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Pilgrimage Club “STRANGER”

Schedule of pilgrimage trips in 2018 (pilgrimage + rest)

Phone 8-920-645-37-57

Direction Departure from Kostroma date/time Residence Arrival in Kostroma date/time single cost
Christmas in Minsk 05.01 18:00 06-08.01 09.01 11:00 6 800
Teterinskoye + Nerekhta 11.03 07:00 1 day 11.03 16:00
To the shrines of Kineshma 18.03 08:00 1 day 18.03 17:00 with lunch
Tolga Convent 31.03 06:00 1 day 31.03 16:00
To the shrines of Uglich 15.04 08:00 1 day 15.04 19:00 with lunch
To the blessed Matrona + Godenovo 28.04 23:00 29.04 29.04 19:00 1 200
Ancient Murom 05.05 23:00 06.05 06.05 23:00 1 500 with lunch
Optina Pustyn + Shamordino 11.05 22:00 12.05 13.05 05:00 1700
Two days in Diveevo 25.05 23:00 26-27.05 28.05 04:00 2150
Holy Island Valaam 01.06 15:00 02-04.05 05.06 08:00 8 200
To the blessed Matrona + Godenovo 09.06 23:00 10.06 10.06 19:00 1 200
Two days in Diveevo 15.06 23:00 16-17.06 18.06 04:00 2150
Two days in Diveevo 22.06 23:00 23-24.06 25.06 04:00 2150
Accessible Crimea (western coast) 26.06 19:00 10 days 10.07 02-00 17 000
Accessible Crimea (western coast) 06.07 19-00 10 days 20.07 02-00 17 000
Accessible Crimea (western coast) 16.07 19:00 10 days 30.07 02-00 17 000
Accessible Crimea (western coast) 26.07 19-00 10 days 09.08 02-00 17 000
Accessible Crimea (western coast) 05.08 19-00 10 days 19.08 02-00 17 000
Accessible Crimea (western coast) 15.08 19-00 10 days 29.08 02-00 17 000
Two days in Diveevo 31.08 23:00 01-02.08 03.08 04:00 2150
Accessible Abkhazia (New Athos) 03.09 19-00 10 days 17.09 02-00 17 700

Attention!!! For families with low incomes, the program “Easy Road to the Sea” operates. Details are on the website (VK group “Wanderer. Pilgrimage Club in Kostroma”, or by phone 920 645 37 57

Route Features

Route Short description Peculiarities
Tolga Convent Tolgsky convent: relics of St. Ignatius Brianchaninov, miraculous Tolgskaya icon. Tour of the monastery. Communion is possible: for those who wish, preparation is necessary. Lunch in the refectory of the monastery
Optina Pustyn One of the greatest monasteries in Russia. The relics of the elders, 2 sources. Pilgrims are present at 2 services (evening – in the Shamorda convent, 8 km from Optina Hermitage). Communion is possible. You will need containers for holy water. Unique Kazan Temple in Shamordino (beaded icons). Evening meal in Shamordino.
Diveevo The famous convent of the late 19th century. Relics of Rev. Seraphim of Sarov. Pilgrims, if desired, attend 2 services and bathe in SIX holy springs. Communion is possible. Free meal. You will need containers for holy water. ATTENTION! The program includes a TWO-DAY stay in the monastery (accommodation in a private cottage)
Accessible Crimea TEN full days in the Crimea (the village of Nikolaevka, 27 km from Evpatoria, western coast). Developed infrastructure: shops, cafes and dance floors. Boarding house “PREMIERA” (junior suite for 2 or 3 people. 400 meters from the sea (sand and pebble beach). Large selection of excursion programs on request for an additional fee. Homemade two meals a day: early lunches and early dinners. The boarding house has its own farm, so the diet is always fresh meat of its own production. Happy hosts. Free WI – FI. well-groomed, green territory. Special discounts for children under 10 years old.
Valaam Island Delivery to the archipelago – comfortable bus + monastery boat. Three-day program (excursions: the main estate with the Transfiguration Cathedral, St. Nicholas Skete and remote sketes of the monastery. Accommodation: four-bed cabins of the ship “ADMIRAL KUZNETSOV” (monastery hotel). Two meals a day (lunches + dinners). Classical monastic services according to the charter.
Ancient Murom Sightseeing tour of the city with a visit to the main shrines of Murom. Relics of Saints Peter and Fevronia, patrons of marriage and family. Holy source. The ticket price includes a set lunch in a cafe in the city.
Abkhazia – the country of the soul Ten days and ten nights in Abkhazia. Excursion program: New Athos Monastery, cave-grotto of St. Simona Kannanita, Iverskaya mountainAdditional excursions for those who wish (for a fee) Private hotel in the very center of NEW ATHO (near the monastery). Double – triple rooms with fans (conveniences on the floor). Meals – lunches + dinners. Nearby – swan lake and park.
Christmas in Minsk Three-day program, Excursions: sightseeing around the city with visits to shrines, the World War II Museum and the Church-Museum of All Saints. Three free evenings. Communion is possible: for those who wish, preparation is necessary. Accommodation – hotel of St. Elisabeth Monastery. Meals – on your own
To the blessed Matrona + Godenovo Service in the Intercession Monastery. The relics of the blessed The old woman Matrona, which attracts pilgrims from all over Russia. The further program varies (find out when buying a ticket) Communion is possible: for those who wish, preparation is necessary. A mandatory component of the program is a visit to the village of Godenovo (LIFE-GIVING CROSS OF THE LORD)
Uglich Surprisingly bright, spacious and historically valuable city. The program includes a visit to the state museum (the temple of Tsarevich Dmitry “on the blood”, the Transfiguration of the current church), the Pokrovsky Convent. The ticket price includes a set lunch in a cafe in the city and a visit to the museum complex. Free time in the central part of the city.
Shrines of Galich + private horse farm Liturgy in the Paisievo-Galich Convent (relics of Venerable Paisios) Visit to the Holy Entry Cathedral. Horse farm with excursion and feeding of animals) Horseback riding is possible (for an additional fee). The price includes a homemade lunch at the farm inn.

The schedule of our trips, as well as the prices of individual programs, may change during the year. Please specify the necessary information when ordering seats. You can find out about possible changes

in the newspaper “YARMARKA”, by phone 8-920-645-37-57 ,

or in the VKontate group “STRANGER”. Pilgrimage club in Kostroma┬╗

Kostroma, Prospekt Mira, 51 (office No. 5)

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