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Dear teachers!

Event-agency “Mood Factory” offers you a full range of services for organizing and holding events for schoolchildren. Thematic programs, discos, birthdays, fun competitions, adventure quests, calendar holidays. We guarantee an individual approach and original solutions in organizing your event.

In addition, the time for the solemn celebration of GRADUATION parties is approaching. In organizing such an important event for graduates, teachers and parents, trust the professionals. Event-agency “Mood Factory” offers you the organization and holding of original programs, both on the territory of your school and on the field sites of the city.

With us, your children’s graduation will be fun, incendiary and unforgettable!

For your students, we offer a choice of several programs, taking into account age, interests and budget.

Programs Program content Duration Price
1 class 2-3 classes
Grade 4 Occupancy: Leading in theatrical costumes, 2 people. Sound manager, 1 person Mini Amplifier Kit, Game Props
one. Game program “Fixieboard’s Big Secret” It is held after (or before) the official part or tea. Simka and Nolik discover that there are no important details on the Fixiboard, the Fixiki’s tablet. Fixiboard should help the children find the key to the 5th grade. If they do not cope with the task, the guys will forever remain in elementary school. The guys find the details for the Fixiboard by completing the difficult tasks of the Fixies. Only a large well-coordinated team can cope with tasks. The guys cope with the test and in the end they get all the cherished details, and, having put them together, they repair the Fixiboard. As a result, they are solemnly dedicated to GRADUATES and receive a KEY from the 5th grade and gifts as a reward. 40 min. 5 000 rub. 8 500 rub.
2. Game program “Around the World Graduation. Selfie Journey” Meeting children coming to the graduation party. Peppy and Carlson invite the kids on a festive round-the-world selfie trip! Yes, yes, around the world. Graduation from the 4th grade is only once in a lifetime, and on this holiday the characters offer the guys to celebrate graduation in different countries of the world! And in order to capture this sensational event, the guys will take selfies in every country they find themselves in. Travelers will visit France, Italy, China… but, by the way, come with us to the Round the World Graduation and you will find out for yourself! The program is not only entertaining, but also educational, as the children learn about the traditions and customs of different peoples during the journey, and in a playful way they make an excursion into the culture of other countries. PS: There are characters to choose from (Pirate + Clown Klepa, Sweet Tooth Toffee and Barberry) 1 hour: 10 minutes meeting guests, 50 minutes game program 5 500 rub. 9 500 rub.
3.Dance and game program “Disco Graduation” The program is for those children who consider themselves adults already, and for whom playing with clowns is “no longer serious”. For those who like to rock out and hang out and have been waiting for prom to have a blast! This is a super incendiary program in the DISCO style, with bright colors in clothes, colorful accessories, lighting special effects and the most fashionable musical styles. Here, children can show their imagination and creativity in choosing the most stylish outfit at the Disco Prom, compete with their parents in a dance battle and dance the most famous dancers from the DANCES show, because we light our stars! After the successful completion of all the dance tasks, our presenters, together with the teacher, solemnly dedicate the children to the Graduates of the Star Disco School (official part) and celebrate this solemn event with a delicious tea party. After that, 20-30 minutes of incendiary disco. The price includes: – sound and lighting equipment. 2 hours: 10 minutes meeting guests, 60 minutes game program 10 minutes official. part with congratulations from parents and teachers 10 minutes tea party 30 minutes disco 7 200 rub. 12 000 rub.
4. Quest “Happy childhood” Option on the street. Based on backyard games. How we sometimes want to pull children out from behind computers and TVs and return them to the yards. How children today lack live communication and real emotions. How important it is for parents to limit the largely harmful influence of a computer on a child, and for children to see an interesting alternative to “communication and friendship online”. In this program, children, as well as their parents, will have the opportunity to jump into a rubber band, play “Classics”, “Jar”, “Kondals”, “Cossacks-robbers”, “Bouncers”, “Shtander” and many others forgotten today, but such interesting games. In each game, the guys will take mini-exams, score points and collect Turbo or Love is inserts. According to the number of inserts, the children will be given the last grades in elementary school, and will shine them in GRADUATES. 1 hour: 10 minutes meeting guests, division into teams 50 minutes game program 6 000 rub. 10 000 rub.
These program options are possible for graduation 1, 2, 3 classes
9-11 CLASSES (only for one class) Occupancy: Presenters, 2 pers. Sound engineer, 1 pers. Manager, 1 person Game props Prize fund for participants in games and competitions Musical, sound amplifying equipment – a set of pros, Video projector and screen rental, Dynamic (disco) light
Dance and entertainment program, Banquet “Graduation TV-show” A full-fledged prom program, held in the form of a banquet-buffet. Consists of a traditional official part with words of gratitude from parents, students, teachers; table games and competitions; dance blocks. The prom program is built on the basis of the most famous contemporary TV shows. These are the shows “Improvisation”, “Where is the logic”, “Voice”, “Dancing”, “Battle of psychics”, “Let them talk”, “Fashion sentence”, “Open microphone” and many others. An incendiary and exciting program that will be of interest to both graduates and parents and teachers. The sparkling humor of the hosts, talented graduates, interesting and modern competitions – this is the key to a successful and unforgettable graduation! 4 hours 15 000 rub.
up to 6 hours 22 000 rub.
PHOTOGRAPHY 1,500 rubles per hour (the more hours of photography, the cheaper the cost per hour)

Additional services for graduation parties:

1. Face painting, 1 child 100 rubles.

2. Magician, up to 20 min. 6000

3. Show of soap bubbles, up to 20 min. 5000

4. Show ballet, 1 dance 2,000

5. Vocal, 1 block – 3 songs 1,500

6. Vocal group, 3 people, 1 block – 3 songs 3,500

Additional technical aids for proms:

1. Smoke machine 1,000

2. Fog machine 1,500

3. Confetti shot, hand mortar 1 salvo 300

4. Streamer, confetti rain 10 min. 5000

5. Bubble machine, 10 minutes 1,500

6. Laser, backlighting at the disco, creating a “creeping line” 5,000

7. Helium balloons, 1 balloon 35

8. Helium luminous balloon, 1 pc. 70

9. Sky lanterns, 1 pc. 100

10. Photography with photo processing, 1 hour from 1 500

11. Video filming, 1 hour (video editing is paid separately) 2 000

12. Laser show (full-color special effect + thematic video) from 10,000

Why do many teachers turn to us when organizing and holding graduation parties for schoolchildren?

When ordering graduation at the Mood Factory, you, dear teachers, receive:

· Firstly, the opportunity to transfer the solution of organizational issues for the prom into the hands of experienced event organizers – a responsible and dedicated team of professionals.

· Secondly, a high-quality event: each of our programs is prepared in advance, we take into account every detail and anticipate force majeure situations, because we know that there are no trifles in organizing holidays. Therefore, with us you can not worry about whether the event will start on time and whether the program will be interesting for children. We have a top notch organization.

· And, thirdly, you yourself receive a BONUS for cooperation – 10% of the cost of the program.

If you have any questions, please call 230-86-69.


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