knife. The cut pieces are collected in the unloading tray, the second loaf is cut in the same way when the finger with the ejector is in the opposite position. After cutting 50 loaves, we clean the box of crumbs.

2.3 cabinet with holes in the side walls and doors with shelves (separately for rye and wheat bread) – for storing bread;

bread slicer placed on the table – for cutting slices weighing 40 … 50g, which are placed on patty plates before vacation;

table – for receiving sliced bread;

table – the workplace of the bread cutter; it accommodates scales, cutting boards, tongs, a scoop and a brush for sweeping crumbs;

a table with a toaster installed on it – for making toasts in the form of slices of bread fried on both sides;

·rack. Refrigeration equipment. Marked knives, marked boards, slicer.

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