Free podium, "Hercules" and Alexey Veselov

The curse of big muscles: frankly about sore


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Fat … dimensionless Sean Rhoden? Dennis Wolf who “blown away”? I introduce a new ruble on my website: “Hercules Magazine – The Whole Truth About Bodybuilding.” I will share the thoughts of Alexei Veselov on my resource …


Hundreds of times, posting photos of former bodybuilding champions, I regretted what I did. The reason for this is a lot of comments from fans. From the last: “Oh my God, Dennis Wolf was blown away so quickly! What a pity”. Athletes who have lost in size are sympathized to the point that they really suspect they have fatal diseases. And often only because the biceps of the beloved idol became 45 cm instead of 55.

I got more and more tired of it every year. And so I decided to clear the minds of fans of mega-sizes a little.

I will not talk for a long time about the fact that huge muscles are unnatural for the human body, because they simply do not need them. This is a no-brainer. And in any stressful situation, the body will first say goodbye to muscles, and not to fat, which is precisely the “precious fuel” of our bodies for an unforeseen event. And this means that huge muscles need to be groomed and cherished every second. No extra moves! No hunger strike. You should always have a tub of grub under your nose. And gigantic muscles require gigantic calories, dooming you to be a slave to the stomach! Try to eat a hearty meal, if so, 8-10 a day for at least a week, and I will look at you!

I suspect that most megamonster fans don’t even remotely imagine the hard labor of such a diet. And the fact that the whole life passes on a needle? Deep down I respect naturals. And I even believe that a 45 cm bicep can be pumped up without chemistry. But not 55. Unless, of course, we are talking about real muscles without fat. 55 and my grandmother had.

In the case of mega-volumes, constant injections and pills are needed not only for muscle building, but also for maintaining them too. And that, to put it mildly, is tiring. Not to mention the health risks.

Add here purely domestic problems. With a weight of 140 kilos, tying shoelaces or wiping your ass is a problem. You can’t fit in an airplane seat and you can’t buy clothes in a regular store.

The fact that women dream of having a pile of muscles is a clear exaggeration. Yes, and many athletes have a presentation only 6-8 weeks a year – before and after important tournaments. At other times, everything is much sadder, it’s just that our beloved megamuscle fans are praying for photos in which athletes are filmed at the peak of their form.

Free podium, “Hercules” and Alexey Veselov

In total, it turns out that the owners of giant muscles can only eat, sleep, exercise and provide pharmaceutical support. They don’t have time or energy for anything else.

The question is: for what? A sports career, a serious title – yes, this is a good reason. Nevertheless, this is a sporting honor, fame and certain money. It’s just that I’m so huge – well, there are such individuals. God bless. Everyone goes crazy in their own way.

In recent years, it has become fashionable among Hollywood stars to flaunt impressive muscles in the frame. Not hypersized, and yet. However, they do this only for the duration of the filming and for a lot of money. Most of the time they look like ordinary people, although, of course, they go to the gym.

Now tell me, why would a person who has already finished his career in sports, won these most cherished titles and lived full of inconvenience for 10-20 years in a giant body, having acquired health problems, continue to be a slave of this body until the end of his days? So-called fans, for most of whom even a 45 cm bicep is an unattainable dream, like and write “cool”? This is ridiculous.

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