Frappuccino: a classic recipe

Several cappuccino recipes

Cappuccino can be prepared on the basis of Turkish coffee, and on the basis of espresso. When the coffee is ready, you need to froth the milk. This can be done using a cappuccinatore in a coffee machine, a French press. After pouring milk into the pitcher (stainless steel jug), turn on the cappuccinatore and immerse its spout into the jug, almost at the edge of the milk. Slightly move the nose in different directions. The frothed milk will double in volume and acquire a creamy taste. At the same time, milk is heated to 70 degrees, it is impossible to overheat. The milk is then poured into the espresso.

Foam with coffee is usually combined in two ways:

Milk is added to a cup of espresso, and then foam is laid out with a spoon.

Milk with foam is quickly mixed and poured into the cup, while the foam rises.

The method of making such coffee is standard, but you can always add some of your own delights:

Viennese cappuccino: add boiling milk to 100 ml of espresso, whip the cream, put it on top and decorate with chocolate chips.

Cappuccino with cinnamon: sprinkle a portion of espresso with cinnamon, pour the frothed milk into a cup of coffee, first in the center and then around the circumference, sprinkle the foam with chocolate and cinnamon on top.

Cappuccino can be different if you add various syrups to it: caramel, vanilla, nut, almond, mint, chocolate, etc., approximately 2-25 gr each.

Latte is coffee with milk.

The main difference between this drink and cappuccino is that when brewing latte, espresso is added to milk, and not vice versa. The recipe is quite simple: Whilst the espresso is being prepared in the machine, or boiled on the stove, whip the milk into a high foam with a cappuccinatore or a blender. Pour milk into an Irish glass, carefully spread the foam, and then pour in a thin stream of coffee, which, if everything is done correctly, lies in a layer between the milk and foam. You can decorate with grated chocolate or cinnamon, you can add syrup to the bottom of the glass. An Irish glass is served on a saucer, standing on a napkin (may come in handy if the glass is hot).

Moccachino (mocha), chocolate latte

A type of latte that includes an additional ingredient – chocolate (in the form of cocoa powder, syrup or hot chocolate).

Required ingredients: 1 tsp. ground coffee beans; 50 ml of milk; 50 mg of quality dark chocolate; whipped cream (ready-made); chocolate chips (for decoration) As in a classic latte, the drink is served in an Irish glass, and lays down in light layers: hot chocolate, syrup (if necessary) milk, espresso. Place whipped cream on top and sprinkle with grated chocolate / cinnamon / coconut shells, etc.

Macchiato, which means something like “spotted” in Italian, is espresso coffee with a dash of frothed milk. At first glance, the drink looks like a small cappuccino, but with the same ingredients that are used to make cappuccino, macchiato is much stronger and more aromatic in taste.
– 100 ml milk
– Whole bean coffee
– Sugar and/or cocoa powder (to taste)
– A cup of espresso (volume approx. 70 ml)
Pour the frothed milk into an espresso cup. Place a cup under the coffee dispensing spout and dispense espresso coffee. Sprinkle the resulting drink with cocoa powder.


Classic coffee glace is a kind of cooling dessert that consists of cold coffee with a scoop of ice cream. Approximate proportions are 3 parts coffee to 1 part ice cream.

A ball of ice cream is added to chilled coffee, decorated with almond petals, chocolate chips or topping.

To sweeten coffee, you can add syrup or honey.

To make an alcoholic cocktail, just add a liquor, such as Baileys or Cointreau, for a creamy or citrus flavor, and replace the ice cream with crushed ice.

Irish coffee

Coffee, cream, brown sugar and Irish whiskey are classic cocktails.

Hot coffee (170 ml) is poured into an Irish glass, whiskey (30 ml), sugar is added, and a cloud of whipped cream is formed on top. The cloud is decorated with cinnamon or chocolate. There are also variations in the preparation of this coffee cocktail with Baileys liqueur (160/40), in this case, the liquor is poured into the bottom of a heated glass to mix with coffee.

Coffee with cognac

Not the most popular drink, but still found on the coffee shop menu. Cinnamon, cloves or orange zest are often added to an alcoholic cocktail.

Classic recipe :

Pour 1 teaspoon of coffee (ground) into a Turk, pour water (200 ml), bring to a boil. (or make espresso in the car). Pour into a cup, adding 50 ml of alcohol. Sugar for the drink is served separately.

Spiced coffee with cognac and orange peel

For this recipe, place the zest of one orange, a cinnamon stick, the juice of half a lemon, 5 small cloves, and brown sugar (to taste) in a large glass. All components pour 20 ml of cognac, then heat in the microwave. Then pour 150 ml of hot espresso.


Ingredients for 1 serving:

– 45 ml chilled espresso

– 100 ml cold milk

– 5 g sugar

– 4 ice cubes

– 30 ml Irish Cream coffee syrup

– Whipped cream

– Chocolate sauce

Prepare espresso and chill it. Then mix the espresso, ice cubes, sugar, coffee syrup and milk in a shaker. Pour the drink into a glass and garnish with whipped cream and chocolate sauce.

Frappuccino: a classic recipe

You will need:

double espresso – 100 ml,

milk (preferably 2% fat) – 100 ml,

sugar – 1 tablespoon,

syrup (caramel and / or chocolate),

whipped cream,

ice cubes – 100 grams.

Cooking method

In a blender, combine freshly brewed but chilled coffee and sugar. Whisk for 30 seconds.

Pour in cold milk and add ice cubes. Continue whisking until the ice turns into crumbs.

Add some syrup to the drink. By the way, you can make caramel, chocolate and even strawberry frappuccino – it all depends on the taste of the syrup that you choose to create the drink. We mix.

Pour the finished drink into a large transparent glass. (Irish)

Spread whipped cream on top of the frappuccino and garnish with syrup.

winter dreams

Cooling milkshake.

Ingredients for 2 servings:

– 2 servings of strong coffee (100 ml each)

– 200 ml hot cocoa

– 1 pinch of gingerbread spices

– 40 ml milk

– Sugar to taste

– 1-2 pieces of gingerbread for decoration.

Mix cocoa and gingerbread spices with coffee. Froth the milk using the cappuccinatore. Fill glasses with coffee and add milk froth. Add sugar to taste and sprinkle with ground gingerbread. Gingerbread tidbits are the perfect accompaniment to this drink.

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