Interpretation of composites, middle charts and marriage horoscope

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The construction of composite (average) maps sometimes provides an excellent opportunity to describe a couple, its features, its advantages and “weak points”. The construction of a composite is not a necessary condition for evaluating the synastry; it is performed by an astrologer to clarify the relationship of people who, as a rule, have already created a couple, but are experiencing certain problems.

I like the material on the composite as presented by Penny Thornton, that’s why I’m posting it. : Other information – national team

Having a marriage horoscope in hand, you can “untwist” all family members according to it with the help of a secondary grid of houses. According to the horoscope of marriage and the composite, it is convenient to make predictions for all members of the family.

In addition, information about the planets in the signs of the Zodiac, about the houses of the horoscope of marriage, about the houses of the horoscope of marriage in the Signs of the Zodiac can be successfully used to analyze an individual birth horoscope, the horoscope of a company, country, enterprise, our forum incl. (The latter will be in a separate topic).

Construction and interpretation of the composite. P. Thornton

Compiling a composite or joint horoscope of two partners is a technique that has been intensively used in relationship astrology only since the seventies. However, back in the twenties, German astrologers used this technique in practice, and perhaps it appeared long before that. Robert Hand, in Planets in Composite, gives very detailed explanations and interpretations of composites, calling them “the most interesting and informative astrological technique I have ever dealt with.” I fully share his point of view, as well as many astrologers who have ever worked with this method.

The composite is built as follows: there are points lying in the middle between the planets of the same name in two horoscopes (Sun – Sun, Moon – Moon, MC – MC, etc.). The resulting map reflects the concentration of all types of energies exchanged between partners, ie. the essence of their relationship. Despite the fact that the principle of building a composite seems somewhat abstract, it can give a visual understanding of the true state of affairs. As Robert Hand writes, “the principles of building a composite have real physical foundations.”

Another form of composite was proposed by the English astrologer Ronald Davison – it is now known as the “Horoscope Chart of Relationships”, and is built as follows. A point in space is searched for, located in the middle between the birthplaces of partners; then the middle between the dates and times of their birth is searched for, and a horoscope is constructed from these data in the usual way. Those. a map is built, as it were, on a person born between the dates of birth of partners. Although many astrologers have been able to appreciate the latter method, the former still seems to me more reliable.


To simplify the calculations, the coordinates of the planets are written in degrees (the zodiacal circle is 360 degrees), and now we will deal with the zodiacal longitude. For example, if the Moon is at 28°58″ Scorpio, to translate this into the numbers we need, we do the following: we add 28°58″ to 210° (0° Scorpio in zodiacal longitude coordinates), and we get 238°58″.

To find the position of, say, the same Moon in the composite, we translate the degrees of both Moons into zodiacal longitude, add the numbers obtained, and divide the sum in half. Then we find a point with these coordinates on the zodiac circle.

For example:

Sun Fields at 1°10″ Aries = 1°10″

Sun June at 1°20″ Leo = 121°20″

122°30″ : 2 = 61°15″

Thus the Sun in the composite will be at 1°15″ Gemini.

However, the following question may arise here. Two points in the Zodiac can be connected in two ways, and then which of the corresponding two midpoints of the distance between them will need to be chosen? As a rule, the shortest distance is taken, and its middle. If the planets are 180° apart, both points must be taken into account – the midpoints of the distances between them.

You also need to calculate the positions in the composite of the MC, Ascendants, house cusps (if a quadrant house system is used), Lunar Nodes and Vertexes. Difficulties can arise only with the points of the MC and the Ascendant, since usually some astrologers believe that, having found the MC, they can refer to the tables of houses and already look for the Ascendant and cusps. But this is possible only if the midpoint in time and space between the partners’ birth coordinates is calculated. Although Robert Hand uses this technique in Planets in Composite, I believe that one should calculate all the points in the composite without referring to the house tables.

It is also possible to build a progressive composite using exactly the same methods for calculating the progressive planets and points in the horoscopes of both partners. Thus, if the progressive Ascendant of one of the partners (point A) is at 15°28″ Sagittarius (255°28″ zodiacal longitude), and the progressive Ascendant of the other (point B) is at 21°8″ Cancer (111°18″ zodiacal longitude), the progressive Ascendant in their composite will be at 3°23″ Libra (183°28″ zodiacal longitude). Although this construction may seem like an abstraction even more than the calculation and construction of the composite itself, I can say with confidence that it is valid. In addition, you need to take into account.

Guidelines for interpretation

A composite can describe clearly and completely the relationship of two people, the most important areas of their interaction, luck and difficulties. Moreover, I consider this technique the most effective of all known to me at the present time.

The composite can be “read” in the same way as a catalo horoscope, with only one essential difference in interpretation. In the composite, the most important factors will no longer be signs, but planets and houses. Of course, the planets will be located in certain signs, but, nevertheless, the latter will be used in the composite only as an abstraction, just for ordering the points of the celestial sphere in the arrangement. Although some may try to include the signs of the Zodiac in the interpretation, I do not consider it necessary to do so.

Differences in the values of houses and planets in the composite, in comparison with the natal horoscope, are small.

The most important and informative here are the corner houses – 1, 4, 7 and 10, and if two people are in close relationship with each other, it is very desirable that these Houses be occupied in their composite.

The fourth house is most significant: it is thanks to the favorable configuration of the planets and points in it that two can feel surprisingly free and harmonious in each other’s company. As with the IC point and the fourth house in the natal horoscope, it is here, in the fourth House of the composite, that the origins of the relationship between the two, once already lived by them, are indicated.

Happiness in personal relationships can also portend the fifth and eleventh houses, and the latter – the house of friendship – is very important for long-term relationships.

The fifth and eleventh houses are associated with the emotional and sexual attraction of two to each other, and therefore are very important in matters of marriage.

If the sixth and twelfth houses become occupied (especially by the inner planets), then this turns out to be rather problematic for the relationship of the two. Of course, any marriage is associated with the concepts of duty and responsibility, but when these houses are occupied by partners, their significance may be somewhat exaggerated. The axis passing through the sixth and twelfth houses is connected with the idea of fate, karma, especially if they contain the Sun, Moon, ruling planet or Nodes. In this case, the relationship of the two seems to be put at the service, not only to each other, but to the whole world. In general, the twelfth house in the composite is not the most favorable place, associated rather with misunderstandings between partners of a lot in relation to each other.

The third and ninth Houses indicate communication, communication of partners with each other, and if there are many planets in them, this may indicate that in their relationship the intellectual rather than the emotional side will be most important.

The axis of the second-eighth houses is the general score of well-being, sexual preferences, extraordinary moments in the fate of the couple, the “life expectancy” of the couple.

The most important thing in the composite is the positions [u] of the Sun, Moon, Venus and Mars, primarily in the corner Houses. [/u] If they form unfavorable aspects, it is unlikely that the relationship of the two will be harmonious and happy, although everything is significant and important for both they can. As with the comparison of two horoscopes, the Moon remains extremely important in everything related to family and marriage issues. A poorly aspected Sun may indicate problems and misunderstanding of partners, but all this is less significant than a bad position of the Moon, which negatively affects the emotions and subconsciousness of partners.

As in the traditional art of juxtaposing horoscopes, the positions and aspects of Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto require careful consideration. An intact Saturn helps in long-term relationships, but it can also limit and suppress.

Uranus emphasizes the attraction of two to everything new and unusual, but at the same time it can cause one of the partners to desire unlimited freedom, which will be very, very difficult for the other to put up with.

Neptune speaks of the connection of partners at a very deep, mystical level, and at the same time often affects relationships negatively, creating illusory representations of the two about each other.

Pluto – leads to spiritual transformation, restructuring of consciousness, but can provoke the mental and physical cruelty of one of the partners towards the other, if it forms unfavorable aspects with the inner planets.

In the composite, aspects of the Lunar nodes are also significant, more related to the concept of “karma”.

The Sun represents the foundations of relationships as well as common astrological meanings, especially their sense of identity and where and how they want to shine. Some astrologers believe that the best positions of the Sun for marriage are the 1st, 5th, 7th, 8th or 11th house. The 2nd house (shared values) or the 6th house (shared work) are similarly rewarding positions for the Sun. The sun describes the pattern of a man’s behavior, his personality or sphere of aspirations. To a lesser extent, Mars works in a similar way.

The moon symbolizes emotional expression, daily habits, subconscious motivations, and subjective sensitivity. Her position in the sign, house and aspects best communicate how the couple feels about each other and describe the instincts, moods, fluctuations and reflex actions of the union. She represents a woman, her character, personality and interests. In the same way, but to a lesser extent, Venus also acts.

Mercury determines the intellectual understanding of relationships. It reveals the manner of communication and mental positions. His position in the house and sign is of great importance in how a couple sees or analyzes events in life.

Venus is the planet of love. She speaks of a romantic disposition and, to a lesser extent, of sexual feelings. It also helps to describe a woman.

Mars is associated with energy and initiative. It expresses sexual stimulus. In the case of a difficult position of Mars, it can reveal areas where partners scare each other or where they show great physical activity. To a lesser extent, Mars gives some additional details about the character in the features of a man. The principle of aggression can also make you fight or argue, which can be stimulating or devastating.

Jupiter is a sphere where the potential for growth and expansion of connection with each other is found. A strong Jupiter indicates that regardless of the outcome of the relationship, both will benefit from getting to know each other. Jupiter’s position in the house and the aspects also reflect the type of support the couple provides for each other.

Saturn determines the strength of relationships. It can also indicate areas where the couple has feelings of inadequacy or insecurity with each other or towards strangers. Wherever Saturn meets, there the couple faces the reality of a situation that is surprisingly easy to accept for some people and almost impossible for others.

Uranus, the planet of awakening or something unexpected, speaks to similar themes in a couple’s life. The principle of freedom it represents and the need to do one’s own thing can be unsettling in the home it occupies, since activities in this area may require adjustment, and one or the other, or both, is unlikely to expect this from the relationship and may not want to adapt.

Neptune is a deceptive planet that can lead in two completely different directions. In the most ideal case, it can represent spiritual potential and creativity. It can also reveal shared dreams. More often, Neptune manifests itself as disappointment and even deceit.

Pluto is characterized by the word power. He points to the sphere of power conflicts. Pluto shows a subconscious need for each other and a karmic connection. It shows the areas where change and transformation are most likely to occur. Whether it will be positive or negative depends not only on the aspects, but also on the attitude towards life in general.

The Nodes We pay more attention to the position of the nodes in the house than to the sign and aspects, and we believe that the North Node can be helpful in determining where to steer a relationship. The South Node indicates a comfort zone with the old and the famous. The north node indicates the realm of challenge to the new and the unexplored. Wherever the nodes in the composition fall, there you need to balance the polarities and avoid extremes.

A north node in the 2nd house can indicate the ability to make money together or a need to share values. If the South Node is there, it is taken for granted and rarely thought about.

A North Node in the 4th house may indicate that great understanding can be achieved by co-creating a house and the need to achieve this. A North Node in the 10th house can describe a shared career, while a North Node in the 12th house often signals the hidden strength of an alliance that is not visible to outsiders.

A South Node in the 5th house can describe a very close, loving relationship, but remember to keep the balance because a North Node in the 11th house can indicate a lot of social involvement at the cost of loved ones.

Proserpine. Due to its very slow movement in orbit (more than 600 years), it often has almost the same position among partners. In the composite, it is practically (remains in place). But aspects of the planets to it can become significant. They will talk about the couple’s relationship with parents on both sides. about crisis, “overturning” situations. about the “immunity” of the couple, in general, is it, and against what (whom)?

Chiron will show dual situations and the level of interaction of the couple, what is worth learning, in what area it is necessary to develop flexibility. where it is necessary to smooth “sharp corners”.

Selena (White Moon) will show the area of u200bu200blife in which a couple can count on help and support, incl. and Above.

Lilith (Black Moon) will show what temptations and temptations await the couple, what “demons” they will overcome. Lilith will also show the charisma of this union, its Strength and Power, which can (and should) be used creatively

Black and White Moon

The Black Moon (the apogee of the lunar orbit) is often associated with almost all the world’s evil. But the Black Moon is this point of maximum individualization in those areas where there is one’s own, biased (due to a deeply personal attitude) opinion. And one of the purest examples of the Black Moon in action is the creation of an image of your partner. Everyone knows, for example, that a loved one is always seen differently than he is seen by other people. In relation to him, something extremely biased arises when the shortcomings cease to be noticed, and in general, all perception acquires some completely own, incomparable features. This means that an image was created and, therefore, there was a Black Moon here. Therefore, in the synastry, the Black Moon is one of the most important points of the map. The image created by the Black Moon “captures”, fascinates, requiring “cultivating and nurturing” this image. If the Black Moon is involved in people’s relationships, then this can bind them to each other more than half a dozen other factors. Often, Black Moon connections can be traced between members of the same family – the attitude towards loved ones is almost always individualized.

If the Black Moon is a point of maximum individualization, a point of a purely personal level, then the Lunar perigee (it is called the White Moon) is that exit to the level of a higher-order personality, it is, as it were, the look of a certain “cosmic personality” and under this look those images collapse created by the Black Moon. The action of the Lunar perigee is most often perceived as very bright, and a person connected by the Lunar perigee is often considered a guardian angel. And he really acts in this role, especially when connecting his Sun or Moon with his Selena partner

It is worth noting that composites can also be built according to cosmograms, when there are no horoscopes, but there is a couple who passionately wants to “know the future”

Now about the horoscope of marriage.

Marriage horoscope – a map built at the time of marriage registration.

Many believe that this is the time for which the registration was scheduled. However, this is not quite true.

The moment (birth) of marriage should be considered the phrase: “I declare you husband and wife!” or the moment of interchange of rings.

The horoscope of marriage may require rectification, especially for its “reversal” in time (forecasting). But if someone recorded (for example, the date and time are set on the photo and cameras) the time of marriage. rectification is not needed.

You can build horoscopes of “unofficial” marriage. True, in this case, a composite is better suited. In the case of a civil marriage, the horoscope is built on some date that the couple considers significant – the date they met, the date of the first sexual contacts, the date of cohabitation, the date of the first significant joint purchase, etc.

It is worth considering the fact that not all marriages are concluded “for love”, often – “by calculation”, and unconsciously; for mutual benefit, “because of” children (arranged marriages), because of feelings of guilt, a sense of duty, obligation, because of fears of “being left alone”, etc.

The horoscope of marriage can tell about all this.

The Sun in the marriage horoscope represents the internal forces and creative potential of a married couple as a whole, describes the forms of self-expression of this couple in society, the scenario for the development of marital relations, as well as the tasks of this marriage and the features of their implementation. In addition, in most cases, the Sun conveys some of the characteristics and behavior of the head of the family, especially if he is a man. When we characterize the Sun in the horoscope of marriage, it is necessary, of course, to take into account the degree of its damage by unfavorable aspects.

The moon in the horoscope of marriage characterizes the emotional sphere of the relationship of the spouses, describes the behavior of the spouses in the early stages of family life, the reaction to each other’s actions, is responsible for the desire for a home lifestyle and, sometimes, for the most preferred narrow circle of communication for the couple. In addition, in most horoscopes, she personifies the wife, shows how her personality changes in connection with entering into this marriage.

Mercury describes the way and characteristics of spouses communicating with each other and with others, the degree of inclination to make joint decisions and exchange thoughts, indicates the type of information most preferred by the spouses and its use.

Venus in the horoscope of marriage reveals the features of the expression of feelings by the spouses, the degree of need for love and romantic affection, affects the assessment of the spouses of each other and the attitude towards ethical and aesthetic values.

By examining Mars in the marriage horoscope, we get a description of the most active side of the couple’s life, especially with regard to its location in one of the houses of the horoscope. It also shows the form of expression of feelings by the spouses and the degree of impulsiveness of their behavior when they are in each other’s company.

Jupiter is responsible for the possibility of feeling the success of marriage, the philosophical and ethical creed of the couple, the interest in higher education and broadening one’s horizons, the perception of one’s family as part of society, the claims of spouses for favor and authority in society, the degree of generosity of spouses towards each other.

Saturn shows the degree of maturity of the spouses, their discipline and responsibility for their marriage; the type of duties assigned by the spouses to each other; the most difficult aspects of the relationship for them, as well as due to which the spouses try to establish themselves as a couple. He also describes the obstacles and restrictions that hinder the deepening of marital relations.

Uranus in the marriage horoscope shows the desire for the individuality of the couple, the creative impulses and processes in the family, the connection with the universal consciousness, as well as the main motives for the desires, hopes and goals of this couple.

Neptune in the horoscope of marriage determines the degree of commonality of the spiritual destiny of the spouses, indicates the intuitive and creative abilities that can develop in marriage.

Pluto in the marriage horoscope shows aspects of the transformation of the relationship of spouses in marriage, as well as extremes in the manifestations of the egos of the couple.

The Black Moon reveals the problems of getting rid of the negative karma of these people from past relationships and unions. Indicates the area in which the temptation to repeat the mistakes of the past is most manifest.

The White Moon describes the positive developments of the spouses in previous relationships, helping them in the current partnership (marriage). It also indicates the possibility of spiritual growth and overcoming temptations in connection with the beginning of a life together.

Chiron points out the aspects of the duality of the couple’s relationship, the most vulnerable places of the couple, and also determines the foundations of cooperation in a couple and with people around them.

Proserpina – a place of transformation and modification of the union

I will dwell on the interpretation of the planets in the sign, since it is suitable for both the composite and the horoscope of the couple. You can understand why the ancients preferred to make alliances at certain times of the year, and avoided certain months:

Sun in Aries

Spouses are active in everything that concerns their life in marriage, even if this contradicts their individual psychological characteristics. It informs them of stubbornness and ambition in the affairs of the house of the horoscope in which it is located. Spouses are quick in decisions and actions, initiative, but superficial. In matters at home, they hold leadership in front of others, not focusing on their opinions and interests. Dynamically, to the point of insolence, they express their views. Behind external assertiveness there may be a deep uncertainty in the sphere of this house and dissatisfaction with it if the Sun is afflicted.

Sun in Taurus

Spouses show cautious assertiveness, especially in the affairs of the house of the horoscope, in which the Sun is located. They hardly adapt to new ideas in this area, they tend to embellish and cultivate it. They feel great responsibility for their marriage, work hard, bring any matter to the end, maintaining a reserve of strength. They bring a solid base for all their undertakings, take care of financial security. If the Sun is struck, they show stubbornness in communicating with each other and others, they know how to get really angry.

Sun in Gemini

Spouses are characterized by mobility in life, contact and inconstancy when they act as a couple. Acting alone, they can maintain their individual psychological characteristics. In connection with the issues and problems of life in marriage, they experience constant internal anxiety. Spouses are consumers of a wide variety of information, they are inquisitive, they read a lot, and, everything in a row, they have many fleeting hobbies. They strive by any means to diversify the sphere of life for which the solar house is responsible. When the Sun is affected, they are not punctual and irresponsible, and if things do not go well, they often change roles, avoiding deep feelings and affection for each other.

Sun in Cancer

The spouses are hardworking and caring, truly devoted to the affairs of the solar house of the horoscope. They often show daydreaming and detachment from reality. In the event of a defeat of the Sun, if necessary, they tend to intrigue. This couple must have their own home in order to feel emotional security, peace of mind. In the affairs of the solar house, they show detached passivity, ridiculously amenable to outside influence. Spouses are housewives, they like to receive guests, they know how to create comfort and sincere atmosphere. With others they behave constrainedly and somehow bashfully.

Sun in Leo

Spouses try to be leaders in the world around them, especially in matters of the solar house of the horoscope. They are optimistic, enthusiastic and tend to look younger than their years. They are very afraid to seem ridiculous – this is the reason for self-confident behavior. The intimate life of the spouses is full-blooded, they show cordiality towards others. They love children very much in general, but they do not have a cup of tea in their souls. With an unfavorable course of family relations, they tend to dramatize the situation. This is a very creative and fruitful marriage. Spouses love to give advice and control the situation. They know how and love to have fun. With the defeat of the Sun in each other’s company, especially over the years, they can feel bored.

Sun in Virgo

Spouses show modesty and thoughtfulness in marital affairs and matters, especially in the field of the solar home. Everything they do in this direction, they do well. Love for detail turns into pettiness, and in relationships – importunity if the Sun is struck. They may be characterized by some shyness in expressing thoughts and ideas, in the family circle – little talkativeness. Despite the realism and pliability, the spouses are characterized by optimism. They are hardworking, responsible for their marriage, always ready to serve each other. With perseverance, they master knowledge, but, as a rule, do not achieve a high position in society.

Sun in Libra

The spouses show restraint, are diplomatic in family relations, especially with regard to the affairs of the solar house of the horoscope. The possibility of compromise means a lot to them. In a rigid framework, they feel uncomfortable. They strive to harmonize and add brilliance, beauty and sophistication to their relationships and life in marriage. Avoid dirty deeds. They have the charm of a couple, they want to have friends and partners. Spouses love to be in society, and they are willingly accepted. They have an interesting time and receive guests themselves. Often this is an indicator of a large difference in the age of the spouses. Unfortunately, this is also one of the indicators of the instability of marriage, especially if the Sun is affected, since this marriage requires calmness and tolerance from both spouses, which may not be consistent with the individual characteristics of one of the spouses.

Sun in Scorpio

The spouses are decisive, sometimes to the point of aggressiveness, especially in solving the affairs of the solar house of the horoscope. Their family relationships are covered with secrecy, suspicion and jealousy. When they try to transfer such an attitude to others, it is understandable that this does not contribute to their prestige and the love of even close relatives. This marriage has amazing vitality, the ability to recover. Even if the divorce did take place, ex-spouses often continue to maintain contacts, especially intimate ones. They are passionate seekers and defenders of the truth in family relationships, which can bring considerable authority to the couple. Excessive straightforwardness, however, can ruin both the relationship and the outcome of the marriage.

Sun in Sagittarius

This is a couple of enthusiasts and public figures. They love meaningless phrases, slogans and appeals, they are ready to stand up for any idea, as long as the words fit beautifully into the music. But this is not principled, they always believe in what they propagate. They are preachers, lecturers, agitators in their circle of friends, they love nature, sports, travel. In the affairs of the solar house, if the Sun is struck, they show negligence, extravagance, carelessness. Their social circle is great, thanks to sociability and straightforwardness. They are supporters of sincerity in relationships, their couple exudes optimism and significance. Often this position speaks of the foreign origin of one of the spouses or the couple’s long stay abroad.

Sun in Capricorn

The spouses are serious, prefer an authoritarian style of behavior in the family and with others, are immersed in the affairs of the solar house of the horoscope. Life seems to them a heavy, sometimes unbearable burden, but deep down there is confidence in victory. They are disciplined, responsible for their marriage and practical, demanding of themselves and each other. In the sphere of life designated by the house, they clearly see the goal, choose the direction and move along it steadily, with enviable constancy. If they begin to trust anyone, including each other, they become faithful and devoted comrades. The worst thing for this couple is if their merits are called into question.

Sun in Aquarius

This couple seems to others as an independent, original, freedom-loving couple of individualists. In the affairs of the solar house, the spouses show stubbornness and intransigence. They are attracted by everything unusual, unknown. They habitually keep their distance from the outside world, they remain cold and indifferent to many. Oddly enough, they attract a lot of friends, they are often the center of a circle or group. Usually smart, even highly intelligent or become so in marriage, inquisitive. Apply various improvements in the field of solar home life.

Sun in Pisces

This is a good couple. They are cordial, longing for deep affection. Their family relationships amaze with warmth, caring and tolerance for each other’s shortcomings. Spouses are easily influenced from the outside, which can bring them a lot of trouble, they are afraid of offending someone, but they are irreconcilable if you want to harm their beloved half. It is very good if, from the first days of marriage, a couple falls into conditions of material prosperity and greenhouse care from parents or society – it is difficult for them to make vital decisions, they run away from difficulties. They are charming, adore nature, animals, they are drawn to the beautiful, sometimes mysterious. They do not advertise their personal lives and easily become addicted.

Moon in Aries

With the Moon in Aries, the spouses are impulsive and emotional in expressing feelings, alien to subtle spiritual manifestations, and not inclined to become attached to each other. They strive for independence, but react sharply to manifestations of independence on the part of the spouse, especially if the Moon is struck.

Moon in Taurus

With the Moon in Taurus, the couple really needs material security, only then they feel calm and are able to build normal relationships. Their emotions are sublimated, subject to sober calculation. Often their relationship gets stuck in a certain phase, and then they need a push from the outside to further develop the relationship. The affected Moon contributes to mental laziness, creates a feeling of frozen feelings.

Moon in Gemini

The moon in Gemini makes spouses look for new sensations. It is very likely that young people were least guided by love in their decision to marry. Most likely, she did not exist, and mental compatibility and intellectual attraction, due to inexperience, were mistaken for love. The wife, as a rule, is not able to give harmony to the household, as she starts many things at once and with difficulty brings to the end only the most necessary half. They do not like to discuss their intra-family issues and are always tense in anticipation of events.

Moon in Cancer

With the Moon in Cancer, the spouses are caring, compassionate, cautious where they do not feel their own importance and control over what is happening. Actions are subject to the call of the heart, not the mind. Easily succumb to other people’s influence, hiding their own feelings. It is absolutely contraindicated for such a family to live in communal apartments.

Moon in Leo

The moon in Leo gives the couple self-sufficiency, the spouses make efforts only for what they consider necessary. Consciously or unconsciously, spouses put their family at the forefront of everything that happens. Long after marriage, they will remain romantics, will treat each other with sympathy and admiration, if the Moon is not greatly affected. They usually have children quickly. They tend to dramatize their feelings, often arrange family scenes in front of the public.

Moon in Virgo

The Moon in Virgo promotes rapid mutual cooling. They did not fall out of love with each other, just feelings and their expression become more pragmatic, concentrated, prudent, logically justified and verified, as if more clean, sexless. They begin to feel the joy of being able to serve each other. They follow the diet, order and hygiene of the home very much, cleanliness can turn into a mania. They care about the smallest details of their relationship. With the defeat of the Moon over the years, they risk becoming grumps and critics, not leaving each other alone for a minute.

Moon in Libra

The Moon in Libra makes spouses very sensitive to each other’s words and actions. Everything they see and hear is often unconsciously transferred to their relationships and family life. The processes taking place in society are sometimes decisive for the life of this couple. Extremely dependent on the opinions of others. They strive to build a harmonious married life, to develop parity in relationships and responsibilities. They like to participate in the life of society, social events, establish contacts with different people, cooperate, exchange opinions. Usually harmony and order reign in this family, since the spouses cannot stand the manifestations of rudeness and vulgarity, family scenes. They really need to realize that they are doing the right thing, that their life is going “like others”.

Moon in Scorpio

The Moon in Scorpio speaks of the inseparability of the feelings of one of the partners, of a marriage of convenience. Spouses are characterized by manifestations of jealousy, possessive instincts, which leads to immersion in showdown and family scenes if the Moon is significantly affected. Spouses can show vindictiveness and revenge. They do not always correctly assess their feelings, they cannot draw the right conclusions. Very demanding, reproached with real or imaginary treason. Often thoughts come to the wife about the occult influence on her husband – a love spell, etc.

Moon in Sagittarius

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