Buffoons – 2 pcs.

Fly – 1 pc.

Merchants = cockroaches – 3 pcs.

Samovar merchant = Grasshopper – 1 pc.

Insects – 2 pcs.

Fleas – 2 pcs.

Bee – 1 pc.

Butterfly – 1 pc.

Goats – 2 pcs.

Spider – 1 pc.

Mosquito – 1 pc.

Scene 1

Music. Exit buffoons. The big curtain is open, the small curtain is closed. On the stage there are flower beds, trees maybe.

Buffoon 1 . Get it together people

In our Easter round dance!

With song, music and dance

The story is coming to visit us!

There will be a performance

Everyone is surprised!

Buffoon 2 . This is a saying, not a fairy tale

The story is ahead:

About Mukha – Tsokotukha,

gilded belly,

About the villain Spider

And the hero Mosquito.

Buffoons (together). The show starts!!!

Buffoon 1 . Fly-fly Tsokotuha,

Buffoon 2 . Gilded belly

Fly exit.

Buffoon 1 . I was going to church for Easter!

Buffoon 2 . Dressed up for a long time.

Fly (preening): I decided not to be lazy, I’ll go and pray to God!

Buffoon 1 . The fly went across the field,

Music, she goes dancing, greets everyone.

Fly: Fly … (sees something under the bench from the first row, takes money out from under the bench)

found the money!

Buffoons (whispering) : I found the money! Money! Found!

Fly in joy. The fly is puzzled. From behind one side, the bells for the service are ringing; from behind the other, the choir sings a ditty tune.

She is tossing.

Fly: The fly went … ( waving his hand towards the bells ) to the market!

Buffoons jump out with trays of goods, circle around her, declare:

Buffoon 2 . The whole world knows our spoons!

Our spoons are the best souvenir!

Skomorokh 1 : Gingerbread, bagels

For jam and sour cream.

Merchant 1 : Only here, only now – the best kvass in the world!

Merchant 2 : Dear audience, buy bagels from us!

Merchant 3 : Tambourines, spoons, balalaikas, buy, buy!

The fly, in confusion, clutches at everything, looks at everything in a glimpse. At this time, merchant 4 rolls out a cart with a large samovar.

Merchant 4: Samovars are good,

Painted from the heart!

Buffoon 1. Come, buy,

Guests love tea!

Fly (gasps, looking at the samovar, illuminates her) : and bought a samovar!

Music, Fly gives him the money, sits on the cart next to the samovar

Fly: Come, cockroaches, I’ll treat you to tea!

She is wheeled away by a merchant backstage.

Buffoons and merchants, as if passing rumors to each other, repeat loudly in each other’s ears: “I will treat you to tea” and at the same time remove the scenery.

Scene 2

A small curtain opens, there is already a table with a samovar and cups, the beautiful Fly is sitting alone.

Buffoon 1 : Everything is ready, the table is set!

Buffoon 2: the samovar is already boiling! (at this time they bring the table to the middle of the stage)

Buffoons: Cockroaches came running,

Three cockroaches come out in a marching step, they do everything at the same time.

Cockroaches (in chorus) : All the glasses (rubbing their hands) drank!

The fly brings them 6 glasses on a tray. They simultaneously with the sound “Get” overturn them into themselves.

Cockroaches (in chorus) : Good! They stroke their bellies and fade into the background.

Two Insects peek out from different backstage

Insect 1: And insects!

Insect 2: And insects!

Run out to the middle, make a curtsey

Insects (in chorus): three cups each!

The fly brings 6 cups to them.

Insect 1: with milk! (Pours milk into her cup)

Insect 2: And with a pretzel! (takes a pretzel out of his pocket)

Insects knock over tea.

Insects (in chorus): good! They stroke their bellies, make a curtsy and fade into the background.

Fleas come out

Flea 1: Fleas came to Fly,

They brought her boots

Flea 2: And the boots are not simple –

They have gold clasps.

They do a few pas, fade into the background for tea.

Bee comes out.

Bee: Came to Fly

Grandma bee,


Brought honey…

Makes a few pas, fades into the background for tea.

Butterfly comes out, Fly brings her a cup and jam.

Fly: Butterfly beauty.

Eat jam!

Butterfly sniffs and winces.

Fly: Or you don’t like

Our meal?

Butterfly takes a cup from the tray, raises it with a toast, smiles, makes a few steps and leaves.

Grasshopper comes out, gives flowers.

A couple of goats come in, give something. Everyone is sitting at the table.

The cockroach knocks on the glass.

Cockroach 1 (solemnly rises, raises a glass) : well, happy Easter, I congratulate everyone! Christ is risen! (Answer: VV)

Fly (embarrassedly gets up): no, sir … Today Fly-Tsokotuha is a birthday girl!

Buffoons (in chorus): Today Fly-Tsokotukha Birthday girl!

All guests in chorus: Today Fly-Tsokotukha Birthday girl!

Flappers. Dancing.

All guests in unison: Congratulations! Congratulations!

We wish you happiness and joy!

Come to your bright house,

And drink tea with milk

Help you in everything (this phrase can not be in chorus, but someone alone is the smallest)

We give an honest word!


Scene 3

The music stops. The light is dimmed. Guests freeze in those positions that were at the time of the dance.

Buffoon 1: Suddenly some old man

Spider pops up.

Spider: Spider!

Buffoon 2 : Our Fly in the corner

Spider (throwing a net over the Fly and raking it in an armful): Dragged!

Buffoon 1: He wants to kill the poor!

Buffoon 2 : Destroy Tsokotukha.

Fly: Dear guests, help!

Kill the villainous spider!

And I fed you

And I watered you

don’t leave me

In my last hour!

Guests die off, begin to stir, look around for shelter

Half of the guests (in a loud whisper, in chorus): But worm beetles


The other half of the guests (also) : In the corners, in the cracks

They fled.

Cockroaches tiptoe the same way backstage

Cockroaches (in chorus): Cockroaches

Under sofas.

Goats: And goats

Under the benches!

Insects: And insects under the bed.

Guests in chorus : we do not want to fight!

Buffoon 1: And no one even from the spot

Won’t move?

Guests in chorus : Get lost, die,

Birthday girl!

Buffoon 2: And the grasshopper?

Buffoon 1: And the grasshopper?

The grasshopper moves out from behind the samovar with a large mug and throws it loudly.

Buffoon 2 (reproachfully): Well, just like a little man …

The grasshopper gets up, hides the cup in his bosom.

Grasshopper: Hop, jump, jump, jump!

For a bush

Under the walkway

And silent!

Buffoon 1: And the villain is not joking!

Spider (tying the Fly to the samovar): He twists the arms and legs of the Fly with ropes!

Buffoon 2: The fly screams!

Fly (shouting): Tearing!

Buffoons (in chorus): And the villain is silent!

Spider: Grinning.

Fly: Dear guests, help!

Kill the villainous spider!

Guests from one part of the wings in chorus : Get lost, die,

Birthday girl!

Fly: Dear guests, help!

Kill the villainous spider!

Guests from another part of the wings in chorus : Get lost, die,

Birthday girl!

Fly: I succumbed to temptation

I was carried away by a noisy feast

Changed the temple of God

For a fun party.

Lord, forgive me

Let go of my grave sin.

Scene 4

The fire siren turns on, the lights go out, circles of lanterns run along the walls and ceiling, the sound of a fighter jet, a roar, preferably a wind effect with a fan. Buffoons fall to the floor, covering their heads with their hands, Spider too.

Buffoon 1 (shouts over this noise): Suddenly, from somewhere, it flies

Little Komarik!

Buffoon 2 (also shouting): And in his hand it burns

Small flashlight.

The sounds stop abruptly, the lights turn on. A nerd-looking mosquito enters, wearing a vest and bow tie, glasses on its nose and a tiny flashlight.

Komarik (intelligently) : Where is the killer, where is the villain?

I’m not afraid of his claws!

Buffoon 1 (enthusiastic in anticipation of battle): Flying up to the Spider…

The mosquito comes up to the Spider, shakes his hand.

Buffoon 2 (also): Takes out the saber …

Mosquito takes a handkerchief out of his pocket and wipes his glasses.

Buffoons (in chorus): And he is at full gallop …

Mosquito: what? Cutting off his head?

Buffoons: yeah!

Komarik: no, well, comrades, such a holiday is in the yard, how can you? Well, what are we, what infidels?

Appeals to the stunned Spider

Komarik: Excuse me, I would like to release the beautiful Mukha-sokotukha. (takes the Spider by the arm and takes him to the fore, and addresses him as if confidentially) They are offering to cut off your head, but we are intelligent insects. Let’s do it this way: I’ll give you tickets to the water park, and will you free me Fly-sokotuha? Is it coming?

Spider (grins): Huh.

He snatches tickets and a saber from Komarik and goes to Mukha, waves his saber over her (everyone gasps) and the fetters fall off. And he leaves.

Buffoon 1 (surprised): He takes a fly by the hand …

Buffoon 2 (surprised, pointing to a friend at Komarik): And it leads to the window …

Komarik: I defeated the villain,

I set you free

And now, soul girl,

Let’s have fun together!

All the guests from their corners and buffoons gasp in unison.

Fly: My dear friend mosquito,

You are my savior, God’s gift!

Thank you and God!

I have become a little wiser.

Let’s have an Easter feast together

Christ is truly risen!

Scene 5 (omitted in our case)

Funny music. Guests jump out of their corners, hugging, shaking hands with a mosquito, throwing it up.

Buffoon 1: There are insects and boogers

They crawl out from under the bench.

All guests in chorus: Glory, glory to Komaru –

To the winner!

Buffoon 1: Fireflies came running,

Lit the lights

Something became fun

That’s good! Light music is lit

Cockroaches: Hey, centipedes,

Run down the path

Call the musicians

Let’s dance!

They can stand in a round dance in their turn, walk in a circle and shout out words, being in front

Bee with a Butterfly (in chorus): The musicians came running,

The drums were beating.

Boom! boom! boom! boom!

Fly and Mosquito (in chorus): Fly dances with Mosquito

Fleas (laughing) : And behind her is Bedbug, Bedbug

Boots top, top!

Goats : Goats with worms,

Insects: Insects with moths

Buffoons (depicting beetles): And the beetles are horned,

rich men,

They wave their hats

Dancing with butterflies.

Grasshopper: Tara-ra, tara-ra,

The mosquito danced.

Bee: Tsokotuha is alive!

Praise God and Mosquito!

Cockroach 2: People are having fun –

The fly will live nicely

Buffoon 1: Boots creak,

Heels knock –

Buffoon 2: There will be midges

Have fun until the morning!

All in unison: Today joy to heaven!

Christ is risen!

They sing the final drag song, such as “Along the street along the wide …”

You can watch our performance here:

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