Lesson methodology

General discussion on case materials (15 min)

Questions for general discussion:

What is the essence of the current situation? (namely: what system was implemented in the ministry, for what purpose, how the implementation process went).

What problems arose in the way of implementing the new system? The list of problems should be written on the blackboard, since it is their solution that will be worked out in small groups.

Small group work (20 min)

The academic group is divided into 3-4 subgroups of 7-9 people. Small groups work independently of each other.

Small group questions:

What management actions need to be taken to solve the identified problems and improve the effectiveness of the new planning system?

Group members formulate their proposals for solving the question posed and write them down on a separate sheet of paper.

3. Exchange of developed solutions and constructive criticism of the opponent’s opinion (10 min)

The groups exchange lists and evaluate the proposals of the opponents in terms of their applicability and effectiveness in the described conditions. On a separate piece of paper, the groups write down their criticisms and justify them.

Back exchange and development of counterarguments (10 min)

Groups return each other lists with suggestions, as well as critical remarks. Given the criticism, the groups either agree with it and correct their proposals, or do not change their position and. develop counterarguments to prove their case.

Group performances (20 min)

The groups take turns voicing their positions. Key points are written on the board.

General discussion. Development of a common position (5 min)

2. The discussion of the developed measures and the compilation of the final list, which is approved by a majority of votes, takes place in the format of a general discussion. Thus, the total duration of work on this case is 1 hour 20 minutes.

Tasks for independent work (cases):

Case 1

You are appointed the head of a social service institution in which specialists are not accustomed to working at full capacity, left to their own devices, they perceive with hostility any attempts to change the nature of their work. What administrative methods will you use in such a situation?

Task : determine the sequence of necessary administrative procedures, justify it.

Case 2

Think about the definition of some management concepts. The problem in management is a situation of uncertainty, in which, from the moment an idea is put forward until the result is obtained, far from all structural components and the connections between them are known.

Decision-making is the creative process of selecting one from among the possible decisions that is accepted for execution.

Communication in management is the ability of a management system to quickly respond to external influences, changing, in accordance with new requirements, the circulation channels of information flows, the structure of links and the interactions existing between them.

Coordination is a management function aimed at connecting, uniting, harmonizing all actions and all efforts in the organization.

Task: Confirm the legitimacy of these definitions with examples from your life experience. Highlight the main elements of interaction between these concepts in the process of making and implementing decisions

Case 3

In the social service institution in which you have been appointed head, you will also head the methodological council. You need to check the effectiveness of the Method Council.

Assignment : Think about how you will do this and describe using administrative procedures. What will be your main criteria for evaluating the work of the Methodological Council?

Case 4

The personnel of the organization systematically does not fit into the planned deadlines for completing tasks set by the head.

What administrative steps should the manager take?

Case 5

Subordinates come to you, pestering you with small, sometimes elementary solvable questions, interfere with work, and do not allow you to concentrate. Can the problem be solved using administrative methods? What?

Explain your opinion.

Case 6

Your deputies and other subordinates do not carry out the tasks they have received in the way you would have done, they do not react to your comments, continuing to work in their own way.

How to proceed in this case?

Case 7

Employees from one of the departments of the Center for Social Services of the Population, which you manage, expressed their disagreement and dissatisfaction with your administrative actions in a rude manner.

What do you intend to do in this situation?

Case 8

In Russian business practice, various innovations regarding labor motivation are increasingly being used to make it more fruitful and efficient. Among such innovations is the establishment of a non-standard, preferential working regime for a particular employee. This type of motivation is still little used in our country. However, it is considered one of the most effective, especially in small private enterprises, among professions such as doctors, lawyers, teachers, managers, technicians and service workers.

Workers set themselves the start and end time of work at their own discretion, so long as they suit the leaders and there would be enough time to complete the required work. One works from 8 am to 4 pm, the other from 12 pm to 8 pm. If you do your job faster, it’s up to you to go home or work extra. Some organizations have four or even five shifts. Sometimes flexible shifts result in a shorter work week, usually four days, with three days off. Some companies have set up “maternity shifts” that are adjusted to the hours children attend school. A woman does not leave the organization during the period of bearing a child and raising young children. Many businesses allow students to work during “windows” in their study schedules. Flexible shifts reduce shirking, tardiness and workforce turnover, and improve employee morale and productivity.


1. What administrative procedures are needed to effectively organize this approach?

2. If you were a leader, how would you organize control over the number and results of employees’ work?

Case 9

One of the managers subordinate to you mistreats the staff: he is rude, insensitive to people, constantly offends them, arrogant, arrogant. This negatively affects the work of the organization. At the same time, this leader is a good specialist, knows his business thoroughly, thinks rationally, is persistent and persistent in achieving the goal, is strict and demanding of his subordinates.

Is it possible to solve such problems using administrative methods? What? Explain your opinion.

Case 10

You have been appointed as the head of a social rehabilitation center for children with disabilities, which has good formal performance indicators (according to reports). There are no violations of the institution. Meanwhile, there are problems with attracting disabled children to rehabilitation courses, the same contingent of children comes, although the problem of child disability is very acute for this region. Exercise:

How will you act? Is it possible to solve the problem by administrative methods?

Justify the sequence of your managerial actions.

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