Installing Rheingold 3.47

To make your life easier, the Rheingold folder is almost ready to go.

You need to install net framework 4.0 and Microsoft Visual C++ if you don’t already have it installed.

You can find them here …DiagnosticsRHEingold I will not describe the precess, because it should be intuitive.

Next, go to …DiagnosticsRHEingoldRheingold 3.47.10 and install

vcredist_x86.exe and vs90_piaredist.exe.

All! Now let’s run the program itself. Its location is …DiagnosticsRHEingoldRheingold 3.47.10TesterGUIbinReleaseISTAGUI.exe. For convenience, I recommend making a shortcut to the desktop.

But don’t forget to also run the ifhsrv32 file first , making sure Ediabas 7 is enabled.

In the window that opens, we configure the language and
interface by pressing the button with the key.

The language is configured in the Client Settings tab, and the interface type in the VCI Configuration (select ediabas). This completes all the settings.

Further launches of the program are similar, but no longer require any settings.

Install ETK

Go to the folder …DiagnosticsETK The installation disk image is located at this address, mount it in a virtual drive

We start the installation, select Russian, click next

The installer will start, click Next




Installation will go

Click OK on the port selection window that appears.

Device properties are just OK too

Market Europe and OK

no rolls royce needed

Select No data entered and click OK

We fill in the company and ID arbitrarily and click save and OK

To complete

We select the Drive with the image and wait …

Click OK on the plate about loading parts

Ok on the plate installation completed

The program is launched using the ETK (Local) shortcut from the desktop.

At the first start, you need to set the necessary parameters and uncheck useful tips so that they do not bother us in the future.

That’s all, thanks for your attention!

* Typical malfunctions when starting the software and methods of treatment:

1) If you have inpa or winkfp get the error HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESYSTEMCurrentControlSetServices

then go to the C:EDIABASHardwareOBD folder and run the OBDSetup file

The command line will appear on the screen

compare the readings in it with the figure

If something does not match, then open the registry editor, for this we press start-> run and write the word REGEDIT

We go along the path HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESYSTEMCurrentControlSetServicesSerial

and write check the following keys:











To make it look like this:

2) If errors IFH-0018 INITIALIZATION ERROR and IFH-0009 No Response From Control Unit occur.
There are 3 possible reasons:

– check the settings of the COM port, is there an obd.ini file in c:windows. If anything

C:EDIABASBIN, find the obd.ini file and copy it to C:Windows

– check if the car is running. on muffled, even with the ignition on, this error may pop up in some blocks.

— perhaps the lace needs modification. We unroll the case and look at the filling. We find legs 7 and 8 and solder / connect in any way that provides reliable electrical contact.

Attention! For E-series cars younger than 03.07. soldering is not required, for F-series machines an ENET cable is required, it must be configured in a completely different way. For cars up to 06.2000, in addition to the connected 7-8 pins, you will also need a round adapter, otherwise you will not be able to read all the auto blocks Also keep in mind that you probably won’t read the e34, since they use the ADS protocol, and a slightly different lace.

3) Often the Version mismatch error pops up. This is the norm. Click ok and move on.

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