In which film does the Hero, sitting in solitary confinement, need a pin to remove the handcuffs, which is passed to him through the bars?

Condemned to death fled

What was the name of the magazine, in the editorial office of which the future directors of the “New Wave” were formed?

Cahier du cinema

In what movie in a colony for juvenile delinquents are the children of the colony employees behind bars in order to protect them from the prisoners?

400 strokes

In which movie, after stealing a car, the hero runs into the police and shoots one of them?

On the last breath

In which film is a young chansonnier (singer) being examined for oncology, and while waiting for the results of the examination, she looks at the world with different eyes?

Cleo 5 to 7

In what movie are three bystanders hiding from a downpour under ancient wooden ruins, and one of them tells the others a story that happened in the forest and which he witnessed?


In which movie does the elderly hero pull himself out of the coffin in his sleep?

strawberry meadow

Who directed the film “The Earth Shakes”?


Who directed the movie “Rocco and His Brothers”?


Who made the films “Chronicle of a Love” and “Scream”?


In which film does the heroine enter the city for the first time in her life, and does this happen during the procession?

The road of life

In which movie are the hero and heroine sitting in a restaurant when the hero’s attention is attracted by a local prostitute, a vulgar and loud-voiced woman?


At the beginning of which movie, the heroine’s lover snatches her bag of money from her, pushes her into the water and runs away, and in the finale this situation is almost repeated?

Nights of Cabiria

In which movie is a group of prostitutes with their pimps going to church to beg Madonna for help in life?

Night of Cabiria

In which movie is a gigantic figure of Christ floating over the city suspended from a helicopter?

Sweet life

In which movie does a large peasant family come to Milan for the first time?

Rocco and his friends

In which movie was the reporter given the task to find out what the last word of the deceased millionaire, the owner of the newspaper empire, meant?

Citizen Kane

In which movie does the Hero build an opera house for his wife in an effort to make his wife a singer?

Citizen Kane

Which American filmmaker conceived the idea of making a full-length film in one frame?


What was the name of the screen format in which the shooting was done on 65-70mm film?


What was the name of the screen format in which the shooting was done using an anamorphic nozzle?


Which American film is set in a film studio in 1927, immediately after The Jazz Singer was released?

Singing in the rain

What was the name of the whole trend in post-war American cinema, which consisted of gloomy, pessimistic thrillers and psychodramas?


In which American film does a jury decide the fate of a young man accused of killing his father?

12 angry men

In which Soviet film, in the finale, the heroine dances among the festive crowd and sings ditties, and then runs away and, away from everyone, either cries or laughs from overwhelming feelings?

The story of Asya Klyachina

In what movie does a sleeping teenager think that he is at the bottom of a well and sees himself at the top with his mother and hears their conversation?

Ivan’s childhood

Which film by A. Tarkovsky begins with a balloon flight?

Andrey Rublev

In what Soviet film does the heroine, having missed the farewell to the front, in desperation throw a bag of cookies at the feet of the walking ones?

Cranes are Flying

In what film is the commander of the Red Guard detachment forced to attach his commissar, a pregnant woman, to give birth to a Jewish family?

Commissioner Oleg Askoldovna

In which movie does a young soldier find himself face to face with a German tank in battle?

Ballad of a Soldier

What films did Marlen Khutsiev make?

Zastava Ilyich, July rain, Spring at dawn, Two Fyodors

What films did Jean-Luc Godard direct?

Masculine feminine, Carabinieri, Weekend, Alphaville

What films did Ingmar Bergman make?

Strawberry Field, Shame, Persona, Seventh Seal, Whispers and Cries, Communion

What films did Federico Fellini direct?

8 and a half, Road, Sweet life, Cabiria nights, Amarkod

In which movie is the photographer’s friend the abstract painter not willing to sell him his painting?

photo enlargement

What films did the “tetralogy of incommunicability” consist of?

Adventure, Night, Eclipse, Red Desert

What films did the “duanel cycle” consist of?

Antoine and Colette

Who made the film “Lovers from the New Bridge”?

Leos Carax

In which movie do characters jump from a bridge into a river on a winter night and are picked up by a barge?

Lovers from the new bridge

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