Gomel City Clinical Hospital No. 3

Ministry of Health of the Republic of Belarus

educational institution

“Gomel State Medical University”

Department of Public Health and Health

Head department

Professor, MD

Sharshakova Tamara Mikhailovna


industrial practice









Report checked:

Head department


“” 2014

Head of the organization

health care


“” 2014

Gomel, 2014

Individual task number 5

Organization of medical care for patients with diseases of the circulatory system (class IX heading i 10 -i 15 , i 20 -i 25 ) according to ICD-10 “in stationary conditions.

Structure and functions of the city hospital.

Gomel City Clinical Hospital No. 3

Hospital capacity: 552 beds, of which 200 are of a therapeutic profile (the department of therapy, cardiology, 60 beds each, respectively, gastroenterology – 40 beds, endocrinology – 40 beds), 150 – obstetrics and gynecology, 100 – surgical profile (surgical department No. 1 – 45 , No. 2 – 15, No. 3 – 40), 75 neurological beds for the treatment of stroke patients, pediatric for nursing premature babies with 15 beds. The hospital has an anesthesiology and intensive care unit with 12 beds. From 01.05.2011 due to the reorganization of 5 neurological, 20 endocrinological beds and the reduction of the postpartum department by 5 beds, the department of pathology of pregnant women with 30 beds was organized. The hospital has 6 medical and diagnostic departments and rooms (functional diagnostics department, radiation diagnostics department, medical rehabilitation department, clinical diagnostic laboratory, endoscopy room, transfusiological care room), pharmacy. On a functional basis, on the basis of departments, the following are organized: in the surgical department No. 2 – a center for minimally invasive and reconstructive surgery, in the cardiology department – a city arrhythmology room, in the surgical department No. 3 – a regional center for diabetic foot.

The hospital provides scheduled and one day a week emergency medical care to the population of the city of Gomel and the Gomel region. The hospital includes an ambulance station, which receives up to 180 thousand calls from residents of the city and region during the year.


• Bugakov Vladimir Alekseevich Ch. doctor

• Ragunovich Igor Mikhailovich Deputy. ch. medical doctor parts

• Kolyagina Anna Gennadievna Ch. nurse

• Kontsevaya Natalia Ivanovna Ch. accountant


• Obstetrical Observational Department No. 1 – Head. department: Martinchik Lyubov Alexandrovna,

• Obstetric Observational Department No. 2 – Head. Department: Kiryanova Valentina Leonidovna

· Family department – Head. department: Lukoshenko Elena Grigorievna

· Postpartum department – Head. Department: Cherepko Victoria Gennadievna

· Department of pathology of pregnant women – Head. department: Kravtsova N.V.

· Pediatric department for nursing premature babies – Head. Department: Krech Olga Zenonovna.

· Department of anesthesiology and resuscitation with intensive care units for newborns and children – Head. Department of Alikina T.E.

• Gastroenterology Department – Head. department: Kobruseva Larisa Arkadievna

• Cardiology Department – Head. department: Mistukevich Andrey Petrovich

• Neurological department for stroke patients – Head. department: Grashkin D.V.

• Therapeutic Department – Head. department: Baginskaya Natalya Nikolaevna

• Surgical Department No. 1 – Head. Department: Denisov Alexander Stepanovich

· Surgical Department No. 2 – Head. Department: Berezaev Pavel Anatolievich

• Surgical Department No. 3 – Head. department: Konovkov Vladimir Vladimirovich

• Endocrinology Department – Head. department: Pechenkina Lyudmila Ivanovna

• Department of anesthesiology and resuscitation with intensive care units – Head. department: Filitovich A.A.

• Department of Radiation Diagnostics – Head. Department: Shpakovsky Yury Petrovich

• Department of Medical Rehabilitation – Head. department: Prigozhaya O.S.

• Clinical diagnostic laboratory – Head. Shulkina E.V.

• Department of functional diagnostics – Head. department: Grashkina Svetlana Olegovna

• Reception Department – Head. department: Stankevich Elena Alexandrovna

• Endoscopy room – Head. office: Yagovdik Vitaly Nikolaevich

• Inquiry Office.

Divisions of other organizations:

• Department of Internal Medicine No. 1 with a course of hematology (Gomel State Medical University)

• Department of Surgical Diseases No. 1 (Gomel State Medical University)

1.Treatment and diagnostic services:

a) laboratory;

b) R-cabinet

2. Household services:

a) sanitary and technical service;

b) catering department;

c) garage.


4.Medical archive;

5. Library;

6.Cabinet of medical statistics.

Planning is carried out by the chief physician and his deputies, leading specialists, economists, accountants.


1. Drafting

2. Control over the implementation of the plan: preliminary, current, subsequent

a) quantitative

– performance of the bed fund;

b) quality

– timeliness and completeness of the survey;

– quality of diagnostics;

– average length of stay in bed

c) calendar:

– deadlines for the implementation of the planned plan

3. Evaluation of the effectiveness of activities:

a) medical effect;

b) by social effect.

4. Drawing up a financial plan – the financing of State City Clinical Hospital No. 3 comes from the state budget.

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