In one city, a dispute ensued between the lights about which of the lights is the most important.

Cultivate a sense of respect for each other, a culture of behavior on the road.

Dear children and adults!

Today we are going on a trip!

Guys, guess the riddle :

Here is a three-eyed fellow.

How clever he is!

Who will go from anywhere

Winks at both this and that.

Multi-colored … (traffic light)

Our city has streets, houses, roads. Residents of the city follow the rules of the street. There was a time when it was not easy to cross the street of a big city. People stood on the sidewalk for a long time and waited for the end of the endless stream of horse-drawn carriages. The most impatient ran across the street, risking getting under the hooves of horses or cart wheels.

What can we say about our days, when the flow of cars rushes in several rows! How can pedestrians cross the street? But there are still cars that move in the transverse direction, and they also need to clear the road. A traffic light comes to the aid of road users – both pedestrians and drivers. Translated from Greek, traffic light means “bearer of light”. It regulates traffic with the help of light signals.

Learn the simple law:

The red light is on – STOP!

Yellow will tell the pedestrian –


Green is ahead

He tells everyone – GO!

Traffic lights were invented to protect the lives of pedestrians and prevent accidents and accidents on the roads. The first traffic light was installed in the English capital – London. If you saw this traffic light, you would not immediately understand what it is. The first traffic light had only two colors – red and green. It was controlled by a special person who raised and lowered the arrow with a colored circle. A sharp transition from one signal to another is dangerous: one car did not have time to stop, and the other has already gone. Therefore, they came up with a warning signal – yellow. Modern traffic lights are electric. They independently switch their lights and give the command to pedestrians and cars – when to stand and when to move.

The first automatic traffic light system. They had a red and green signal and, when switched, made a sound. The system was controlled by a policeman sitting in a glass box at an intersection.

And for whom do they put a traffic light on the road ?

(for cars, for pedestrians)

The game “Answer correctly”

Walking down the street. So this is (pedestrian)
If you are on a bus, car, then you (passenger)
Vehicle voice? (signal)

How many eyes does a traffic light have? (3: red, yellow, green)
Where do cars sleep? (in the garage, in the parking lot)
What is the name of the place where people wait for the bus? (stop)

Three colored circles
They flash one after another.
Glowing, blinking –
They help people.

Traffic lights

River traffic lights: designed to regulate the movement of river vessels.

Traffic lights for cyclists: Special traffic lights are sometimes used to regulate the movement of cyclists.

– It is necessary to cross the street only at pedestrian crossings, focusing on traffic light signals .

– Have you seen a traffic light in our city?

“Read the story”

– And what do you think, who is the main of the three signals?


In one city, a dispute ensued between the lights about which of the lights is the most important.

– I, red, is the most important, I have the color of fire. When people see me, they know that there is anxiety and danger ahead.

No, I, the yellow one, are the most important. My color is the color of the sun, and it can be both a friend and an enemy. I warn: “Attention! Do not rush!”

– It’s me, green – the most important color. I have the same color as the leaves. I remind you of safety and tranquility.

And the traffic light asked them:

Come back, my friends, to me. All of you are very important to me and only together we will put things in order on the roads of the city.

I am sure that you will follow the rules of the road, and nothing will happen to you on the road. I hope that you will teach the rules of the road to your younger comrades, sisters and brothers.

I enjoyed traveling with you, how about you?

Guys, now I suggest you draw a traffic light or your street .

Thanks everyone! I’m waiting for your drawings!

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