History of the Krasnoufimsk Agrarian College


Yarunina Lyubov Anatolyevna

Completed: student 31 K

Serebrennikova Natasha

Lecturer Sharitdinova L.A.

Krasnoufimsk, 2012


1. Introduction………………………………………………………..3

2. History of the Krasnoufimsk Agrarian College…………4

3. Biography and student life of a manager……………8

4. Managerial life of Yarunina L.A…………………….10

5. Conclusion……………………………………………………11


The main goal of writing an essay: to study as deeply as possible the student and managerial life of a manager – Yarunina Lyubov Anatolyevna.

Main tasks:

1. Find an object in order to interview for the purpose of further processing of information;

2. Study in detail all the written information, process, draw up a plan for writing;

3. Write an essay, summarize.

History of the Krasnoufimsky Agrarian College

The history of the Krasnoufimsk Agrarian College begins with a real school, opened in the city of Krasnoufimsk in 1975 by the county zemstvo with the permission of the State Council and the Emperor of Russia. The development of Russia along the capitalist path imperiously demanded that the zemstvos pay more attention to agriculture and industry. In these new conditions, specialists were needed who were able to put into practice the achievements of science and technology in industry and agriculture. In 1872, the Krasnoufimsk district zemstvo council petitioned the government to open a real six-year school, “adapted to the needs of mining and agriculture” … In December 1874, the petition was granted.

The official opening of the real school took place on August 12, 1875. The first director was the Acting State Councilor Sergei Alekseevich Kolesnikov, but died on August 30, until 1880 the mathematician Ivan Petrovich Leiman was director, because so far the school had only general education classes.

The teaching of agricultural and technical sciences began in 1880. The school was headed by the Acting State Councilor Nikolai Aleksandrovich Sokovnin. Nikolai Alexandrovich Sokovnin compiled a special curriculum for the school using the course and furnished it with practical auxiliary institutions so completely that “Sokovnin’s pupils soon became known throughout Russia as pioneers of zemstvo agronomic affairs and practical owners,” the honorary trustee of the school reported to the county zemstvo assembly K.A. Shevelin.

By 1887, an exemplary, for that time, educational and experimental farm was created with multi-field crop rotation and grass sowing, an experimental field, a meteorological station, a mechanical workshop with a steam engine, where plows, seeders, threshers, hay mowers, grain dryers and harrows were made. He built educational plants: iron foundry, distillery, leather, dry distillation of wood. The students were trained in hot and cold metal working, repair business, made new agricultural implements according to the projects of teachers.

In 1889, the Krasnoufimsk real school, the first in Russia, was transformed into an industrial, “school of a strictly practical nature” for the training of practical technicians. On August 27, 1889, the industrial school was officially opened with 137 students in general education classes and 79 in technical classes (of which 48 were in the agricultural department). To study in technical classes came not only from the Perm province, but from many other regions of Russia. Among the students there were 46 residents of the city, 29 districts, 108 other districts of the province, and 73 people from 37 provinces (from the report of I.I.Barsukov). “It was a respectable audience, bearded, often family, coming here after graduating from secondary schools or exposed from higher educational institutions,” wrote A.K. Suslov, a pupil of the school.

Today, about a thousand people study at the college. Currently, the college trains students in the following specialties: “Maintenance and repair of motor vehicles”, “Agricultural mechanization”, “Electrification and automation of agriculture”, “Commerce”, “Land and property relations”. The college has everything you need to organize the educational process in accordance with

requirements of state standards and the labor market: classrooms, computer classes with Internet access, a library with a fund of 99839 books with free Internet access, two gyms with showers, a gym, an indoor treadmill, an assembly hall for 700 seats.

Forms of education: full-time, part-time; the possibility of obtaining additional qualifications in the profile of the college (driver of vehicles of categories “A”, “B”, “C”, tractor driver).

The college has a modern material and technical base, which is constantly updated and developed (classrooms and laboratories equipped with new educational and technical facilities, computer classes, a modern machine and tractor fleet).

Classes are taught by highly qualified teachers, most of whom 27 have the highest and 21 – the first category, 15 Honorary Workers of the SPE of the Russian Federation, 5 Honored Teachers of the Russian Federation. The priority direction of the work of the teaching staff is to improve the quality of training of specialists in order to strengthen their social security in the modern labor market.

In the structure of the college work:

  • library and 2 reading rooms;
  • dining room;
  • comfortable dormitory of sectional type;
  • sports sections: volleyball, basketball, football, powerlifting, skiing, shooting, athletics.
  • creative studios: the 7th Avenue dance group, the KVN team Dobry ml good fellows, the Zaryanochka folk song and dance ensemble, a vocal studio, the College rock group
  • museum;
  • psychologist’s office;

Students adequately defend the honor of the college in various competitions of professional skills, amateur art, sports events and KVN. Student leisure is interesting and exciting. Every year, in a solemn atmosphere, the “Day of Knowledge”, the Ceremony of presenting diplomas to graduates are celebrated. Traditional events are fun and unforgettable: “Initiation into students”, “We light”, “Initiation into grain growers”, “Day of power engineers”, Departmental KVN, etc.

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