In which educational organizations does SPT take place?

What is the purpose of SPT for students?

Everyone in life faces difficulties, risks, but everyone overcomes them in different ways. In difficult life situations, it is necessary to show psychological stability. You can learn this if you understand yourself well.

Socio-psychological testing will reveal the degree of your psychological stability in difficult life situations. And the more honest your answers are, the more accurate the result will be. The confidentiality of personal data is guaranteed.

After processing the test, you will get a general idea of u200bu200bits psychological stability. If you are interested in more detailed information about your inner world, you can approach the psychologist of the educational organization in which you are studying.

SPT does not identify students who use drugs. It does not imply any diagnosis.

The generalized results of the SPT will also allow us to assess the conditions in the school / city / country as a whole, and most importantly, take timely measures to create a SAFE ENVIRONMENT .

Take part in SPT – take care of the future of your country!

Is it compulsory for students to participate in SPT?

Testing is voluntary. Testing of students under the age of 15 is carried out on the basis of the informed consent of the parents. If the young person has already turned 15, then the young person independently and voluntarily decides whether he will undergo such testing or not.

– However, along with rights, every citizen of the Russian Federation also has obligations, for example, according to Federal Law No. 273 “On Education in the Russian Federation”, students are obliged to take care of maintaining and strengthening their health, strive for moral, spiritual and physical development and self-improvement. This is a generally accepted social norm and a requirement of the law.

– Laws define your rights, duties and responsibilities as a citizen of the Russian Federation.

– Knowing your rights , you know your legal requirements , you can insist on their observance, apply to the court for their protection.

– Knowing your duties , you know that they can demand from you whether these requirements are legal.

– Knowing what you can be held responsible for , you can choose whether to be a law-abiding citizen or be punished for illegal actions.

If you are a self-confident person who respects himself and others, aware of the responsibility for his health, you are not indifferent to who surrounds you, in which school you want to study – your decision will be in favor of SPT.

What is privacy ?

Confidentiality (from Latin Confidentia – trust) – the need to prevent leakage (disclosure) of any information. Confidential information is confidential, not subject to public disclosure, secret.

The confidentiality of test results means that they are known only to the tester (after 15 years). The results of a person under the age of 15 will be known to his parents, as well as to a specialist who organizes the testing process in an educational organization and is responsible for the confidentiality of information.

Confidentiality, in contrast to anonymity, makes it possible to offer individual counseling and psychological and pedagogical assistance.

Can parents be present during the SPT?

In accordance with Russian legislation, during testing, the presence of parents (legal representatives) of students participating in testing is allowed as observers. Parents will be watching to make sure no one violates your rights to anonymity or privacy, but they also won’t know what you put on your test.

In which educational organizations does SPT take place?

In accordance with the requirements of the Federal Law of January 8, 1998 No. No. 3 of the Federal Law “On Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substances” and the Testing Procedure approved by the order of the Ministry of Education and Science of Russia dated June 16, 2014. No. 658, students of all, without exception, general educational organizations and professional educational organizations, as well as educational organizations of higher education, are subject to testing. Thus, while studying further at school, at a technical school or at a university, you will be calm about participating in SPT, as you will know that it is an important element of state policy to preserve the health of the nation.

The modern world is a world of speeds, a world of rapid pace of life, a world of computer technologies and opportunities, a world of temptations and temptations. Living in it is both interesting and difficult.

Life is full of surprises, we always choose, and in order for our choice to be free and conscious, it is necessary to be confident in it. Understanding yourself will allow you to avoid impulsive, uncontrolled decisions, to be more prepared for possible risk situations

This year you have to make a choice:


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